Hollywood’s biggest night of the year isn’t only for the movie stars.

Join in on the fun with these Oscars drinking games to make your Oscar party one to remember. 

I am Hollywood’s biggest fan when it comes to awards season. Seeing all the movies, watching every red carpet interview, and filling out a ballot for the Oscars each year is my Super Bowl

Four images with red carpet, holding an oscar, an awards ceremony, and friends drinking.

After a few years of watching the awards on television, I’ve learned that it is way more fun to play along at home by turning the evening into one big drinking game. Seriously, why should we just let all the actors have all the fun?

The night is always very unpredictable and full of fun surprises. With that many actors in a room, it is hard to know what is going to happen next.

Luckily, these games will play into the madness, emotion, and excitement of the evening.

If you are looking to make your awards season party Oscar-worthy, then you are going to want to add these games to your list. Who knows, the winner of the games might even end up with their own Oscar at the end of the night! 

Oscar Drinking Games For An Excellent Awards Season

Just because the movies are over doesn’t mean the entertainment has to stop. These rules for drinking during awards season will keep the ceremony ever so entertaining.

Grab your drink, make sure you are red carpet ready, and get ready to have some fun with these Oscars drinking games the girls will love

It will be the highlight of your awards season party. Take a sip when…

1. Music Queue

Let’s be real, the band is really never your friend during the ceremony. Anytime the band plays someone off-stage, take a sip. 

2. Prepared Speech

Being prepared is always a good thing, especially during an awards show. When someone pulls out a speech or reads from their notes app, you know what to do. 

3. Waterworks

Get the tissues ready, awards shows are known for not having a dry eye in the house. 

4. Montages

Didn’t get to see all the movies this year? Luckily, you can now see them all in these one-minute clips. 

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Drinking Games To Play During Awards

5. Jokes Fall Flat

No matter how hard the host tries to make the audience laugh, there are bound to be a few dead moments here or there. Queue the awkward silence. These oscars drinking games come in handy to take all that awkward away and revive it with fun!

6. Audience Participation

While nothing will ever top the Ellen selfie, the host will always try to get the audience in on the show.

7. Causal Friends

Famous people love to show off their friendships with other famous people. Take a sip when other actors reference big names by their first names so everyone knows the two of them are BFFs. 

8. Goodnight Kids

It’s sweet, corny, and bound to happen at every awards show. A winner thanks their kids and then tells them to head to bed. I wonder how many kids actually listen to their parents when it happens! 

9. Musical Performance

The original song categories don’t count here. We’re talking about the host and any audience participation. 

10. An Important Cause

Celebrities love to show that they are at the forefront of supporting a good cause. Anytime a winner points out a cause in their speech, it’s time for a sip. 

11. A Political Note

As much as entertainment is meant to take our minds off the political atmosphere, celebrities love to bring it up. Give a good cheers anytime a winner brings up a political issue or mentions the president. 

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Questions About The Games

I think with these Oscars drinking games, I will be having more fun than the celebrities I see on television. I’m going to be finding all the award shows on television so I can keep up with all of the excitement. I cannot wait to invite all of my movie and celebrity-loving friends over for the night so we can all share in the big party.

What should I drink during the award shows?

Drink whatever you want during the awards shows! I would recommend something that goes down easy, like a beer or hard seltzer since there will be a lot of opportunities to drink. If drinking isn’t your thing, play the games with water or soda!

Can I use these rules for all the awards shows this season?

Yes! These guidelines will work for all the award shows that are on before the Oscars. Start the season off with the Golden Globes and finish off with a big party on Oscar night. 

Can I add my own rules?

Of course! When the nominations come out, make the rules more personalized to the show and the specific nominations. It will make the evening even more fun!

If you can’t wait for the awards show season to get the drinking games started, turn your next movie night into a party night with our horror movie drinking game rules. The fun rules will take away all the jumpscares from the night.