Inside: Fun Minute to Win It Games for Adults Drinking.

Grab the beer, it’s time for a boozy battle! Are you planning a fun adult game night? There is nothing better than a 21+ game night that is filled with good friends and bottomless drinks. Add a little more fun to your night with some classic fun.

One of our go-to game night ideas are classic Minute to Win It games, but for this booze fest, we added a little twist.

Check out our favorite Minute to Win It Games for Adults drinking. Some are classics with a twist, and others are totally turned into boozy fun.

Minute to Win It Games for Adults Drinking

Minute to Win It Games for Adults Drinking

These classic Minute to Win It Games can be transformed into a boozy fun time with just a few tweaks and a little (or a lot) of alcohol.

Defy Gravity: Using only one hand, each player must keep two balloons from touching the ground for one minute. This can be made into a boozy game by just having a few drinks before playing.

Suck It Up: Players place a straw in their mouth and use suction to transfer a pile of 25 M&M’s from one plate to another in under one minute. Only one hand may be used to hold the straw.

Easy Drinking Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Wanna Spoon?: Using nothing but a spoon in your mouth, transfer as many ping pong balls as you can from one bowl to another. No hands! Hands are only allowed if you drop the ping pong ball, and then they can be used to place the ball back into the original bowl for another transfer attempt.

The Pyramid Game – Stack red Solo cups in a pyramid then undo the stack without it collapsing. Add an extra challenge by asking participants to stack with only one hand.

Minute to Win It Drinking Games

Ball Drop: Land three ping pong balls in a single cup while standing on a chair. The trick is to not have the balls bounce out or knock the cup over.

Tilt a Cup: You’ll need for each team – 4 plastic cups, and 4+ ping pong balls. Players have to get on opposite sides of the table, one player holds the 4 stacked cups and the other has the balls. Player 1 will bounce the ball on to the table, toward the other player – 1 at a time, while player 2 tries to catch it in the cup. Once the ball is caught in the cup, player 2 takes that cup (with the ball still in it) and moves it to the bottom of the cup stack in their hand to catch the second ball

Ping Pong Drinking Games

Full of Hot Air: You’ll need 1 balloon and 4 ping pong balls, and 1 plastic cup per team. In 1 minute, player 1 will blow the balloon up and use the air from the balloon to blow the balls over to player 2 who will catch them in a cup!

Boom Cup: The best drinking game for sure! See how to play here.

Brown Bag:  This is a hilariously funny drinking game to watch. Place a brown paper bag on the floor. A player must reach down and pick it up with their mouth. The only thing that is allowed to touch the floor is your feet, and the only thing that is allowed to touch the bag is your mouth. If someone fails they must take a shot or chug a beer. After every round, cut off an inch from the top of the bag and play again. This game is like limbo in reverse.

Minute to Win It Two-Person Games

That’s a Wrap!: Wrapping a gift well is a true art. Unless you have just 60 seconds. Have contestants wrap as many gifts as possible. This might be fun for a boozy bachelorette party.

Roll the Dice: Give each contestant a pair of dice and assign someone to assist. Participants will roll the dice as many times as they can in a minute, while the partner adds up the total for each roll. The highest combined total wins!

Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Swish, Swish – Got an athletic bunch? See who can hit the most shots in a minute. The twist? Each time the contestant successfully hits a shot, she has to take a step back for the next one.

Beer Pong Twist: Fill plastic cups with beer and place at least six on the opposite end of a table. Throw ping-pong balls with the goal of landing in the cups (without rimming out). The winner is the person who sinks the most shots in a minute.

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