Inside: Coolest nerf gun party ideas because it’s nerf or nothin.

Okay, I am so excited for this one. I used to be so obsessed with nerf guns when I was a kid, it was borderline unhealthy. The one redeeming factor to my obsession was that nerf guns were in fact, the coolest toy in the business, and my love for them was warranted.

If you have a kid who also has a deep obsession with nerf guns then you are probably on the hunt for awesome tips to create your very own nerf gun party. Well my friend you are in the right place because I just so happen to be the expert. 

How to throw a nerf gun party decor

I have compiled some of the best nerf gun party ideas from cakes to decorations. I even go over how to have a proper nerf gun war and the rules that go along with it. It’s your one-stop shop for creating an epic party.

If you love what you see here but want to add some more personalized games to it, then I got your back with that too. So what are you waiting for? Dive in.

Indoor Nerf Gun Party Ideas

1. Supply Table – You HAVE to have a nerf gun supply table set up for the guests. This makes it feel so put together and ready for action, not to mention its basically its own decoration! 

2. Nerf Balloons – By tying balloons together in the shape of a target, you get next-level decor for a low price…who doesn’t love that when you are throwing a party?

3. Gift Bags –  Just like at any party, gift bags are a must. These can be filled with extra bullets and goodies for them to take home. 

4. Nerf Gun Cake –  Isn’t this cake incredible, young me is screaming inside right now! Having a themed cake is basically mandatory.

5. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels – Chocolate-dipped pretzels look surprisingly like real nerf bullets. Check these out! They’d be easy to make too.

6. Blue and Orange Chips – Adding blue chips like cool ranch Doritos, and orange ones like Cheetos, are a great and simple way to stick with the nerf theme. Extra points if you put them together.

7. Blue and Orange Bandanas – These are a cheap way to divide everyone up into two teams. As your guests arrive, just hand them one color for them to wear.

8. Party Pack of Nerf Guns –  Obviously nerf guns are an absolute must. Here is a great party pack option! If you don’t want to supply them, just make sure to add ‘B.Y.O.N.G’ to your invites, that’s bring your own nerf gun.

9. 200 Nerf Bullet Pack –  Can’t have a nerf gun party without extra bullets. You’re gonna want to buy them in bulk.

10. Kids Safety Glasses –  These aren’t 100% necessary unless your kids possess hawk eye level accuracy, but they are a fun touch to make the games feel more serious.

DIY Indoor Nerf Targets

Indoor Nerf Targets

11. Weighed Down Balloons – Draw point numbers on different balloons and then weigh them down by tying something to the end of the string. Fill a room with them and let the kids go at them!

12. Fake Lasers – Using a party streamer, pick a room in the house and string them up like a nerf training course. The Kids have to get through without touching them, while also trying to hit the simple targets along the way.

13. Red Solo Cup Tower – Stack 6 cups on top of each other and see who is the best shot!

14. Water Bottle Target – Take ping pong balls and carefully place them in the opening of an empty water bottle, then take turns trying to hit them off!

15. Paper Plates – Draw bullseye targets on paper plates with a point system, then string them up.

16. Paper/Cup Target – Take tissue paper and a rubber band and put it over the opening of a red solo cup. Then glue the other end on cardboard in the shape of a circle and hang it on the wall.

17. Paper Bags – Take paper bags and draw targets on one side, then set them up in a row.

18. Toilet Paper Towers – Take the cardboard center of toilet paper and draw different point amounts on them. Take a plastic ball and place it on top. There you go!

19. Cups and a Ladder – Stack cups on each step of a ladder. 

20. Ping Pongs and Hula Hoops – String up Ping Pong balls in the center of a hula hoop. Then hang the hoop up dangling from the ceiling. 

Nerf Decoration Ideas, Balloons and Cute Signs

Nerf Gun Party Decoration Ideas

Decorating for a nerf gun party can be easy with these simple arrow signs tacked on a wall or piece of wood. 

21. Huge Nerf Bullet DIY – Get Blue Pool Noodles and cut them into thirds. Take neon orange duck tape and wrap it around the tip on one side. Creating a supersized bullet!

22. Cupcake Toppers –  These are a simple way to take a classic cupcake and make it on the theme.

23. Happy Birthday Banner

24. Plates, Napkins, and Forks –  It’s the little things that ultimately make the biggest difference. Even this culinary set will help to tie your party together!

25. Table Center Pieces

26. Cake Topper

27. Table Runner

28. Streamers – Orange and blue streamers are a great way to incorporate the nerf logo into even the simplest of decorations. This set includes Blue, Orange, and Yellow. 

29. Twirly Decoration

30. Complete Party Set –  This is a complete party set. It should help save you the time(and the shipping costs) from finding everything separately. Amazing has such amazing bundles that go unseen without proper digging.

31. Lawn Banner

32. Camo Netting –  This will help to make the battleground feel that much cooler. Plus it will supply places for the kids to hide amidst their shootouts.

33. Nerf-Themed Balloons

34. Balloon Arch – I think that balloon arches are one of the coolest and simplest ways to make your party feel fancy as heck. 

35. Party Favors

Nerf Gun Party

Outdoor Nerf Gun Ideas

The most important decoration you can have at a nerf party is the obstacles! I find that they are not only cute and on the theme, but they double as games for the kids to work with. Targets are just as important as obstacles. Sometimes, making the obstacles yourself can be a lot of work so I wanted to make sure to include some that you can buy too. Everything below this is a great option for obstacles and for targets that you can buy to minimize your work. 

36. Obstacles 

37. Spinning Target 

38. Auto Resetting Targets

39. Zombie Targets

40. Nerf Elite Digital Bullseye

41. Foam Soft Bullet Targets

42. Hexagon Target

43. Hovering Ball Target

44. Shot Disc Launcher

45. Safety Barricade Building Kit

46. Inflatable Target

47. Cute Bullseye Target

48. Tactical Nerf Vests

49. Foam Bottles

50. Foam Dart Board

How to Have a Nerf War with Rules

So everyone gets split up into two teams, one blue team and the other orange. On both ends of the house or yard, each team will have a flag. It is the goal of the war to capture that flag. Whichever team gets it first wins. It’s simple enough but there are rules.

Safety Rules:

  • No physical contact with other players, meaning no hitting, shoving, or trying to get guns away from others. The only contact you have with them is with your nerf bullets, so it’s quite literally nerf or nothin.
  • No moving barriers.
  • No face shots(on purpose)

Other than this, it’s pretty straightforward. So get out there and have some fun!

So, do you think you are prepared for your nerf party yet? I think you are, especially after you’ve found this awesome article(not to tune my own horn). There are so many other awesome things you can include if you so choose. These are just some of the best starting line ideas to get those creative juices flowing. There are also many other themed games you can include to bump your party up even further.