New Years drinking games to play for 2024 that will fit any style party you have from couples, to large groups, girls nights and even chill NYE celebrations watching TV or playing video games. 

New Year’s Eve is the holiday to end all holidays, for the year at least. This is the time when everyone thinks of what they want to achieve in the next year, and they set their resolutions. Most goals are to get healthy, so New Years’ eve is your last night to go a little wild and enjoy yourself.

And what is the best way to do that? Drinking games. 

New Years Drinking Games to Bring in the New Year 

Everyone knows that for adults, New Year’s Eve is the night to play easy minute to win it drinking games with friends. You have an excuse to socialize until the witching hour, and you must take advantage of it.

So to help you have the best New Year’s ever, I have compiled some of my favorite trendy New Years’ drinking games to help you bring in 2024 the right way.

Just remember to drink plenty of water; you don’t want to wake up with a hangover starting the new year off the wrong way. 😉

Simple & Easy New Years Adult Game Ideas

When drinks are involved, sometimes the simplest games are the best option. We don’t want to set up a beer Olympics course after all…

This way, as you continue to play them through the night, you can actually remember how to play. I think that the only thing worse than a complex game is a complex drinking game. So Check out these ideas and pick a few to include at your party!

1. String Pull Shot Game – For this game, you have no idea what your sting is connected to until you pull it. Then you have to drink whatever shot it has on the other end. Good luck!

2. Left Right Drinking Game – This is better known as the dice drinking game. It’s really simple and lots of fun. You can make a simple instructions sheet like these people did to help you remember the rules when you are on round 

3. Let’s Get Messed Up DIY Game – DIY drinking board games are my new obsession. I love a good deal, and this game has both cheap prices and great quality, so it is a win-win. 

4. Cup Flip Shot Mover – You better be good at cup flip for this game. Otherwise, you can’t be on my team. I am all about winning!

5. Cup Balancing Act – This game is better suited for the beginning of the night; I just can’t imagine even being able to set this up if I was drunk. 

6. Beer Tap – Tik Tok really is the best for coming up with new games, plus they show you how to play it first hand. Got to love the clock app!

7. Bottle Spin Shot Roulette – Shot roulette is quickly becoming a classic. Take a look at this video to see exactly how it works.

8.  Flip Cup Tape Tac Toe – Yes, I said tape tac toe.

9. Shots for the King – This game seems so fun. I think I am going to have to add this to my next party. 

10. Sink it and Drink It – This one has me on the edge of my seat just watching it; I couldn’t imagine how fun this would be to be able to play it first hand. Fun and stressful. I would be sweating.

11. Text or Drink – Oof, this one is hard for those of you out there who have exes. I am telling you right now, delete their number. Save yourself!

12. Black out or Back out – If the name wasn’t already funny and punny enough, the game itself is even better. Take a look to see how this works.

13. Drink, Drank, Drunk – Glad we all took our English grammar classes. 

14. Tape Square Shot Push – This game is super fun, but before you ask why they had to put tape like that on a table that was already a checkerboard…I want to say it’s because they needed it to be easier to see where it should go?

15. Card Stack Vs Wind – For this game, you have a stack of cards sitting on top of a bottle of liquor. Each player has to go and blow on the stack of cards until a card falls off. The person to knock off the last card has to take a shot. Blow lightly!

Funny Drinking Games for New Year

Funny Drinking Games for New Year

Funny drinking games are my absolute favorite. Doing funny things is the best, even when you are sober. But when drinks are added to the mix, everything is turned up a notch, and suddenly you are laughing harder than you have in years.

I want to gift that feeling to you, so pick one of these games below!

16. DIY Jenga Drinking Game -Jenga is a classic, and this game brings it back with style. 

17. Spin Me Drunk – I love it when people repurpose old board games like this one. 

18. Spin the Bottle DIY – This is a new edition of spin the bottle. You have to drink whatever bottle it lands on. 

19. Cute Drunk Cards – I love this DIY.

20. Battleshot – Get it; instead of battleship it’s battleshot.

21. Drinko – I have always wanted to play this one!

22. Uno Drinking Game – Yep, uno can be a drinking game too. 

23. Glowing Classic Pong – This is a classic, but they add glow sticks. 

24. DIY Cornhole Drinking Game – Cornhole can be such a fun drinking game! Check it out.

25. Drinking Roulette – I love this kind of game, when you don’t know what kind of drink you will have. It is a true roulette. 

26. Beer Pong Game Board – Beer pong can be a board game, I repeat, beer pong can be a board game. 

Shot roulette

Adult Games to Bring in 2024

And lastly, here is a list of my favorite new Year drinking games that will bring in the new year in the right way. These are all unique, silly, tricky, and perfect for anyone who wants to have fun this New Years Eve.

Which ones you want to add to your celebration? Let me know how it goes as these last ones speak for themselves.

27. Red Solo Stack

28. Toilet Paper Game

29. Hidden Shot Game

30. 4 Shots 1 Vodka

31. Hoop Catch Game

32. Pre-Made Jenga

33. Never Have I Ever

34. Drunk Confidence

35. Shot Spin Board

36. DrinkingLand

37. Shot Roulette Table

38. Squid Game Marble Game

39. Yard Dice Games

40.  Drinking Card Ideas

41. Say it or Shot It

Drinking games for NYE. 200 Party ideas for drink games.

Large Party Drinking Games For NYE

There are so many awesome party drinking games these days.

Movie & TV Drinking Games

Midnight is a long way away. Why not cue up a few favorite shows and movies to take shots to as we have a chill NYE together.

Holiday Drinking Games

When your not quote done celebrating the holidays yet, these fun games will keep the festivities going into the new year.

NYE Girls Night Games

Video Drinking Games

New Years drinking games ideas for groups, girls and couples

So there you have it, the best New Years drinking games to help you bring in 2024 the right way. 

Who knew there were so many different ways to drink while playing games? Being an adult is cool.

I feel like I must say this again, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. I am all for having fun, but there is nothing worse than waking up with a hangover or using your car keys after all this NYE fun. That is no way to bring in the new year!

So make sure to drink a lot of water and to have snacks throughout the night. Drinking games can get out of hand, so just be mindful of your limit.