Inside: 35 Drinking Games for Couples that are Silly, Sweet, and so much Fun to kick off your weekend of love!

Looking to spice up date night? Try out some of these drinking games for couples that’ll get you tipsy and bring you closer together than ever before! With fun prompts, thought-provoking questions, and hilarious challenges, you’re sure to have a great time- and learn something new about each other as well.

When playing drinking games for couples, it’s important to remember to play and drink responsibly.

Play in a safe environment and remember your limits. Played safely, drinking games for couples are a great way to have a silly and fun date night!

Drinking games for couples that are a blast to play

Check out our list of 35 drinking games for couples that are an absolute blast. Please drink responsibly.

Fun Drinking Games For Couples

  1. Go Fish:  Play a regular game of Go Fish. If your partner tells you to “Go fish,” you need to take a drink!
  2. Flip Cup:  This super fun drinking game can also be played in pairs! Here is a walkthrough on how to play Flip Cup.
  3. Caps:  Sit on opposite ends of the room with full cups. Take turns throwing a bottle cap into each other’s cups. If one person makes it, the other chugs their drink.
  4. Higher/Lower:  One person flips over the top card of the deck, and the other guesses if the next card will be higher or lower. If the guesser is right, then the dealer drinks! If the guesser is wrong, then they drink.
  5. Tumbling Tower:  This game is like Jenga, except each piece that you pull has an instruction, such as, “Go again” or “Take a drink.”
  6. Match:  Each player has a pack of cards. Roll a die and race to find a card with the matching number. The winner is the one who finds a matching card first, and the loser takes a drink.
  7. iPuke:  This app is full of both free and paid challenges you play on your phones, including drinking games for couples. The loser of the challenges drinks!

Silly Drunk In Love Couples Drinking Game Ideas

Drunk in love couples drinking games

  1. Try Not To Laugh:  Put on a funny video compilation and try not to laugh! If you laugh, take a drink. 
  2. Speed Facts:  Go back and forth saying something you know about each other or sweet memories together. If you take more than 3 seconds to say something, take a drink!
  3. Power Hour:  The goal is to drink 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes. Playing as a couple, it’s sweet to make it a rule to maintain eye contact while drinking.
  4. You Laugh You Drink:  Keep the laughs going for hours with these silly prompts that you either need to answer or act out. If your partner laughs, they drink!
  5. Movie, TV Show, and Music Drinking Games for Couples:  Here are some drunk couples games for a night on the couch. Make a list of rules for your movie, TV show, or songs you’re listening to. When something on your list occurs, you both drink!
  6. Drunk in Love:  This sweet game has cards with prompts and challenges, and drinking penalties when they cannot be completed.
  7. Chutes and Ladders:  Play a game of Chutes and Ladders. If you land on a chute, take a sip!
  8. Drunk Mario Kart:  You each need a full drink. During the race, you need to complete your drink in order to win!

Hilarious Shot Games For Couples

Date Night Drinking Games

  1. Quiz Game:  Quizzes and question drinking games for couples are so much fun! Come up with a list of questions for each other, such as, “What is my favorite color?” If your partner can’t answer, they have to drink. 
  2. Truth or Drink:  Play a game of Truth or Dare, except you have the option to drink instead of answering or performing the dare.
  3. Never Have I Ever:  Each partner takes turns saying something they’ve never done. If the other partner has done it, then they take a drink.
  4. Question-Answer:  Write lists of questions for each other that you want to know! If your partner doesn’t want to answer, they can opt to drink instead.
  5. Eye Contact:  Stare into your partner’s eyes. Whoever blinks first has to take a shot!
  6. Battle Shots:  Play a regular game of Battleship, and take a shot every time one of your ships is hit!
  7. Russian Roulette:  This roulette board is filled with shot glasses: some have water, and some have some other clear liquor. You won’t know which you’ve landed on until you take your shot!
  8. Tic Tac Toe:  In this game, you play Tic-Tac-Toe with shot glasses. Whoever loses has to take the three winning drinks in a row!
  9. Quarters:  Take turns trying to bounce a quarter off of a table into a cup or shot glass. If you miss it, take a drink. If you make it, your partner takes a drink!
  10. Drunken Cheat:  Play a game of Cheat. When either of you is caught lying, you need to take a shot!

More Couples Drinking Game Ideas

Fun couples games with drinks

  1. Doubles:  Doubles is an app full of fun drinking games designed for pairs of players. 
  2. Beer Pong:  You’ll need a table and ping pong ball. Set up according to this guide, and take turns trying to bounce the ball into each other’s cups.
  3. Drunken Artists:  Pictionary with some new rules! With each wrong guess, the guesser takes a drink. If the guesser guesses correctly, the drawer has to finish their drink!
  4. Zero Secret:  This drinking card game for couples will have you learning something new about each other!
  5. Under The Influence:  This hilarious card game has tasks with each card, and drinking penalties for the person who loses!
  6. Do or Drink:  Do or Drink is very similar to Under The Influence, except the challenges (and penalties) are way more ridiculous!
  7. Drunken Uno:  Play a regular game of Uno. When you don’t have a card you need, you take a sip of your drink. Keep drinking until you pull a card that you can play!
  8. In the Dog House:  In this game, you decide whether you or your partner fits the prompt. This game set includes a drinking game mode as well.
  9. Drink-A-Palooza:  This game has all of the best drinking games for couples, including several listed above, in one board game!

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