Inside: Have a laugh with these 35 fun inappropriate party games for your next adult party.

Fun inappropriate party games are the perfect way to make your next get-together even more entertaining! Between dirty card games, boozy drinking games, beer Olympics, shower simulators and dinner party games for adults, this is definitely an 18+ zone.

Invite your guests, warn them of the seriously hilarious time you’re about to have, and get ready to giggle.

Hilariously inappropriate party games

Fun Inappropriate Games

These games are definitely NSFW.

CoolCats and Hats

A card game that features 3 different ways to play so you’re never bored. You need to draw the CoolCat card to win – beware of the hat card!

Cards Against Humanity

Perhaps one of the most famous inappropriate games is Cards Against Humanity! Feel free to buy your own cards, or opt for the free printable version!

Two Truths and a Lie

Ask each person to write two truths and a lie on separate pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Pull out one at a time and read it out loud to the group. Try to find the lie AND the person who wrote them!

Draw What?!

Think of this as an explicit Pictionary! What could be more fun to play with your favorite party friends?

Unstable Unicorns

Build your own unstable unicorn army and battle your friends. This game was backed by fans on Kickstarter, and has sold millions of copies worldwide.

Great Minds Think Alike

In this game, words are called out to the group. The individual players write the first three things that come to their head.

Points are awarded for similar answers, and it pays to think like your friends. Find free printable directions here.

Mad Gab

This may look like gibberish at first, but you just need to sound it out! You’ll laugh out loud as the other players attempt to make sense of your mad gab throughout the night.

Funny dinner party games for adults

Dinner Party Games For Adults

Spice up your dinner parties with some fun entertainment!

Disturbed Friends

The creators of this card game claim that “this game should be banned.” What’s a better dinner party conversation starter than that?! To play, the Judge draws a question card and the other players pick their answers from their personal decks. The twist? The players vote to see what they think the Judge will choose. Whoever guesses correctly, wins! 


This game is like hide and seek for adults! Gather your group and send one person off to hide. When you find the person hiding, hide with them. The last person to find the rest loses (and usually finds the rest of the party crammed into a bathtub!).

Murder Mystery Games

Whodunit, dinner party style! Who doesn’t love a little mystery? Here’s a list of 13 must-try games.

The Newlyweds Game

For couples only, this is such a fun game to play for a couples game night at home. How well do you know your partner?

Conversation Cards (Dirty Edition)  

Write down several conversation starter ideas (make them inappropriate and/or funny) and put them in a bowl. Have your guests choose a piece of paper and read it out loud!

Ladies Night Games

This pack of 5 ladies’ night games will turn your girl’s dinner party on its head.

Slip It In

When your guests arrive, give them each a random phrase that they need to “slip” into the conversation at some point over the night. The funnier/dirtier the better.

Dirty Party Games With Questions

If you don’t want to know your friends’ deepest, darkest, and dirtiest secrets, you may want to skip this section of my fun inappropriate party games collection! But, if you’re willing – it’s completely worth it for the fun.

I Wish I Didn’t Know

To play this trivia game, players draw a card and the rest of the group tries to guess the correct (filthy) answer! Whoever has the most points at the end wins. 

Quick and Dirty

Whoever gives the dirtiest answer first wins in this fast paced game wins.

That’s What She Said

This card game includes close to 500 cards designed to “set up” some seriously funny jokes.

Nasty Things

Scattergories just got an inappropriate facelift.

Who Am I?

This version of the popular “Who Am I?” game is a great game for dirty minds only.

Truth or Dare

It doesn’t get much more classic than this. Opt for raunchy truths and shocking dares! Add in some ping pong balls and you’ll have a celebratory beer or champagne toss as you play. Answer or Toss! It’s a fun version of the more classic game to get everyone moving while they spill or slurp their card. 

Adults-Only Board Games

You’ll want to hide these from your kids.

Dirty party games to play

More Inappropriate Games

Whether you want to try your hand at a card game or one that you can create at home, the games below will give you a chuckle as you prepare to host house parties filled with wild fun.

What Do You Meme

Who doesn’t love a hilarious meme? This card game has gathered all of your favorite memes into one place. The judge pulls out a caption card and the other players put down a meme card. The judge’s favorite wins. 

Can You Bend?

This inappropriate party game is even more fun if you have some really inflexible buddies! Place a cereal box in the middle of the room with the cardboard flaps open. Ask your guests to pick up the box with nothing but their teeth. You’ll be in stitches as you watch some of your friends attempt to grab it!

Joking Hazard

Create your own adult comic book! Try not to laugh as you enjoy this fill in the blank creative party game.

Kiss Marry Kill

What (and who) do you choose? Use this list for inspiration!


One player pulls a card and says “love” or “hate.” The other players must respond!

Fun drinking party games

Fun Inappropriate Party Games With Alcohol

Drinking games with an inappropriate twist that will turn your party into a dance club and possibly get everyone a little out of hand… But in the most fun way of course!

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

A card game that promises to make the most out of your alcohol! Simply draw a card, follow the directions, and prepare to laugh (and drink). 

Tipsy Chicken  

Grab your favorite alcoholic beverage and a few of your friends to try your hand at Tipsy Chicken! Draw a dare card and follow the instructions. If you’re too “chicken” to perform the dare – drink!

Do or Drink

The name of this card game sounds like a fun inappropriate party game, that is exactly what it is. The concept is simple: pull a card with a dare on it. If you do it, you win points. If you don’t, get ready to chug.

Never Have I Ever

This is one of the most classic adult drinking games out there! To play, hold up 4 fingers on one hand. Say a phrase like, “Never have I ever gone skinny-dipping.” Everyone who has gone skinny-dipping puts down a finger. Every time you put a finger down, drink! Keep going until the first person is eliminated.

Come up with your own phrases, or use a pre-made list. Bonus: you can also play this game without alcohol.

Kids Games as Drinking Games

This one’s pretty self-explanatory and can be played with as many team members as you have present. So it’s perfect for parties big or small. 

Boozy piñata

Fill a piñata with nips instead of candy and let your guests take a whack at it! For an even more fun twist, cover the bottles with a paper bag and write clues about what’s inside. If your guests can guess correctly they get to keep their nips!

Sotally Tober

The perfect pre-game drinking game, as in, it will get you drinking.

Buzzed Blocks

Jenga, but with booze! Now that’s something I’ll play any day. 😉

Bad Choices

Get ready to laugh the night away and get tipsy too with this funny game.

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