Inside: All you need to know to play the chandelier drinking game, including supplies needed and how to win! 

Have you ever been at a party, big or small, and wished there was a way to get everyone together to do something fun?

At most parties, there comes a point where people break off into groups and the fun, collective energy starts to fizzle. The best way to avoid this situation is to suggest a group drinking game!

As you probably know, there are tons of fun drinking games nowadays. One of the most popular games is probably beer pong, but that game can really only be played with four players and leaves everyone else out. Plus, it can get kind of slow. Then there’s the popular game flip cup, wherein virtually everyone at the party can play.

This, too, can get repetitive and fizzle out after a round or two. If you’re seeking a game that lots of people can participate in that will keep everyone excited throughout, the chandelier drinking game will surely not disappoint.

How to play the chandelier drinking game

What is the Chandelier Drinking Game?

This game is called “chandelier” because of the way that the cups are stacked in a sort of pyramid shape. This game actually combines the two aforementioned games: beer pong and flip cup. If everyone knows how to play those games, you should be all set. If not, here’s a quick refresher:

  • Beer pong: In this fun activity, players arrange 10 cups at either side of the table and take turns tossing a ping pong ball into the cups across the table, eliminating cups as they are successfully shot into. Whichever team shoots into all 10 cups first wins. The main skill needed from this game for the chandelier beer game is the ability to bounce a ping pong ball into a cup.
  • Flip cup: This fast-paced game is played with a minimum of two players. Players will pour drink into their cups, but only about a quarter or half of the cup should be filled. Then, players will chug their drinks as quickly as possible and place their cups on the very edge of the table. With just one finger, the goal is to flick the cup so that it flips and lands sturdily upside-down on the table. It’s harder than it sounds!

The chandelier beer game is often called the stack cup game, since it’s played by stacking one cup higher than the others. This special cup is the chandelier cup, and the goal of the game is to force someone to drink it.

Supplies You’ll Need

The good news is that with this game, you can play with virtually any type of alcohol. Likewise, the supplies needed are simple and easily accessible. Here’s what you will need to play:

Supplies to play the chandelier game with friends

  • Table It should be big enough so that everyone can reach their cups in the center. Ideally, a round table is best, but a regular folding table usually works, too. Importantly, the table shouldn’t have a ridged edge, since players will be flipping their cups on the edge. Likewise, make sure that the table is level and not titled to one side.
  • Ping-pong balls You’ll really only need one, but since they can be lost easily, it is a good idea to pick up a pack of a few, and they should be undamaged, as players will need to bounce them off of the table to play.
  • Cups You will definitely want to use a uniform cup, meaning that everyone should use the same type of cup. Classic red Solo cups work best, and you will need enough so that each player has one cup, plus one extra to hold up the center chandelier cup.
  • Chandelier cup The middle cup is the most important. You can simply use another red Solo cup, but a lot of people like to play with a much larger or colorful cup to add to the excitement.
  • Typically, players will fill their cups with whatever they are already drinking. You shouldn’t use liquor since you’ll be drinking quite a bit, so beer, seltzer, or cider are all good options for this game.
  • A Sharpie This isn’t totally necessary, but it helps to label cups with players’ names so that everyone remembers which cup is theirs.

What is the Goal of the Game?

In this game, the goal is to not be the player who drinks the chandelier cup — no one wants to drink a cup filled with various types and flavors of alcohol. When you’re at a large party, that cup can sometimes be a mixture of beer, cider, wine, and liquor, so you really want to avoid it. Ironically, the actual goal of the game is to bounce (not toss) the ping-pong ball into that center chandelier cup. After this, the goal is to play flip cup as quickly as possible. The last person to successfully flip their cup is the loser: they have to drink the center cup.

How to Play

how to play the Chandelier drinking game

  1. First, players will all fill their cups with an equal amount of drink. Well, not fill. The cups should be about halfway full of alcohol, about as much as you’d use for beer pong or flip cup. To ensure fair play, check that no one cheats by pouring less drink in their cup.
  2. Next, everyone can contribute to the chandelier cup by pouring a bit of their drink into the cup. This is the fun part, especially if everyone is drinking different things. If everyone is having beer, it’ll just be a cup filled with beer, but unlike the other cups, this cup should be filled all the way to the brim.
  3. Turn one empty cup upside down, and stack the filled cup on top. Then, place all other cups around the upturned one in a ring. When you’re ready to play, the game should somewhat resemble a chandelier! Make sure players are arranged around the table so that their cups are in front of them, and that everyone remembers whose cup is whose.
  4. To play, you will go one at a time. A player will bounce a ping-pong ball, aiming for the center chandelier cup.
  5. If the ball lands in the chandelier cup, everyone will have to quickly grab their cups and play flip cup. Whoever is last to flip their cup loses, and they are the unlucky ones who has to drink the middle cup. Some people play by making the loser chug the entire cup before starting the game over. (We advise you to use your best judgment and to drink responsibly!)
  6. If the ping-pong ball lands in a player’s cup, that player must chug their drink.
  7. The ball gets passed to the next person, and the game continues. Enjoy!

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