Inside: Fun Drinking board games DIY ideas or you to make at home. 

Okay, have you seen the latest drinking game trend? You make your own drinking board game. WHAT! I know. I had to jump on this bandwagon and try it out for myself. I can safely say my friends and I had a BLAST.

Making the board was half the fun.

So today I am going to show you how to make one. This DIY is super simple and lots of fun to put together. You can save it for any party that you throw in the future. Plus, you get to impress all your friends when you pull out a literal homemade board game. Not just a board game either; it’s a DRINKING BOARD GAME.

Drinking Board Games DIY in 6 steps

So sit back, get your crafting supplies, and let’s get started on this epic DIY. Who said crafting was for grannies? This is most definitely not fit for a grandma. Unless you’re a really cool grandma, prove me wrong. Let’s get into this!

BEST Drinking Board Games DIY

First things first, we are going to need some inspiration before we get into the actual DIY. These will give you some ideas for your own board. But remember, you get to make this your own, so don’t feel pressured to use the exact same phrases and whatnot. You can also make this a clean version if you like. It is all up to you! Take a look.

Drinking Board Games DIY Inspirationation

Step One: Gather your Supplies

Okay, the first step is to start by gathering your supplies. I think the best place to do this is at your local Walmart, seeing as you won’t need anything too crazy. Once you have these things, the fun part can begin. So take a look at the list below and get your stuff together. You may even have some of this at your home!

  • Foam Board
  • Sharpies
  • Pencils
  • Ruler
  • Dice

Step Two: Outline your board. 

So you are going to want to start out this with your pencil. I outlined where I wanted my board spaces to be by using a ruler as a guide to making my lines straight. 

I wanted to keep my board simple and clean since there would be so much writing on each square. So I basically made a zig-zag pattern going from the bottom to the top. Mine was very similar to the last inspiration photo, ‘let’s get wasted’. Take a look for a good reference.

I mapped out that I wanted my squares to be about one inch a piece, so on each end, I would put 3 inches before I went to go in the opposite direction. The key here is no matter what size you are going with, make sure that it is even. Otherwise, it will look wonky and weird. 

Step Three Outline with Sharpie

Step Three: Outline with Sharpie

Next, after you have taken your time mapping out how you want your board’s lay out, you get to go over everything you did with a sharpie. This will help make your lines bold and clean, which is always a good thing when it comes to things like this. The words are going to be crammed into the little boxes already.

Make sure that you also outline in between the lines where each box will go. I made sure to leave a little extra space for the start and finish boxes, but you can do whatever you like to do. The sharpie is the quickest part of this whole project. The next step will take the longest but do not worry, It’s loads of fun.

Step Four: Create your squares

Now comes the fun part, you get to make your squares. There are so many little ideas that you can put. Make sure that you supplement the drinking cues for fun activities. Otherwise, you will be blacked out by the time you are halfway through. That is no fun!

I also added little squares that reminded the players to hydrate and ate a snack. This might seem simple and boring, but it is a game-changer in terms of hangovers. So add that!

This section is a very personalized one, so I can’t give you too much direction. If you need inspiration, go ahead and go off of some of the examples I gave above. These people did a wonderful job of coming up with their own cues that are well-spaced out, and everything is fun. You literally cannot lose.

Step Five decorate the Board

Step Five: Decorate the Board

This part is actually very important. Of course, you can just leave it plain, but it is much more fun when the game board is colorful and full of little doodles. Remember that you can keep this for as long as you want, so put some extra time into it now, and you will be thanking yourself later every time you go to pull it out, and all your guests will be impressed.

I made each of my squares the pattern of the rainbow. So I started with red, then yellow, and so on. This didn’t take me very long, and it turned out super cute. 

Also, remember always to put a title on your board game. This helps to make it feel more put together and extra cute. There are so many funny names that you can go with, so make it your own. Try your best to make it look like it’s an actual logo for a game. You can style it off of a well-known board game, or you can make one up.

Step Six: Play the Game

Ladies and Gents, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Your board game is done, now get your friends together and start playing! The rules are simple, you roll the dice and move an item of your choosing to whatever number the dice landed on. Then you have to complete that cue. 

This game is best played with at least 3-5 people, but it can be played with as few as two and as many as 10. If you have a beer Olympics party happening, you can play this with the whole crowd afterwards. It might be a little hard with that many, but it is definitely doable. Remember to have fun and drink responsibly. For every shot you take, drink a sip of water. But be slow about it! Just listen to your body.

Drinking Board Games DIY

Drinking Board Games DIY: Conclusion

Okay, so now you have your very own Drinking Board Games DIY. I hope you and all your friends enjoy this beautiful thing you have created. If you did this DIY with the help of your BFFs, now is the time to decide what the custody of the board is. 

If you loved this drinking game idea but are still in the mood for others, I have you covered. We have so many different drinking game ideas you would not believe, so check these out.

The whole point of drinking games is to have fun with the people you love…and get drunk together. Just make sure that you are drinking responsibly, and the whole night should be a blast.