Inside: Vibrant glow in the dark party ideas that will glow your socks off.

Have you ever heard of a glow in the dark party? Well… they are pretty epic. Just imagine all of the cool stuff about cosmic bowling night at your local bowling alley – minus the bowling. 

A glow in the dark party is essentially exactly as it sounds: A party that you have in the dark, with lots of backlights and bright clothes.

You make anything and everything you can glow that way you become the source of light.

It’s unique, it’s goofy, and it’s loads of fun.

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

This kind of party is for both teens and adults alike and allows us to have the most fun in a way that we would normally never be able to experience. 

You can throw these parties outside, inside, and everywhere in between. There are a few ways you can go about this, but overall there’s something that you absolutely HAVE to include. I made a list of these below.

Non-negotiable Blackout Theme Party Items

  • Black Lights
  • Bright Clothes
  • Glow Sticks
  • Bubbles

I also have created a list of over 70 of the best glow in the dark party ideas that will help walk you through creating the most memorable night of your life. Because unless you have a completely dark room without light or windows…then this party will have to be thrown at night.

Indoor Party Ideas

1. Body Paint – When the blacklight comes on, how cool would it be to have glow-in-the-dark paint all over you. So fun! Take a look at these hand designs.

2. Glowing Confetti – Glowing confetti is the perfect addition to an indoor party. It adds fun and extra color!

3. Glow Beard Challenge – See who can make the best glowing beard!

4. LED Balloons – These are balloons that have LED lights in them…and they’re epic!

5. Glow Party Tape – This tape is a wonderful and versatile touch. You can use it for so many things, but especially for designs like the one in the photo.

6. DIY Beaded Glasses – You can get cheap glasses in bulk off of amazon and then glue colorful beads onto them for a personalized rave-themed accessory. 

7. Neon Balloons – Balloons are a must-have, but these neon balloons are basically a necessity!

8. Neon Clothing – Neon clothes will glow brightly until the black lights, making the party that much more colorful!

9. Neon Snack Table – The party is going to be dark, so you have to make it visible. Take a look at this cute table set up.

10. Cute Stars – Any cool shapes are a welcome sight in a glow-in-the-dark party. Not only are they colorful, but they give you something unique to look at. These stars are a great option.

11. Dangly Ceiling Decor – The more decorations the better. This is such a unique experience.

12. Cute Bullseyes – These make it feel like a funhouse!

Outdoor Glowing Party Ideas

Outdoor Party Ideas

13. Glow in the Dark Wiffle Ball – You can shove glow sticks into the holes of the whiffle balls, and then use them to play in the dark. Simple, fun, and effective. 

14. Night Bowling – Take some water bottles and take off their labels. Next, insert some glow sticks into them and line them up into a bowling pin shape. Have at them!

15. Glow Ring Toss – Use glow rings(aka glow sticks in circle form) and play some ring toss…in the dark.

16. Glowing Pool Swim –  Throw as many glow sticks into the pools as you possibly can. The result is magical. 

17. Neon Volleyball – You can use the LED Balls I included below to play volleyball in a more lit-up fashion.

18. Paint Ball – If you have a big enough black light, then this is the perfect game to play during a glow in the dark party.

19. Arts and Crafts

20. Glowing bubbles – Insert the insides of some thick glow sticks into bubble containers and give them a good shake. The result will be glow in the dark bubbles. How cute is that?

21. Balloon Field Night – Get some glow in the dark balloons and scatter them all around a field. Then you have to run through without touching a single one. Best of luck to you!

22. Squirt Fight – Fill up condiment bottles with water and a little bit of glowing body paint. Then Use them as your weapon as you play in a color war.

23. Glow in the Dark Hop Scotch

24. Glow in the Dark Tag

Glow Parties Ideas For Kids

This next list is an adorable combination of things that would we be perfect additions to a children’s glow party. It’s a little harder to have one of these parties for a child because they have to stay up late… so you may want to consider making it a slumber party. Take a look.

25. Face Paints

26. Glow in the Dark Punch

27. Glow in the Dark Crafts

28. Glowing Stars Goody Bags

29. Glowing Slime

30. Get Your Glow On Sign

31. Glow in the Dark Treats

32. Name Sign Made of Glow Sticks

33. Glow in the Dark Water Balloons

34. Glowing Makeover

35. Beer Pong

36. Light Up Scrunchie

37. LED Clouds

38.  Colorful Milkshakes

Glow Parties for Adults with example of glowing face paint

Glow In The Dark Party Ideas For Adults

39. Balloon Arch

40. DIY Glowing Balloons

41. Glowing Mikes Hard

42. Colorful Disco

43. Color Coded Cups

44. Party Favors

45. Lava Lamp Craze

46. Light Up Cocktail Glasses

47. Euphoria-Themed Party

48. Glowing Photoshoot

49. Glow in the Dark Candle

50. Twisted Cake

51. Light Mirror Room

52. Epic Cake

Glow in the Dark Decorations

Decorations are half the fun when it comes to the best glow in the dark party ideas. Take a look at some of these to help you build a cart of must-haves!

53. Glow Sticks

54. Beach Glow Ball

55. Glowing Plastic Cup

56. Neon Tape

57.  Glow Neon Party Supplies

58. Neon Glow Supplies

59. Big Birthday Banner

60. Polka Dot Balloons

61. Glow in the Dark Stars

62. 57 Pcs Glow Party

63. Star Garland

Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

Glow in the Dark Party Must Haves

Speaking of must haves, this last list is perhaps the most important because it holds one small thing: a black light. A black light is the most important ingredient in a glow party because it is used to make things glow of course!

64. 78 Pcs Glow Party Favor

65. Neon Garland

66. Black Light UV

67. Colorful Body Paint

68. Black and Colorful Plates

69. Glowing Balloons

70. Glowing Head Bands

71. Light Up Gloves

72. Shot Glasses

73. Cute Kit

I hope you found some ideas that made you excited about throwing your own party. Not only will it be one to remember, but it’s basically going to be such an easily aesthetic photograph just waiting to be taken. You’ll have it in your memory, and your Instagram. 

With so many awesome games you can include in this glow in the dark party ideas list, this party is really up to you in terms of how it will play out. Just remember that the key to a good party is that you have fun as well. Even if you are the parent throwing this party for your child, find a way to get in there and have some fun for yourself as well. How could you not? This themed party is one of the greats.