Inside: Hilarious Cocktail Party Games For Adults that are actually Fun 

Who doesn’t love a cocktail party? Spice things up with some cocktail party games for adults that’ll keep your guests drinking, laughing, and having a great time for hours! Dinner parties are such a great way to bond and get to know each other, and cocktail party games can make excellent icebreakers and conversation starters.

Cocktail party games for adults

Our list of cocktail party games for adults includes sets that you can buy and are ready to go, games that involve drinking and some that don’t, and activities that you can put together at home with no purchase necessary.

Check out our list of 25 hilarious and fun cocktail party games for adults!

Dinner Party Games For Adults

Let’s get started with some simple cocktail party games for adults.

Funny dinner drinking games

  1. Charades: Charades is always a winner. When creating your words to guess, consider making the words themed. Use food, drinks, things related to work, etc. 
  2. Cocktail Trivia: Test your knowledge with this cocktail party game for adults! This fun trivia game is filled with alcohol and cocktail-related questions.
  3. Name The Song: Put together a playlist of some popular songs. Play just a second of the song before pausing and see who is the first to guess! If no one gets it, play another second of the song, and so on until someone can guess the title.
  4. Name The Movie: Put together a list of quotes from famous movies. Read the quote and see who can guess the movie! Incredibly simple, but so much fun.
  5. Table Topics – Dinner Party Edition: Looking for cocktail party games for adults to start conversations? Table Topics is here to help!
  6. Drop A Hint: Prepare slips of paper with words and phrases. Put your guests into groups. One person from the group tries to guess the word while every other member of the group says only one word as a hint. The team that gets through the most words wins!
  7. Big Dot of Happiness Drink If Game:  These super cute martini glass shaped cards come in a set of 24. You drink if the statement on the card applies to you.
  8. Off Limits: Give each guest a word or phrase that they absolutely cannot say. Other guests spend the night trying to get others to say their phrases. The last person who hasn’t said their phrase wins!
  9. Don’t Say Yes: Similar to Off Limits, the only rule is that you can’t say the word “yes” or a variation of it. See who lasts the longest!

Great Indoor Party Games For Adults

  1. Truth or Drink:This hilarious cocktail party game for adults comes with 432 questions. Guests draw a card and decide if they’ll answer the question, or take a drink instead! 
  2. Awkward Turtle: This silly game has your group guess awkward, almost uncomfortable words based on their dictionary definitions.
  3. Battle of the Sexes: Have a co-ed group? See how each team fares in answering these gender-based questions!
  4. Cocktail Farty Game: Another great conversation starter, this hilarious game lets guests connect with one another… through mutual embarrassment!
  5. Purses, Pockets, and Wallets:  Put your guests into groups. The host will call out an object commonly found in a purse, pocket, or wallet. The first group to bring you that item wins!
  6. What Do You Meme?: Compete to see who can create the funniest meme! Of all of these cocktail party games for adults, this one is sure to get a ton of laughs.
  7. Karaoke: Why not? Rent a karaoke machine or simply throw together a YouTube playlist of karaoke versions of songs and get singing!
  8. The Dictionary Game: In this game, players try to identify the actual dictionary definition of words mixed with fake ones written by other guests. Teams that guess correctly get the point, while teams that have their made up definition chosen get points instead!
  9. Jackbox Party Packs:  There are so many hilarious games in Jackbox Packs, and everyone can play along on their phone! No mess, tons of nonsense.

Free and Easy Party Activities For Adults

These cocktail party games for adults are totally free to play and put together.

Drinking party games for adults

  1. Two Truths And A Lie: Each person says three facts about themselves: two are true, one is false. Other guests try to figure out which is the lie!
  2. Never Have I Ever: Each person says something they have done. If a guest has not done that thing, they take a drink.
  3. Story Starters: The host prepares cards with story-starting phrases, such as, “When I was young, I…” or “My favorite memory is…” Guests choose a card and then tell a story about themselves based on the phrase. 
  4. Wink Assassin: Pass out as many cards as you have guests, one being the Ace of Spades. The player who receives the Ace of Spades is the Assassin. Their job is to discreetly wink at other players, “killing them.” The Assassin wins if they “kill” everyone, and the team wins if they pick them out.
  5. Cocktail Contest: If we’re talking cocktail party games for adults, why not have your guests compete to see who can put together the best cocktail? Supply all the ingredients and let them be creative. For added fun, you can create scorecards (or buy some here) to make it a real contest!
  6. Secret Phrases: The host provides secret phrases to each guest. Guests try to work their phrase into the conversation without being caught. The more you say your phrase before others figure it out, the more points you receive!
  7. The Wooden Spoon: Create lists with items all in one category and a few that don’t belong. Place a wooden spoon in the middle of the table. Read the list out loud, and when a guest hears an item that does not belong, they rush to grab the spoon first.
  8. Reverse Charades: In Reverse Charades, the entire team acts out a word while a single person tries to guess what it is. It’s hilarious to see the whole group try and coordinate the act!
  9. Who Is Most Likely To…?: Ask questions such as, “Who is most likely to go skydiving?” The guest who the group chooses to be most likely takes a drink!

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