Inside: The funniest anything but a cup party ideas you will love and the tricks to throwing a great one.

Parties have been around for centuries, and people keep finding new and hilarious ways to make them better and better. Sure, a classic Ball is fun and all, but I think it is safe to say that goofier parties are more up my alley.

So that brings me to my topic of discussion: Anything but a Cup Parties. Have you ever heard of such a thing? If your answer was no, I am SO happy to be the person to introduce you to it. The concept for this one is simple, everyone must bring something for themselves to drink out of, but there is a catch.

As the name suggests, it has to be anything BUT a cup!

Anything but a Cup Party Ideas

If you are considering throwing one of these parties yourself, or if you have an invite to one soon…you may be in need of some ideas on what to use as your drinking vessel. Trust me when I say I have compiled the ultimate list of the best Anything But A Cup Ideas. So take a look through these and see which ones you find the funniest. 

Quirky Non-Cup Drink Ideas

First up, we have some of the cutest anything-but-a-cup ideas. When I say cute, I mean quirky. Sure, some of these are cute beer Olympics style ideas, but there is a good handful here that are quite hilarious and almost gross. Between you can I, I think those tend to be the winners in terms of the best Not-A-Cup contest.

The more obscure, the funnier it is!

1. Sand Bucket – This sand pale is super cute, plus it won’t leak on you, which is a major plus.

2.  Pedialite Container – If you are going to be drinking, I recommend leaving some of the Pedialyte in the bottle. That way, you get some electrolytes and avoid getting dehydrated.

3. Coffee Creamer – Wash this one out thoroughly. Otherwise, you might end up with a creamy drink. However, that does sound good if you are having a white Russian. So play it by ear, I guess?

4. Pringle Can – This one is pretty funny, but be careful. It might end up leaking on you by the end of the night.

5. Hummingbird Feeder – I love this one. It’s super unique, and it’s airtight in terms of leaks. You would be all set.

6. Shells – This one is perfect, especially if the party is double-themed as an under-the-sea party! 

7. Glue Container – As long as you make sure your drink doesn’t get swapped out with real glue, I think this one is cute. This is why I didn’t add a bleach container to this list. As funny as it would be, it’s too dangerous.

8. Rubber Ducky – This one requires some preparation. You are going to have to have the ducky open on the top to fit your straw and your drink, but overall, it’s pretty cute. 

9. Unused Catheter – This one is peak hilarious because it will gross everyone out around you. Plus it comes with it’s own straw!

10. High Heal – I am not sure how much this one will actually work, but I say go for it. But you might want to make your drinks stronger on account of the fact that you can only fit about 4 ounces on here. 

11. Protein Container – This is perfect for your gym bros. You probably have like 10 of these containers lying around.

Funny adult party ideas

Funny Ideas for Cup Alternatives

These are some of my all-time favorite ideas that I have come across while looking for ideas. At the last A.B.A.C party that I went to, I was completely unprepared. I brought a tub of ice cream to drink out of, and it ended up getting sogged out, and my drinks went right through.

Now I plan on being better prepared with something that WILL hold my drink. I recommend you do the same.

12. Sriracha Container – This one is my favorite on this whole list. I honestly might start using one of these at home just for fun.

13. Oil Container – Make sure you use dawn dish soap on this one. The last thing you want is oily drinks.

14. Mini Trash Can – Ah! This one is just so cute. I think this is a winner if you ask me. I am not sure where they got such a cute little container, but I need one.

15. Spray Bottle – A classic and fun one. A spray bottle is perfect if you want to add some extra fun to your party. Take a look at this idea.

16. Melon – Yep, you can go the environmentally safe route and carve out a melon to use. This is a natures cup, alongside the coconut, of course. 

17. Mini Fire Hydrants – I think these are super cute, as long as you don’t set it down anywhere too low…the dogs might get confused, and then you’d have a really gross problem.

18. Squirt Gun – It’s all fun and games until you get a carbonated drink. Then you just get foam instead of your drink. That’s no fun.

19. Kitchen Pot – If you are not planning on light drinking, then this is a great and hilarious option for you. Plus, you already have it in your kitchen.

20. Camera Lens – I am not fully sure how this works but it looks pretty cool, so that has to count for something, right?

21. Pineapple  – It’s like you are back on the island! Drinking out of a pineapple can be so much fun. Just make sure you carve it out right; otherwise, you get leaks.

22. Boot – Yes, this person is literally drinking out of a boot. I am hoping that there is a plastic bag in there or something. Not for the boot’s sake, but so they don’t get sweaty boot juice.

creative cup ideas ideas

Ultimate Anything but A Cup Party Ideas

Now this list…this is the piece de resistance. The cream of the crop, the diamond in the ruff. Any way that you can describe them as being the best…that is what these are.

Take your time and look through these and PLEASE, if you haven’t chosen anything yet, choose something off of this list. I think this group speaks for itself.

23. Elephant Watering Can

24. Tennis Ball

25. Disco Ball

26. Rubber Chicken

27. Laundry Detergent

28. Colgate

29. Red Hot Bottle

30. Peanut M&Ms

31. French Press

32. Traffic Cone

33. Gas Can

anything but a cup party

And there you have it: the best Anything but a cup party ideas on the internet. I hope you loved these and that you have some inspiration for your own anything-but-a-cup party. Even if you didn’t find anything you liked on this list, I think they are powerful sparks for imagination. 

If you want to keep this party fun ball rolling, then you should check out some of our other articles about college parties. There are so many other ideas and tips for you to learn. 

Any party that involves you using your imagination is a great party in my book. This genre helps to get the guests out of their shell before they even arrive, and that is pretty epic.

So go to your anything but a cup party, drink out of your hummingbird feeder, and have a great time!