Inside: Everything you need to know about playing Beerio Kart.

Nothing makes me feel more nostalgic than breaking out the good old Nintendo and playing some Mario Kart. This was my video game of choice when I was a kid for many reasons. First, I loved driving in video games; it made me feel like I was getting practice in real life. And Two, I loved spending time with my family. 

As I have gotten older, that little space in my heart where Mario Kart lives has remained. But nowadays, I have been looking for different ways to spice up this classic. That is how I discovered Beerio Kart. Yep, you read that right. There is a Mario Kart Drinking Game.

I am SO born during the right era. This is the perfect video game party games!

Beerio Kart How to play and how to win. Photo of people playing video games with drinks.

If this game sounds like a blast to you, then keep reading. I am going to go over everything you need to know about Beerio Kart. By the end of this, you will know everything from the rules to the best way to win. Let’s Uh Go! I hope you read that in the Mario voice. If you didn’t, then SHAME ON YOU!

Beerio Kart: How To Play & How To Win

Okay, so I am going to explain the rules, and then I will give you my favorite variations of the game and some tips for winning. The last time I played this, I won against some of the best drinkers in my family. Coming from a girl who needs a chaser for a beer…you know that these tips must be the real deal. 

I think the best way to break this down is in parts. So I will walk you through a Mock Play; that way you understand exactly what this game entails.

You’ll Need:

1. Mario Kart – This is an obvious one. The name of the game is Beerio Kart so you must have expected to run into this sooner or later. It doesn’t matter which version of Mario cart you have. You could play on the classic Nintendo 64 console, or you could play on your Wii switch. Whatever the case, as long as you have Mario, you are set. 

2. Beer – Okay sure, this is another obvious one, but hey…I have to make sure all bases are covered. Make sure that you are getting enough beer for everybody to have at least 5. This is a party drinking game; you can never be too careful.

3. Friends – Now, this will be the hardest of all for you to find. Just kidding! I had to make that joke. Anyways, gather around your friends. If memory serves me correctly, you can only play with up to 4 people at a time. You can always take turns if your group is larger. 

The Goal of Beerio Kart

Though there are a few different ways for you to play this game, the whole premise of it surrounds the task of finishing a can or glass of beer before you are finished with one Mario Kart race. Sounds easy, right?

But picture this: You are in first place overall, but your beer is still super full because you have spent all your race time playing. Rules of the game state that you are not allowed to take a sip while you are driving. But rather, you can only drink when your kart is fully stopped. 

So you have to take advantage of those little moments when you slip on a peel, get electrocuted, or fall off the track to drink your beer. If you get to the end and you are in the first place but still have beer left, you do not win. Instead, the winning title goes to the next person in line who has finished their beer.

For example, if your friend got second place but finished their beer, they get bumped up to first. So you need to make sure that your beer is your priority. Every last drop!

Set up for beerio kart. Photo of 3 girls playing video games.

Step One: Set Up for Beerio Kart

Set up your Mario Game, and bring out the beers. Before you begin, everyone has to shotgun a beer. This is an obvious option aspect of the game, but I think it kicks off the fun. It’s also a great way to choose who gets to go first if you have more than 4 players. The people who finish their drinks first get to go for the first round. 

Have everyone sit in their seats and hand out one beer per person. This first walkthrough is going to show you how to play the classic game of Beerio Kart. Which, as you read above, is all about drinking your beer throughout your game. 

Once everyone has their beer and their controllers, the game can begin. 

Step Two: Start the Game

Now the game is in full swing. You can start racing around the track. While you are playing, you are most likely going to be hit with attacks from your opponents that will make your cart stop for seconds at a time. These are your moments to drink as you are not allowed to drink while driving. 

So take advantage of those moments as much as you possibly can! Big gulps are my biggest friend during this time, but overall if you find yourself getting stopped a lot, you can probably help to take smaller sips. 

Alternatively, I have had friends who wait until they get hit, and then they take a few extra seconds to chug their drink. The sooner you finish your beer during the game, the sooner you get to just focus on the game. Something I do not recommend is for you to chug your beer before even starting.

Though it may seem like a good idea, that 10 seconds will make the biggest difference in the end. You may never even catch up to your friends while playing the race if you do this. But then again, if you finished your beer then you can just bank on someone not finishing theirs. This is the only way you would rank better than last.

Step Three: Win. Photo of people after game. One girl happy from winning and one man sad from losing.

Step Three: Win

Once everyone finishes, everyone must hold up their beer can and shake. Those who are finished with it stand up and those who didn’t will stay sitting. You can tally up where people ranked in the game and how that matches with their drink. If they didn’t finish, it automatically forfeits their spot, and they are bumped behind those players that did.

That’s it! You are all finished this round. You can keep playing until you get bored, which probably won’t happen until you run out of beer. Five rounds is pretty standard for this game, but don’t worry, you only have to shotgun the first beer to kick off the initial game.

beerio kart

So…are you super excited to play Beerio Kart? I am not sure that there is any other answer than a simple “Heck yes I am!” because this game has everything that you could want. 

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So get out there and have some fun.