Inside: 41 Drinking Games To Play During Girls’ Night .

Who says slumber parties have to end once we reach adulthood!? Invite the girlfriends over, wear pajamas, and of course find some great drinking games to play for girls’ night!

These games will help you steer the night with boozy variations of classic games, card games, and board games that will guarantee a fun night with tons of laughs and memories.

Girls night games for drinking at home

Easy Fun Drinking Games

These games are sure to get the party started!

  1. Never Have I Ever: Remember playing this at slumber parties back in the day? It’s the same concept, but every time you put a finger down for something you have done, you have to take a shot too!
  2. 2 Truths and A Lie: Another classic game from the middle school days, but of course now there’s going to be a 21+ twist on it! One player tells everyone else two truths and one lie about themselves. Everyone tries to guess what the lie is, if they get it, the person who told the lie has to drink. If they guess incorrectly, they have to drink.
  3. For The Girls Card Game: Such a fun way to get the night started! The person with the most Instagram followers goes first by rolling a die and picking up from the pile whose color corresponds with the side of the die that landed up. That player must then perform the action on the card… Just hope it doesn’t tell you to text your ex!
  4. Incoherent: Each card has a combination of words on it that sound similar to a popular word or phrase, but not quite. The entire party reads the gibberish outloud and the person holding the card must guess what it is they’re trying to say. This will only get more fun as the night goes on and the drinks keep flowing.
  5. Straight Face: Everyone grabs a piece of paper and writes down a sentence or phrase they know will be difficult to say aloud with a straight face. Then, everyone chooses one at random. If the reader can get through what’s written on the paper without laughing or smiling, they give out a drink. If they can’t, they must drink!
  6. Sip, Sip, Shot: Another innocent game from childhood that we are corrupting with booze! Played similarly to Duck, Duck, Goose; one player goes around bopping heads saying “Sip” and each bopped person must take a sip of their drink. When someone gets bopped while “Shot!” is said, that person must jump up and chase the bopper around the circle and try to tag them before they sit in their seat. If they succeed, the bopper takes the shot and remains the bopper, but if they don’t they take the shot and the position.
  7. Do Or Drink: Truth or dare, except it’s just you do the dare or you drink!

Ladies Night Party Games

Play these games throughout the night to keep the party going and the laughs coming.

Ladies game night party ideas

  1. Prosecco Pong: An elegant twist on the classic backyard game of beer pong. Perfect for a girl’s night in and will also make for much cuter pictures! 
  2. Word: At the beginning of the night, everyone decides up a word or a phrase that whenever someone says it, everyone must take a drink. It can be something obscure that you can go out of your way to say and make everyone drink, or something you know your one friend ALWAYS says, or something that will become unavoidable after everyone is liquored up. This game will be played in the background all night, keeping the fun constant!
  3. New Phone Who Dis: A fun complete-the-scene card game. One player pulls an “Inbox” card and the rest of the players must respond with a reply from their hand of messages. The player that put down the Inbox card must then choose which reply they deem as the funniest.
  4. I’m Going To The Bar: A fun memory game that will definitely become more difficult as your ability to memorize becomes imparied. One player starts off by saying “I’m going to the bar and ordering a…” and mentions a drink, the person to the right of them must say “I’m going to the bar and ordering a … and a …” and adds a drink while also recalling the previous one. This keeps going in a circle and players must remember every drink said before them in order while also adding their own. Whoever can’t remember the order, or messes up, has to take a shot.
  5. Who’s Most Likely To: Card game that has a trait or action written on the card and the group must decide who there would be the most likely to do whatever the card states! So much fun to play with friends.
  6. Would You Rather: You can look up ones online, or make up your own, but ask the group a would you rather question, and have everyone vote. Whoever voted for the option that gets the lesser amount of votes all have to drink.

Fun Drinking Games For Girls Night

Create new, fun memories with your girl gang by playing these games!

  1. Slide In The DMs: Reply to a DM with one of the responses in your hand! Rotate who is drawing the received DM and they choose who had the best reply and give them the card. The winner is the player who has the most DM cards by winning the most rounds.
  2. Heads Up: Play this game as you normally would, but crack open a drink to accompany it. When the timer begins, one player will open a drink and begin chugging, they are not allowed to stop until the guesser guesses correctly. They then pass the drink to the person next to them and they must drink until the correct guess is made. This continues until the round is complete.
  3. Paranoia: Everyone sits in a circle and one person starts by asking the person to their right a ‘who’ question such as “Who is the best dressed?” The person asked the question then either points to or says the name of the person they believe is the answer to that question. The person who was named can make a choice: live without knowing what the question was, or take a shot in order to have the question revealed!
  4. Dirty Pint: Start off with an empty cup, with some ice if you choose. The first person pours as much of whatever they are drinking into it, and then flips a coin and guesses which side it will land on. If they guess correctly, it gets passed to the person on their right, if not, they have to drink whatever is in the cup. This continues with every person pouring a little bit of their drink into the community cup until someone guesses incorrectly and has to drink the concoction of different drinks.
  5. Shot Roulette: Fill up numerous shot glasses with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Place a bottle in the middle and each player gets a spin, and they must drink whatever shot the bottle ends up pointing to. You’ll never know what you’ll get! Is it water or tequila?
  6. Fuzzy Duck: Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns saying the phrase “Fuzzy Duck.” At any point in the game, someone can ask “Does he?” In which case, the phrase is now “Ducky Fuzz” and also the order of players is reversed. If someone says the phrase wrong, goes at the wrong time, or just breaks the natural rhythm of the game, they take a shot!
  7. Medusa: Everyone has their drink and is organized in a circle with their heads down. On the count of three, everyone looks up. The goal is to not look at someone who is not looking at you. If you look up and the person you chose to stare at is staring back, you two must take a sip.

Ladies Drunk Game Night

These boozy games are so much fun, and playing with your ladies will make them even more fun!

  1. Thumbs Down: The objective of this game is for the thumb master (usually the host) to put their thumb on a designated table without being too obvious. Those who do notice, follow the leader and also try to inconspicuously put their thumbs on the table. The last person to notice or get their thumb on the table is the loser and must drink!
  2. Plead The Fifth: Take turns being in the hot seat. Someone can ask a question, and the person being asked may answer it honestly, or plead the fifth and opt out of answering. However, if they plead the fifth, they must work for it by finishing their drink.
  3. Girls Party Drinking Game: This game comes complete with a bunch of different cards that have reasons to get everyone to drink. A great way to start off the night or break the ice!
  4. Off Topic Board Game: This fast-paced game will not only get the drinks flowing, but the brain juices flowing as well! Guaranteed to garner some laughs and spark up hilarious conversations as you try to defend your answers.
  5. Sotally Tober: Follow the different cards and what they ask of the group. The goal of this game is to be the person who is delegated to drink the least.
  6. Bubbly: A Girls Night Party Game: Take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck and play as each card instructs!
  7. Girls Fever: Get deep and juicy with these entertaining card questions!

Girls Night In Drinking Games

Girls night drinking games

You don’t need to go out in order to have fun! These games will generate a great night in.

  1. Drunk & Wild: The boozy version of the beloved Uno card game, complete with colorful shot glasses to play with!
  2. Spin the Shot: Place a shot on the spinner and spin! Whoever the arrow points to must take the shot.
  3. Truth or Drink: A boozy twist on a cult classic. But be warned! The cringey questions are best asked and answered when it’s late, your guard down, and you have nothing to lose!
  4. TV Show or Movie Drinking Game: This game has a ton of iterations that you can find online. Drink when a character’s name or popular phrase is said, and many other rules! A fun way to watch some of your favorite movies and shows while still keeping things interesting.
  5. Tipsy Tower: Play this game like Jenga, but every block will have an instruction on it!
  6. MadWish Girls Edition: A card game that combines a bunch of favorite drinking games and a spinner to make things more interesting!
  7. Tipsy Chicken: This fun game will unleash your inner party animal and possibly embarrass you for the sake of a great night! But it will all be worth it in the end when the party is roaring with laughter.
  8. Spill The Vodka: Get the juiciest details of your girl friends with this card game! Expose text messages, spill secrets, and many other topics that will not only bond everyone playing but also make for boozy fun!

Easy Drinking Games To Play During Ladies Night

Girls night in games to play

Bring out the booze and play these games to have the best night in with your girlfriends.

  1. Tequila Roulette: Fill up multiple shot glasses with clear liquids, and one of tequila. Other clear liquids may be water, soda, or other clear liquors. The fun part is, you never know what you’re going to get when it’s your turn to choose!
  2. Girls Night Out: Get some saucy conversations going with your ladies with this fun, in depth card game!
  3. Drink If…: Make up your own or look some up to give you ideas! Ex: “Drink if you have a tattoo.”
  4. Psychics: Put on a movie no one has ever seen before, after 10 minutes, pause the film and have everyone write down 5 predictions of what will happen throughout the rest of the movie. Any time someone’s prediction comes true, everyone must drink!
  5. Drink When (Song Edition): A twist on Thunderstruck, find a favorite song with a repeating word or phrase. Everytime that phrase is said, someone must start drinking and cannot stop until it is said again, in which it would pass on to the person to the left.
  6. Pizza Box Coin Flip: After the inevitable late night pizza order, rip off the lid and on the plain side, draw circles of varying sizes and write a rule in each one, then flip a coin and whatever spot it lands in must be done!

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