Inside: Throwing it back to the 90’s is what everyone is loving these days, join in the fun with this Fresh Prince of Bel Air party theme and all the ideas to make your 90’s party very rad.

Believe it or not, Television hasn’t even been around 100 years. This can seem like a hard fact to wrap your mind around because it’s been such a big staple in our lives in today’s day. A good TV show can hold immense meaning to people. To an outsider, being a fan of a show can seem silly or pointless, but there is so much you can take away from it.

Life lessons are imparted to you from watching the characters work through their problems, and hearty laughs after a day spent crying.

They can be more helpful than people may realize. This is why certain TV shows have a huge fan base.

From Stranger Things to Gilmore Girls, there is a TV show for everyone. Some extra special shows can even have fans that span across generations.

The perfect example of this is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Fresh Prince birthday party

Why have a Fresh Prince of Bel Air party?

The Fresh Prince aired in 1990, and the world’s love for it has never truly died out. It was one of those shows that knew how to make you laugh, and think about the hard things in life. You follow the characters through their shenanigans and you get attached to them. You want to see them succeed, to see how their issues get resolved, to watch them grow.

This sitcom follows Will as he leaves his home in West Philadelphia (born and raised) and is sent to live with the rich side of his family. He has to deal with his pretentious cousins and the huge difference in their way of life. It’s hilarious and heartwarming to watch as they all grow closer as a family.

With such a big following, many people throughout the years have thrown their own Fresh Prince Themed parties. From birthday to gender reveals, it’s been done. If you are someone who has a deep love for this show and are thinking of throwing one of these parties yourself then I have 2 words for you: Do. IT.

It is one of the most fun themes out there.

Complete with 90’s music, neon colors, boom boxes, the works. I’ve created a list below to help you find everything you could need for your own Fresh Prince Party.

By the end of it, you’ll be able to sit on your thrown, as the prince of Bel-Air!

Okay, I’m sorry…I had to. The theme song is just so catchy.

90’s Sitcom Party Decorations

The heart of this party will be the decorations. Bright neon colors are a must, as well as my other on-themed things as well. Below is a list of basically everything you’ll ever want when throwing this party. I’ve even included photo booth backgrounds and inflatable props. This is going to be epic.

1. Fresh Prince Balloons

2. Speech Bubble Photo Booth

3. Fresh Prince Themed Favor Boxes

4. Fresh Licence Plate

5. Custom Chip Bag

6. Water Bottle Labels

7. Cupcake Toppers

8. Food Trays

9. ArtWork

10. Custom Cake Topper

11. Graffiti

12. Neon Cups, Plates, Silverware

13. Inflatable Props

14. Balloon Backdrop

15. 90’s Themed Centerpieces

15. Vintage Table Cloth

90's sitcom party ideas

Hosting a 90’s Birthday Party

You can never have enough. These aren’t necessarily a MUST have, but they make for awesome additions. These will push this bash over the top. It’s the little thing, you know?

My personal favorite is the themed snack bundle.

Pro Tip: Buy regular snacks, like chips and candy, and then put Fresh Print stickers over the label.

It’ll save you money and be a cool little touch that will leave people talking about it for weeks to come.

16. Fresh Prince Party Invitations

17. Themed Snacks Bundle

18. Stickers

19. Themed Gum

20. Popcorn Bins

21. Jersey

22. Fresh Prince Themed Socks

23. 3D T-shirt

24. Party Bundle

25. LED Balloons

26. Inflatable Boom Boxes

27. Straws

Fun favors for Fresh Prince Party

Must-Have Fresh Prince Party Ideas

And here are some cool ideas for you to do during your party. Sure, having the place decked out with the decorations from above is going to be amazing, but to truly make this a Fresh Prince Party there has to be some themed games and activities. I’ve included some of the best things you can do to make this night as fun and memorable as possible.

Take a look, and do as many(or all) of these as your heart desires!

28. Have everyone dress as their favorite character- This one is such a fun way to get people participating. In the invite, make sure to put the dress requirements: Dress as your favorite character, or simply as the 90s as possible.

29. Watching party – Yeah so this one is a non-negotiable. You need to have the show playing in the background of at least one room so people who want to watch can do so as they please. How could you have a Fresh Prince party without Fresh Prince!

30. Listen to 90’s music – An easy way to keep this party on the theme is to put on a 90’s music playlist. When you’re guests arrive it’ll be like walking into a different time era. 

31. Costume Contest – When all of your guests arrive, you can do a costume contest to see who’s outfit is the most believable. 

32. Fresh Prince Trivia Game – For you die-hard fans out there, this idea is for you. If you know your stuff when it comes to this show then you have to incorporate a Trivia Game into the party. This is a fun way to test everyone’s knowledge.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Party Theme Ideas

33. Fresh Prince Dance Party – See how many people know dance moves from the show. I’m doing the Carlton!

34. Finish the lyrics – For this one, you simply need to pull up the lyric video on someone’s phone and have it connected to a Bluetooth speaker. Then play the theme song and then pause it after 5 seconds, see if the person playing can finish the lyric.

35. Theme Song Karaoke – Pull up youtube on the TV and gather around. It’s time to rap!

36. Name the episode – Write down moments from the show and put them in a hat. Then have people take turns pulling a paper and then try to name the episode the moment is from.

37. Get Will Smith to show up – I mean…it’s a long shot but you’d be surprised.

38. 90’s Baby Shower

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