Inside: Celebrate your 14 year old’s birthday with one of these awesome party ideas. 

Planning a birthday party for a 14 year old is not as simple as one would think it is. Teens are notoriously hard to please, so the old themed decorations and cake will simply no longer cut it.

It’s time to get creative with teenage party games, fun cake ideas and exciting new themes perfect for your newly minted teen.

No matter what hobbies or interests your birthday honoree dabbles in, there is a way to make it come to fruition for their birthday bash.

How to celebrate turning 14

From spa nights, to laser tag, to skydiving (indoors, of course), you will hopefully find inspiration for their birthday gathering somewhere throughout this guide. Turning 14 is a big deal, so of course the celebration has to match the energy that surrounds the occasion!

Might as well do all you can to ensure they have an awesome birthday party. We have done the heavy lifting of research for you and will be providing you with plenty of 14 year old birthday party ideas and teenager party games that will entertain even the toughest of crowds.

14th Birthday Ideas

Some incredibly fun ways for your soon to be 14 year old to spend their special day with their friends!

  1. A Trampoline Park: These places are seriously so much fun! They usually come complete with trampoline dodgeball, an area to do sick dunk moves, and obstacle courses. This can be a super fun activity to include in the birthday bash, I can guarantee no one will forget it. 
  2. Movie Night: Honestly, a lot of 14 year olds just like to chill and hang out with their friends. A movie night is the perfect way to facilitate that, but with a purpose! Grab some movie theater items like some buttery popcorn, candy, and popcorn bags, have everyone bring a comfy blanket and set up an at-home movie theater on your TV or use a projector.
  3. A Pool Party: I was so jealous of kids with summer birthdays because who doesn’t love a pool party!? You get to hang out in the sun with your friends while splashing around, racing each other, and playing awesome pool games like sharks and minnows. For a birthday pool party, ice cream cake is always a great idea to help them cool down from the hot day.
  4. Glow in the Dark Party: Such a unique idea. Pick up a bunch of glow sticks, lanterns, maybe even a black light and make it a glow in the dark event! The glowing, neon element will elevate any night time party into a totally awesome birthday bash.
  5. Indoor Skydiving: There are some great places to participate in this activity, and I can assure you that not only will the birthday guest of honor be thrilled to do something like this, but everyone else will have a blast free falling as well! It will be an experience that will stay with all of them forever.

Laser tag party ideas for teenagers

14th Birthday Party Ideas

If you’re having a hard time trying to think of how to create the best birthday bash for your 14 year old, these ideas are so much fun.

  1. Field Day Party: The best way I can describe this is like beer olympics, but for kids. Have them split up into teams and play a bunch of different games. Whichever team successfully moves forward on the bracket by winning games will be deemed the winners! But honestly, everyone always wins whenever there’s cake and other birthday treats readily available, am I right!?
  2. Laser Tag: Nothing is as fun and engaging as some good old fashioned tag! Teens love the competition and the excitement of it all. It’s also a great way to get them to burn off some energy by running around with their friends. You can end the night by them all going back to your house for some cake and hanging out, and hopefully they’ll be so wiped that they won’t make too much noise! 
  3. Spa Night: This is the perfect activity for a 14 year old girl’s birthday party! Face masks, candy and snacks, and all things lavish and relaxing while she and her closest friends hang out and pamper themselves. Every girl’s dream night!
  4. Festival Theme Birthday Party: If you have a large yard, this is an incredible 14th birthday party idea. Bring everything that would be at a festival, to your backyard! Flower crowns, cool sunglasses, stick on gems and temporary tattoos would make for a beyond fun birthday party. Top the entire function off by playing live performances of the birthday honoree’s favorite bands on a big screen or projector so it really feels like they’re at a festival!

fun ideas for a 14th birthday party

Birthday Party Ideas for 14 Year Olds

14 year olds love to hang out with one another and have a good time.

These birthday party ideas include ways to do so while still celebrating the birthday boy or girl!

  1. Bonfire Party: Lighting up a bonfire will definitely ignite the fun in a 14 year old birthday party! Break out the camping chairs, blankets, and of course, everything you would need for s’mores, and light up a fire outside that they can all sit and hang out around. Maybe even some scary storytelling!
  2. Video Game Competition: Similar to field day, except every player is for themselves! If your kid is a big gamer, this would be their dream way to s[end their birthday party I’m sure! Invite over all their friends and maybe give them a new game or two to play. Have everyone play and try to advance in the bracket to move closer to winning the whole thing! So fun and some light friendly competition is bound to keep things interesting!
  3. Scavenger Hunt: I used to love doing treasure hunts when I was a teen! They don’t need to be simple, at-home ones either. You can create a scavenger hunt for a mall or public place as well! Divide the party guests up into teams, set a time limit for the hunt, and ready…set…go!
  4. Amusement Park: If you live near an amusement park, it is a wonderful way to spend a day doing a ton of cool, fun, activities! Roller coasters, delicious foods, carnival games, the possibilities are endless. Also, the price will most likely be really cheap since you’re going with a group, which is another massive perk of this idea. It’s bound to be one of the favorite 14 year old birthday party ideas!

14 Year Old Birthday

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