If you’re planning on hosting a housewarming party anytime soon, be sure to bookmark this page for the best housewarming games your guests will love.

Some of these housewarming games might take some time to plan, but once you have a list of games you like, the fun planning begins. Give yourself plenty of time to order game accessories online, plan out the games, and set up the house.

These games have been tested, played, and loved by many. It’s up to you to decide which ones your guests (and your home) will love. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but if you’d like to add your twist to some of these games, feel free to do so.

Prepare for laughter, smiles, and many fun memories! A little friendly competition doesn’t hurt when settling into a new street either…

Housewarming party gifts

Housewarming Party Gifts

Before we get into the games, you might want to consider housewarming gifts.

If you want your guests to win a prize, then gift cards are a great idea. Other prize ideas include:

  • A basket of chocolate
  • Coffee table books
  • Locally made jewelry
  • Spa certificates
  • Candles
  • A fresh wreath to take home

Gifts or no gifts, this housewarming party will be a hit.

Another things to consider as you throw a housewarming party is the food and drinks. It’s important to note that food and drinks are essential for any party. It’s easy to get caught up in the party planning for the games, but don’t neglect the food. These housewarming games are fun, but they are even more fun when guests are nicely fed.

Here are the best housewarming games for your next party:

Keep The Key – This game does take a little preparation, but nothing crazy. Before your guests arrive, you will want to attach keys to lanyards – these can be made at home or purchased online – https://amzn.to/3HywDiv.

As each guest arrives, hand them a lanyard with the key and tell them that two words are not to be spoken at the party – house, and home. Get creative and add any words you’d like to the list. Guests will quickly notice how difficult it is to be at a housewarming party and not mention these words.

Guests are allowed to take a lanyard from someone if one of these words is spoken. Whoever has the most amount of lanyards at the end of the party wins.

Guess the Movie – This is a great game to play in a more extensive home area. Grab a whiteboard or large sheet of paper and prop it up so everyone can see.

Each guest grabs a slip of paper from the basket with scenes from a movie. They must then act it out or draw it on paper to guess whoever guesses can then pull the next movie scene. Whichever guest guessed the movie correctly wins the game.

Optional: This can be played by showing little clips from the actual movie on the TV. Guests can write their answers on a sheet of paper or individual whiteboard and simultaneously show their answers to the other guests. Keep playing until there is a clear winner.

Creative housewarming party games

Room Memory – As you take the guests on a tour of the home, mention that they will be asked to write down as many things as they can remember about each room later on for one of the games.

Something you, as the host, can do before everyone arrives is set a key or miniature toy house in different areas of the home for your guests to spot. Mention to the guests before the tour that there will be keys hidden throughout the place to find. The keys can act as extra points in the game.

Once the tour is over, ask questions like, “How many books were on the bookshelf?” “What color is the rug?” “What color are the pillowcases in the kids bedroom?” Get creative with the questions and customize them for your home.

Famous Homes – This is an excellent game for any celebrity fan. Print out pictures of favorite homes. Your guests must guess which home belongs to which celebrity.

With this one, you can get as creative as you’d like, but it’s pretty simple and easy to put together.

A quick google search will help you find all of the celebrity homes you need.

ScrambleThis website allows you to create your online scramble that can be printed at home. However, if you’d like to make your own, then write down words that best fit your home and lifestyle.

Make them as straightforward or as complex as you’d like. Scramble the letters and create small lines underneath the letters for guests to unscramble the different words. Whichever guest unscrambles all of the terms first wins.

Home Relay – Begin by splitting your guests into teams of two. For example, you’ll make a blue team and a red team. Each team will participate in a home relay. Some relays include loading the dishwasher, emptying the trash, loading the washing machine, and packing a lunch bag.

Whichever team completes the tasks the fastest wins the prize. If this relay doesn’t sound interesting, then play charades with both groups. Ask one team to leave the room (for example, the blue team leaves and the red team stay in the room), and the other team must select a scenario to play out. Once the blue team returns, they must guess the scenario the red team is acting out.

This game can be timed to make it more interesting if you’d like. If you’re interested in prizes for your guests, gift cards are a great prize for the winners of Home Relay. Give each guest the same gift card with the same dollar amount loaded on the card.

Neighborhood Pursuit – In teams of two, the guests will walk around the new neighborhood looking for items on the list you provide them. Item list examples include Golden Retriever, Black SUV, Basketball Court, Purple Flowers…etc.

Of course, this list will make sense to your neighborhood so only include questions that work. Don’t include a basketball court if there isn’t one in your neighborhood. One guest from each team is in charge of photographing the items on the list, and another guest is checking them off the list.

The team that successfully completes the list first, wins the prize. Keep the list interesting by adding easy and hard items for guests to find. This is a great game to plan because it helps you, the host, understand the new neighborhood a little more.

Easy games to play at a housewarming party

Board Games – If you have an abundance of board games in your home, pull some out to play with your guests. Bonus points for games that can be played with multiple players.

There are many different board games to choose from, but some great ones include:

Board games at a party help loosen up the crowd and make any gathering just a little more exciting. Plus, board games make everyone feel like a kid again.

A fun cocktail (or drink of choice) can accompany these board games to match the party’s theme, and of course, add some snacks.

Which housewarming game sounds the best to you?

These games can be as fun as you make them, so get creative with the questions and prizes. Your guests will love connecting with you, your new home, and the other guests.

Of course, we can think of many more housewarming games, but these are the top 8 we love to play.

Comment below with which game you’ll be adding to your party list.

Plus, if there are other fun housewarming games that you and your guests love, we would love to hear them.

Housewarming games are an excellent way for your guest to connect with the new house. The laughs had by all while playing will only add light and love to the new home. These games will still be mentioned when your guests return days or weeks after the housewarming party.

Don’t miss out on adding a little life to the party. Shake things up by adding these games to make the Best Housewarming Party your guests will ever be to. Who knows, maybe you’ll even begin coming up with your own housewarming games after these ones have been played.