Inside: Summer time beach scavenger hunt games to make memories.

Summertime is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. The nicer weather gives us the opportunity to get back out into nature and connect with the ones we long for while making memories. 

I will say that the beach is by far the best place to go during these months if you are lucky enough to have access to one. There are just so many different activities you can do at the beach, the possibilities are as endless as the ocean. 

With so many things to remember, I understand that it can be hard to have time to plan games and activities as well as pack for the day.

You need to remember towels. sunscreen, food, extra clothes…it can be overwhelming at times. But taking just a few extra minutes to plan out a few activities can make the world of a difference when it comes to making memories!

Beach Scavenger Hunt Ideas PDF

To save you some time, I found some of the best printable scavenger hunt games for you to take with you on your beach adventure. These are a great way to get the kids and adults working together towards a common goal. Not to mention, it’s a great way to really get to know your surroundings. 

These can be used as an informational tool as well. They are great to build your child’s observational and learning skills in a fun, and relaxed way that will feel effortless.

It’s a much more interactive approach than making them find these things in a book or on paper. Many of the beach scavenger hunts that I have included are actually free, all you have to do is print them out.

But before we get into that, I want to briefly touch on the benefits of going to the beach! I love to learn about these kinds of things, it helps to boost my appreciation for the activities that I am doing. So I thought I would share that experience. So without further ado, let’s discuss…

The Benefits of Spending Time At The Beach

Going to the beach isn’t just good views and fun times, it also holds many health benefits that you would be surprised! For example, being outside in the sun gives your body the chance to absorb some of that precious vitamin D, which is known to strengthen your immune system while also strengthening your bones and teeth as well. Who would have thought! 

If you are feeling creatively blocked, then get yourself down to the beach.

Studies have shown that being near a big body of water not only leads to happier mental states but can also improve your creative juices! The beach is just so inspiring. 

Next up, spending time in the ocean can literally reduce your arthritis symptoms. Ever heard of bath salts? Chances are you have. Bath salts are known to help alleviate aches and pains in the body by dehydrating the inflamed cells in your body, which in turn helps to reduce your overall inflammation. The ocean is basically one big fancy healing bath! So make sure to get grandma and grandpa their time in the water. 

The sand also makes for an extra good workout. It’s been proven that walking on the beach is a more effective workout than if you were just walking on the street because you have to work harder. And you barely notice! That’s a win-win for those of us who don’t really love to work out. 

Going to the beach is also a good way to limit your screen time. In this day and age, cell phones go with us everywhere. It can be hard to be in the present when there is an entire internet world out there competing for your attention. But when you are at the beach, it’s hard to want to be on your phone. There is this saying that I love, “Be where your feet are”. Meaning, look up and be in the present.

The beach makes this effortless.

Now that we have covered some of the awesome reasons why you should go to the beach, and what you stand to gain from it, we can get into the fun part: The beach scavenger hunts! Take a look through all of these and choose whichever ones you find the cutest. 

Printable Beach Scavenger Hunt for kids

Beach Scavenger Hunt Games for Kids

1. Free Printable Scavenger Hunt – Some of the best things in life are free, like these scavenger hunts! There are some that cost some (but not much), but regardless, they are so worth it. 

2. Simple Hunt

3. Sun Scavenger Hunt

4. Day At The Beach – This one is super cute. What better way to spend your day at the beach than with a day at the beach-themed hunt! How cool.

5. Colorful Scavenger Hunt

6. Summer Hunt – This one is a good option for those of you who want to use a more broad, summer-themed hunt. If you are vacationing and plan on going to more places than the beach then you can use this over the course of your vacation. The first person to find them all gets ice cream!

7. Scavenger Hunt Large Photos

8. Scavenger Check List – I am a sucker for checklists. If you are too then this may be the one for you.

Beach Scavenger Hunt

9. Senses Scavenger Hunt

10. Boardwalk Scavenger Hunt – If you are lucky enough to be at a boardwalk/beach then you have no choice but to pick this one. It has items specific to the boardwalk. I mean come on, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. 

11. Cute Emoji Scavenger Hunt – I find that photo scavenger hunts are perfect for the smaller kiddos who might not know what something is based on the word alone. This hunt is very helpful in that area, seeing as there is a photo for every item!

12. Under the Sea Hunt

13. Beach Day

Beach Scavenger Hunt Games for Adults 

For this section, I wanted to include some ideas of things that adults can find. These are a little more complex than what the lists above offer!

So take a look through these and write them down if you want to include yourself in the scavenger hunt. 

14. Find a stack of rocks.

15. Find an old drawing in the sand.

16. Find a couple in love.

17. Find a baby fish.

18. Find an abandoned fire pit.

19. Find a piece of driftwood shaped like a fish.

20. Find a heart-shaped rock.

21. Find a knot of seaweed.

Adult beach game Printable Sheet Example

Beach Scavenger Hunt Games Printable

This last section is a list of printable beach scavenger hunts that I just couldn’t leave out. They range from simple – complex, so I know there is one for every family out there. Have a look!

22. Free Printable Kids Hunt

23. Simple Free Scavenger Hunt

24. Big Hunt

25. Free Printable Hunt

26. Simple Beach Hunt

27. Summer trip Scavenger Hunt

There you have it, some of the cutest beach scavenger hunt ideas to get you and your family creating awesome memories this summer. I hope you enjoyed reading about all of the amazing benefits that come along with spending some time at the ocean. It’s crazy, right? That something so simple can be so good for you?

Scavenger Hunts aren’t the only thing you can do to get the family together, why not play some super fun outdoor games as well?