Halloween games

Halloween means party, and party means fun Halloween party games! So whether you’re planning a celebration for adults, teens, kids, or the entire gang we have the fun in store for you.

Here you’ll find my favorite collection of game ideas to keep you and your guests enchanted all night long.

Let’s get playing.

Halloween Party Games

For all the spooky party fun check out these minute-to-win it games, printable Halloween games and the always fun Halloween inspired drinking games like these Hocus Pocus games that last one is for the 21+ crowd.

For the kids these party games that are more fun than scary for kids, pumpkin scavenger hunts & classroom party games for Halloween are so perfect

Even for the bigger kid crowd – the best games to play on Halloween night with your tweens are fun for those just a little old to trick-or-treat.

There’a also a section of party tips for hosting a murder mystery party with games to play and murders to solve.

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Hocus Pocus

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Printable Halloween Games

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