Inside: Fun Drinking Games for Christmas Parties.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, it’s even more wonderful with some classic and new games over a few drinks. Get ready to buzz up– gather your family and friends for a night of tipsy fun and jingling all the way! 

Be prepared to be the last man or woman standing or be KO’d after drinking too much from the consequences of these games. 

Enjoy and have fun, but always remember to drink moderately and responsibly!   

Fun drinking games for Christmas parties

Exciting Christmas Drinking Games

  1. Beer Pong: Channel your inner MJ, LeBron, Kobe, or whoever basketball player you admire and be ready to shoot your buzzer beaters. You know the drill. Place cups forming a pyramid on the ends of the table. Fill ⅓ of the cup with a beer of choice. Form two teams and ask each player  to shoot a ping-pong ball into the cup. The opposite team drinks the cup if the other team shoots successfully. First team to let the other team drink all cups wins. 
  2. Santa’s Cup: This is the Christmas version of the King’s cup. You’ll need a deck of cards and a big cup. Place all of the cards on the big cup and everyone has to draw. For every card drawn, there is a corresponding challenge to be done. You can vary the rules to make the atmosphere more Christmas-like.
  3. Flip Cup: Two teams stand on opposite sides of the table and keep their cups on the edge. Place drinking cups on each side of the table equal to the number of players in a team. The first player needs to flip the cup successfully and the second player needs to chug a drink. before flipping the cup, and so on. The first team to finish drinking and flipping wins.
  4. Buzz: Form a circle. Each player counts a number and says it aloud, except for number 7 and its multiples, and replaces them with the word “buzz”. Drink if you fail. 
  5. Christmas Song Drinking Game: Everyone agrees on a Christmas song for the group. Each person will sing a line until the song stops. Whoever messes up takes a shot. 

Holiday party drinking games

Holiday Drinking Games Christmas Edition

  1. Straight Face: Keeping a straight face is extra tough when you already had a few drinks. A player is asked to keep a straight face and another player needs to write a joke, an experience, or anything on a paper that will make Player 1 laugh. Players who react to the joke will drink. 
  2. Never Have I Ever: This is a classic game. Share something that you have never done on Christmas. Players who have experienced it will take a sip from their cup. For example, “Never have I ever switched the name tags on gifts.” Those in the group who have done it will take a drink. The goal is for you to expose your friends and make them admit to their embarrassing or funny Christmas experience.
  3. Most Likely: Each person will ask a “most likely” question. For example, “who is most likely to go home drunk this Christmas?” Count to three and everyone will point to the person who is most likely to do it. The person with the most points will drink.
  4. Truth or Drink: Time to ask your friends about things you’ve been wanting to ask them.The punishment would drink more than the usual for them to avoid taking the penalty. It’s either they pick the truth or the hangover.
  5. Drink until you Grinch: Choose a drink of choice and take turns telling what you hate about Christmas. If you are out of ideas, you need to chug. The last person who has a drink left wins. 

Chill drinking games for parties at home

Chill Christmas Drinking Games

  1. Christmas Movie Drinking Game: Find a Christmas movie for the family or the gang to watch. Choose a word before playing the movie. For example, the word “Santa.” Whenever “Santa” is mentioned in the movie, everyone has to drink.
  2. Santa’s Hat: Put a hat on the edge of the TV. Select a Christmas movie and whenever a movie character looks like wearing the Santa hat, everyone gulps or takes a shot.
  3. Medusa: Form a circle and look down. At the count of three, each player should look up and stare at someone. Whoever is facing another player next to them needs to drink or take a shot. 
  4. Drunk Jenga: Want to test if you are still sober? Set up the Jenga block and either the tower falls or you are the drink goes down your belly. 
  5. Drink While You Think: A person will choose a category, for example, sports. The player will say “soccer”. The next player should say a sport with the ending letter of the word said by the previous player. Whoever fails needs to drink.

Holiday party Christmas games with drinks

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