Inside: Fun bachelorette drinking games that are guaranteed to make your party one to remember forever.

So…I am guessing you are here as the best friend/co-planner of the Bachelorette party. I say co-planner because nearly every bride is going to want SOME input on their wedding parties. But it is up to you to plan the majority of it. So you went online after getting the decorations and booking the spots to find some activities to do at the party, and this is my moment to shine.

I have so many awesome bachelorette drinking games that are literally perfect for this monumental moment. I know that sounds funny, but your best friend only gets a bachelorette party once(that is the goal, at least), and it’s a moment that they’ve been waiting for their whole life. 

It goes without saying that getting married is one of the most exciting parts of life. From the engagement, to the planning, to the wedding, to the honeymoon and beyond, it’s a period of time filled with anticipation, happiness, and of course, love.

Bachelorette Drinking Games

For brides-to-be, wedding planning can also be extremely stressful, as you want your one special day to be as perfect as possible.

That’s where a maid of honor comes in. She’s usually the one to take on some of the wedding-planning tasks to lighten the bride’s load, and she typically plans the bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties are probably the most exciting aspect of the whole marriage experience, aside from the actual wedding itself.

Whether you’re a bridesmaid, a friend, or a maid of honor, you’ll want to make sure that your bestie gets the best bachelorette party ever, because she deserves it! Incorporate any of these bachelorette drinking games, or these funny games for adults that might be a tad bit inappropriate and it’s a guarantee that your party will be unforgettable. 

Bachelorette Party Games With Drinks

The best part about a bachelorette party is having all of your closest friends in one room, making memories, and laughing until your sides hurt. To ensure maximum fun and laughter, get the cocktails flowing and try out one of these entertaining, hilarious bachelorette party drinking games.

  1. Truth or Drink This is a simple, easy, fun way to get things going at a bachelorette party. The rules are fairly self-explanatory: it’s like truth or dare, but if you don’t want to choose “truth,” you choose “drink” instead. The best way to get everyone drunk with this game is by asking some risky “truth” questions. Purchase a game with pre-made questions if that’s easier!
  2. Shot Roulette To play this, you will need several types of alcohol or liquor at hand, but that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re planning a bachelorette. To play, you’ll line up several shot glasses and pour each one with a different type of liquor. Arrange them all in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle to decide which shot the player has to take.
  3. Power Hour If you’re trying to get everyone drunk before going out to bars, this is a great way to pregame. For one hour, set a timer every five minutes, and when it goes off, everyone has to take a shot. You can even play where you set a timer for one minute throughout the hour and take sips of your drink instead of shots. Youtube offers tons of great Power Hour playlists, wherein music is playing and every time the song changes, you know it’s time to sip a drink.
  4. The Newlyweds Game Of course, you can’t have a bachelorette party without the newlyweds game! To do this, you will have to plan ahead and get answers from the groom before the party. Then, at the party, you can turn this into a drinking game by having the whole party drink when the groom gets a question right!
  5. Drink If… There are numerous rounds in this activity, so you can use it throughout the night!
  6. Drunk Dice To play, everyone will need a dice to roll, or you can go around the room and do one person at a time.
  7. Bachelorette Bingo How adorable are these printouts? This is a super interactive and fun way to get everyone laughing and drinking. 

Whether you’re short on time or you want to wow your bride-to-be, purchasing one of these games ahead of time will ensure that your games are good since they’re made by the experts!

Bachelorette drinking games

  1. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk This hilarious game is designed by women, so you already know it’s going to be good. This is like a combination of charades, truth or dare, and never have I ever, all in one fun box. This set is guaranteed to get everyone tipsy and laughing the whole night long. 
  2. Bachelorette Bash This is another wedding-themed card game with tons of fun and funny questions and topics. Enjoy some friendly competition and see who knows the bride-to-be best, or play some laughter-inducing truth or dare cards.
  3. Emoji Bridal Shower Game This is a simple yet entertaining game that’s a little less R-rated than the others. It’s a great ice breaker, wherein everyone has to try to guess the wedding-themed phrase based off of the emojis shown. To make things exciting, you can include a prize for whoever correctly guesses the most phrases!
  4. That’s What She Said: A quick, raunchy activity that works perfectly as an ice-breaker or to simply get the party started! This game is similar to Cards Against Humanity, wherein the object is to fill in the blank of one card with the phrase on another, but with a more 18+ theme which is ideal for a fun girls’ night.
  5. Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Because of course you need something that’s banana-shaped at your bachelorette party.
  6. Prosecco Pong Leave beer pong for the bachelors, because this Prosecco pong, complete with mini fancy drink glasses and pink ping pong balls, is too cute not to include at your girls’ night! 

Funny Bachelorette Games

While drinking games are fun ways to break the ice, loosen up, and get the party going, you don’t always have to be drinking to have a good time. You can supplement your bachelorette drinking games with these funny bachelorette games, or you can play a bunch of these for a dry party that’s just as memorable and lively as one with alcohol would be!

Funny bride to be games for showers

  1. Never Have I Ever A classic that’s easy to play with no materials needed. Go around the room and hold up three fingers each. Someone will start and say “never have I ever…” and then describe a situation that they’ve never been in. If someone has done that action before, they put a finger down. Whoever puts all three fingers down first loses!
  2. How Good of a Friend Are You to the Bride? Doing bridal trivia is a super common bridal party activity, and you can try it out any way you’d like. This is the kind of thing that someone who is really close to the bride should plan out, creating unique questions tailored to the bride. This specific example is Friends (the TV show) themed, but you can create a bride trivia however you’d like!
  3. Would She Rather A simple, humorous way to see who knows the special lady best.
  4. Find the Guest A fun and interactive activity that is actually not centered around the bride-to-be, but the guests – her best friends! This is especially entertaining if everyone in the bridal party are close friends as well.
  5. Scavenger Hunt Game description sentence or two
  6. Boobs or Butt If there’s any activity on this list that is bound to get a laugh out of every person in the room, this is it. Print these out and have them laid out on the table for guests when they arrive. Whoever guesses the most correctly should win a fun prize!
  7. Bra PongYou’ve heard of beer pong, and now you’ve heard of Prosecco pong. But have you heard of bra pong? If you take the time to set this up for your bestie bride, it’s not only a hilarious way to spend time at the party, but it’s a phenomenal photo backdrop for a picture that she’ll cherish forever!

So take a look at these games and see which ones you think would be perfect for the bachelorette party of your BFF’s dreams. And if you are the bride-to-be here looking for your own games…send this to your maid of honor and STOP LOOKING.

Bachelorette Themed Games

Best Bachelorette Drinking Games

I know you are supposed to save the best for last, but I just didn’t feel like doing that. All of these games are the best, so it wouldn’t make sense! I should also mention that most of these games aren’t bachelorette themed, but they are perfect for playing at a bachelorette party, so….take a look!

21. Imposter Among Us – For this game, you have 5 little shot glasses filled with pink liquid. Everyone has to take the shot and hide whether or not it was a shot or not. Then at the end, everyone has to try and guess who got the shot based on their reactions.

22. Don’t Blow the Kings – You can’t have a bachelorette party without some dirty-themed games. For this game, you have a pile of cards in a shallow plate and you have to try and blow out all the cards but the king card, which is left facing up so you can see it.

23. Finish the Pale Challenge – Everyone mixes their own sand bucket worth of a drink and then has to finish it within the hour. This is harder than it sounds. Be careful and drink lots of water!

24. Panty Hoes Bowling – This one is super hilarious. You have to put panty hose on your head, at the end of it there is an orange. Then you have to use it to knock down pins without using your hands!

25. Drunk Bachelorette Uno – This sparkly drunk uno game is perfect for any bachelorette party. Just take a look at this photo, and you will see what I mean. 

26. Bra Pong – Yep, bra pong is a thing, and it’s epic. It’s pretty simple; you just have to staple a few bras to a big board and then take turns throwing ping pongs at it!

27. Personalized Spin the Bottle Board

28. Bachelorette Drink If… – If you haven’t heard of this one, I would be genuinely shocked. This is one that is supposed to be at every Bachelorette party seeing as it is the perfect drinking game! Take a look at this template. 

29. Smoke or Fire

30. Let’s Get Wasted Board Game – Yep, this is a real board game…that was made at home. But hey, it’s super cute, so don’t knock it!

31. Surprise Shot or Not

The Easiest Set-Up Girls Night Games

These are a list of bachelorette drinking games that you can buy that are strictly bridal themed. Each one of these is unique in its own right, so take a look through them all to get a good idea of what you want and what you don’t! 

32. Sip it or Spill It

33. Stirring the Pot Game – Perfect for a room full of ladies. Just kidding, but this is a super fun bachelorette-themed game. 

34. Tipsy Land Board Game

35. Drink If…Cue Card – These cue cards are a classic bachelorette party game that you have to include during your party. Not only are they adorable, but they’re super funny!

36. Hilarious Shaped Drink Cards

37. Boob or Butt Game – This one is much harder than it sounds. There are up-close shots of various boobs and butts, and it’s up to you to decipher which is which. 

38. Ultimate Bachelorette D.G

39. Bachelorette Drinking Scavenger Hunt – This is a drunk scavenger hunt idea that I am absolutely obsessed with; take a look!

40. Drunk Bingo – As if bingo wasn’t fun enough already. And no, that is not sarcasm. Have you ever actually played adult bingo? It’s epic! Don’t count it out. 

41. Friends Themed Bachelorette Games – If the bride-to-be happens to be a huge Friends fan then you need to check out these themed games. It’s a big bundle too!

42.  Dirty Minds Drinking Games – Bachelorette parties are meant to have all sorts of dirty jokes involved; it just comes with the territory. Take a look at this hilarious game.

Games for You to Buy

Games for you to Buy

Lastly, I know how busy the wedding season can be, so perhaps you are looking to save yourself some time by choosing games that you can buy. That way you don’t have to worry about a lot of setups. It’s your best friend’s party, but it should be fun for you too! So check these out and find the ones you think she’ll like best.

43. That’s What She Said – Yep, they made this saying into a game, and it’s a funny one. Check it out to see if you think it would fit with your celebration.

44. Girls Just Wanna Get Crunk

45. Prosecco Pong – It’s a classier version of beer pong. I love this! 

46. Bachelorette Party Bundle

47. Girlllll Boxed Game – This game is perfect for your girl’s night out. Plus, the company is Black-owned, which makes this even better. Take a look at this game!

48. Talk, Drink, or Dare

49. Bachelorette Bridin’ Dirty Game – I have heard nothing but great things about this game so I think that it is a must if you are planning a bachelorette party.

50. Do or Drink Party

51. Bachelorette Party Cards – These themed cards can be used for any drinking game that you can think of.

I hope you were able to find some perfect Bachelorette party games that will fill your night with endless laughs while you make memories with the people you love. That is the whole point of throwing parties like this: To celebrate this new phase of your life with the people you love most. Plus it will help you to blow off a little steam after the long wedding planning.

If you are still on the hunt for more Bachelorette party tips then you need to check out some of our other articles. We have plenty of tips and ideas for you to look through. 

Getting married is a big deal, and I know that it can be overwhelming to have to plan everything…but it is so worth it in the end. So to all you maid of honors out there: you rock. And to all you Brides to be, GET OUT OF HERE!

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