Unique Streamer decoration ideas that will fancy up your holiday or NYE party while saving you money.

Birthday & holiday parties can be expensive to throw. This is a fact that I had no idea about until I became an adult, so now I have a deep appreciation for the cash my parents shelled out for my Fairy birthday party in 08.

That must have cost a fortune! 😉

Anyways, this realization left me brainstorming some ways to decorate for a party that looks really cool but won’t break the bank. That is when it hit me…Streamers!

Streamers may seem like kindergarten stuff when it comes to party planning, but let me tell you… they have some seriously untapped potential that needs to be let out!

Unique Streamer Decoration Ideas to save you money. Black and gold decorations.

You can get rolls at the dollar store in whatever color you like, and the whole thing(depending on how much you need) can come out less than 5 dollars. I’ve gathered a list of some seriously awesome ideas and examples for you to look through.

These will serve as your creative inspiration. Ready to have your mind blown?

Unique Streamer Decoration Ideas To Save You $$$

I wanted to start off strong, so this list is gonna be truly awesome. I explain a little bit about how you can achieve each look, so you don’t have to worry. They are all pretty simple to achieve, but they look anything but! Check out the ideas below to see which ones you think are going to fit your theme.

The theme I am going for is a Sunflower theme party!

1. Gold and Pink Bachelorette Streamers

For this, you are going to want to choose 3 or 4 colors that fit your theme. Pick an area of your party location that you want to act as a photo backdrop. Then you are going to simply tape the streamers vertically, so they hang all together. You can layer them for a thicker effect. Then afterward, you can put a balloon arch over the top to cover up any little ends.

2. Taco Themed Streamer Ideas

So for this look you are going to want A LOT of rainbow colors. Then you are going to do something similar to what I explained above: Tape them vertically so they are hanging towards the ground. Layer the colors so they appear mixed and matched.

Then once they are all hanging(do several layers), you are going to take some from the top layer halfway and pin them up to one side as they did in the photo. 

3. Curly Streamer Ideas

This one is so cute! It looks like they curled streamers and then taped them against the table. This way it looks like a fancy party set up with cute colors that go along with your theme. You really just need some streamers to transform your space. 

4. Rainbow Themed Streamer Idea

I love color, so when I see rainbow streamers, I get so excited! This would be perfect for a child’s birthday party or a pride party! So for this, you are going to want to choose a large wall. Then you are going to tape one strand of the streamer to the top, and then lightly twist it as it goes down, then secure the bottom. 

5. Simple Balloon Rainbow Idea

Here is a super affordable banner that I think you are going to love. You take some string and tape the streamer to it one at a time. Then once it is full, you can carefully secure some balloons to the bottoms. The result is chic and adorable. To make your party extra fun, you should consider adding some printable games as well!

6. Pink Streamer Ceiling Decoration

This one basically speaks for itself. You are definitely going to need some ladders to accomplish this look. The example given shows that you start by draping some streamers, one at a time, on the ceiling until it’s covered. Then you do the same going down the wall. 

7. Unique Ribbon Idea

This is a less time-intensive option. You simply choose a few places around your home or venue and then secure the streamer from the ceiling to the floor at an angle. The result is geometric and super awesome!

Streamer decoration ideas. 3 different photo examples of hanging streamers.

More Streamer Decoration Ideas

If you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, I just know you are going to find it on this list. I am constantly surprised by how creative some party planners can be! There are a million ways to save a few dollars while also making the party look amazing. Below are just a few!

8. Ruffled Streamer DIY

9. Draping Streamers from Ceiling

10. Pastel Streamer Combo Idea

11. Streamer Canopy Idea

12. Pinterest Perfect Dollar Tree Streamers

13. Classic Twisted Method

14. Streamer Installation

Epic Streamer Decoration Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to end things on an epic note. The streamer decoration ideas below are truly going to blow your mind. Don’t believe me? You are going to have to see for yourself! Remember that you can choose any color scheme you want, so if there is a style you like but it’s not in your color, just adjust!

15. Perfect Streamer Wall idea

AH! This one is amazing. So you are going to want to start from the bottom, using about 3-foot pieces. Hang them in sections based on color all along the wall. You can really put your own creativity into this by deciding on what color and how you layer them. Speaking of layers, then you add another layer of a different color just above the one you just did.

The result is this layered effect, and it’s awesome!

3 different streamer decoration ideas. One very comfortable banner, one colorful wall of streamers. One centerpiece.

16. Fiesta Backdrop Idea

Here is a very simple one. You just dangle the streamers from a rope or string and add some more decorations of your choice. This would make a lovely backdrop for photos. 

17. Valentines Day Streamers

This one is similar to the option that we have above. You just secure the streamer to the ceiling and then lightly twist it, then secure it to the base at whatever length you want. This person offset red and pink to make it a valentines theme!

18. Streamer Ceiling Centerpiece

I love this. You are going to want to get a hoop; then, you are going to tape your streamer around it so that they hang freely. The result is this awesome centerpiece that really classes up space on a budget. 

19. Pink and Green Themed Colorful Streamers

I wanted to keep it simple with this idea because you can never go wrong with the classics! You can adjust the width of the streamer you are using by squishing them with your hand a bit. The end result is super cute!

20. Pink and Purple Ruffled Streamers

I highly recommend using some shiny streamers alongside the classic ones. This just brings some more pizazz to your party, and who doesn’t want that?

What did I tell you? Streamers really do have untapped potential! I would have never even considered doing any of these ideas before I started brainstorming. I am guilty of doing the classic ‘twist and swoop’. You know what I am talking about. 

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