Inside: Funny Mario Party drinking games that will have you in stitches!

You can turn almost any game into a drinking game (if you’re 21+, of course!).

If you love video games, you’re going to love these hilarious Mario Party drink game ideas.

Mario party drinking games

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of Mario Party before, the concept is pretty simple. It’s a video game series featuring your favorite Mario characters, like Toad, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Up to four players can compete on a computerized board game that features tons of mini-games.

As you can probably tell, it’s pretty easy to create Mario Party drinking games! Plus, the new release of Mario Party Superstars with 5 classic boards and over 100 minigames means that there are even more ways to play – with booze!

Gather your friends, pick up a couple of drinks (or maybe more), and get ready to laugh thanks to the hilarious Mario Party drinking game ideas below!

Mario Party Drinking Game

Gather ‘round the game console and get ready to get your drink on! Make sure to have plenty of snacks on hand too, which can help keep people (somewhat) sober.

  1. Mario Party Drinking Game: Otherwise known as the Devil’s Triangle, this drinking game makes Mario even more fun! To begin, everyone must take a shot. If you land on a red spot, take a shot or a sip of your beverage. If you lose a minigame, you’ll have to drink again! Learn all of the rules here.
  2. Mario Party Drinking Game for 2+ Players: This game option works best for the traditional Mario Party games where you have to roll a dice for each player. Your goal is to accumulate as many stars as you can! Watch out – you’ll have to drink if you roll a 1, or land on a Bowser space. Click here for all of the rules.
  3. Mario Party Drinking Game for All Versions: This drinking game applies to all versions of Mario Party, whether you’re playing on Nintendo, GameCube, or the Wii. Beware: you’ll have to finish every last drop in your cup if someone steals one of your stars or if Bowser shows up on the scene!
  4. Mario Party Superstars Drinking Game:  Depending on how many players there are, play individually or break out into teams. The rules here are pretty simple: whoever loses a minigame has to take a sip of their drink. If someone gets a Star, everyone else has to drink. If you land in a bad luck space, take a drink. Discover all of the rules here!

Super Mario Party Drinking Game

Super Mario party drinking games

Super Mario Party features fun minigames such as Trike Harder, Sizzling Stakes, Smash and Crab, Bumper Brawl, and more! Turn any one of these classic Mario games into a boozy competition with friends. Make sure to share the rules before you begin. Get your drinks ready, and prepare to laugh!

  1. The Ultimate Super Mario Drinking Party Game: As with any drinking game, it’s best to play with beer, wine, or cider. If you have to take a shot every time, you’ll be on the floor in about 4 rounds! This Super Mario drinking game involves taking a sip each time you use a character dice if you roll a 6 or higher, and more.
  2. Super Gosh Darn Mario Party Game: In order to win, you need to get the most stars and/or coins. There are different drinking rules every time you land in a certain space. For example, if you have the bad luck of landing on a red space you need to drink twice! Click here to discover the full rule book.
  3. The Mario Party Drinking Game: This easy-to-follow Mario Party drinking game idea can also be played with Super Mario! Feel free to print out the rules or simply put them on display where all of the players can see them. Rules include taking a sip if you roll a 1, taking a gulp if someone else gets a star, and taking a full shot when you come in last place. Find all of the rules here!

Mario Party Drinking Game Ideas

Mario party adult game ideas

On your marks, get set, drink! The Mario Party Drinking Game ideas below are sure to inspire your next party. Some of the options below call for a certain number of players so make sure to read the instructions carefully before you begin. It’s time to gather some friends and family and have a blast!

  1. Mario Party Drinking Game for 4 Players: You’ll have to play this game with 4 players – the rules specify, “no more, no less!” The creators recommend that you play with Mario Party 2, but it can also be played with the classic Mario Party games. The rules for this one are a little more complex than some of the other games on this list, so make sure to carefully consult the rules here. Keep an eye on your coins and stars to win!
  2. Drunk Mario Party: If you’re playing with 2-4 players, this Drunk Mario Party game is perfect! Use beer for this multiplayer game. You’ll need a Nintendo 64 console, Mario Party, as well as some booze to sip on! A 20-turn game works well for this one. Every time you roll the dice there’s a different drinking rule. This game also includes a bunch of additional rules, click here to read them all!
  3. Mario Party Number Drinking Game: For this boozy Mario contest, each number that you roll on the dice comes with a different rule. For example, if you roll a 7, everyone needs to drink (except for you!). Other rules include guys drinking when someone rolls a 9, and gals when someone rolls an 8. Here’s the full rule book. This is bound to be a new favorite game!
  4. The Drinking Ninja Mario Party Drinking Game: This Mario drinking game is very easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less fun! Print out this rule board and place it where all of the players can see it. Be careful when you land on a Bowser Space – you’ll have to take a shot!

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Mario party drink game ideas

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