Inside: Simple pizza party ideas for adults. 

The best part of going to school as a kid wasn’t the recess or the learning… let’s face it. It was the pizza parties! The amount of excitement and joy we would feel when our class would get to have one is unmatched in adult life.

Personally, I think this is unfair. So I am going to change this. 

It’s time to throw a pizza party for adults. I’m not talking about any old pizza party, no.

This is going to be epic.

easy pizza party ideas for adults

I created a list of the best (and easiest) pizza party ideas for adults that will leave you craving not only a good pizza but a good time. I included everything from buffet ideas to DIY instructions so you will know exactly how to get started.

Buffet Pizza Party Ideas for Adults

To start out, I figured I would go with the classic buffet-style pizza party. This is essentially when you line up your many pizzas on a table and let people go at it. There are so many awesome ideas to help make this extra adorable. Take a look!

1. Classic Pizza – To kick us off, this idea is simple. Have an entire smorgasbord of all of the classic pizzas: Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme…it’s the picky eater’s heaven!

2. 1 of Each – When you go to order your pizzas, make sure that you are getting one of everything they have. This will make for a colorful table and lots of options.

3. B.Y.O.P – Bring your own pizza of course. Have each person bring one pizza from a different place. Then you can compare pizzas from all the restaurants in your area.

4. Unique Pizza – This one is basically an ‘anything but regular pizza’ pizza party. You can bring a pizza cake, a sushi pizza…get creative with it.

5. Pizza from around the world – Bring different pizzas from different regions. Classic cheese, a margarita pizza, or perhaps a Chicago deep dish. What will it be?

6. Mini Pizzas – You can get a bunch of mini pizzas for each person who will be attending. Everything is cuter when it is small.

7. Deconstructed Pizza – You can get creative with this one too. You can have anything but a classic pizza shape. You could take a dip, a pizza cup…who knows!

8. Serve by the Slice – You can take apart your pizzas by slice and then layer them one after the other in a line. This is a more unique approach to the layout.

9. Dinner Table – Instead of having a separate table for people to get up and grab their pizza, you can put your pizza on your dinner table(as long as your table is long enough) and make it a FEAST.

10. Pizza-Themed Desserts – This one is funny, but lots of fun. Instead of classic pizza, bring a pizza-themed dessert.

How to throw a simple pizza party

Pizza and Beer Party Ideas for Adults

What says adult pizza party like some beer with your pizza? Nothing! I’ve also included some awesome ideas that will make your party feel well thought out and put together, while at the same time being super simple for you to achieve. Check these ideas out.

11. 1 & 1 – For this idea, you may want to do a little research. The goal here is to pair each pizza with a beer that compliments its flavors. You will set up the table by putting the designated beer near its paired pizza. This way makes it a little fancier.

12. B.Y.O.B – You thought I’d include B.Y.O.P but not B.Y.O.B? It’s a classic! Have everyone bring a 6-pack of their favorite beer. This will help you save on party costs.

13. Sample the Goods – Instead of having regular-sized portions, instead, opt for snack-size portions. This way everyone will get to eat as much as they want without getting too full too fast.

14. Get a Glass Vase – With that much beer, you can use the caps to create a little momento of the occasion. You simply get a clear glass vase and then have everyone put their bottle caps in it when they open the

15. Beer Bottle Center Pieces – You can use the beer theme as cute centerpieces.

16. Watering Hole If you are gonna be drinking, then water is a must-have to stay hydrated. You can set up a watering hole that is a designated spot to stop and get yourself a refresher. To achieve this you simply get a large liquid dispersing jug and put a cute little “watering hole” sign on the front of it.

18. Beer Table – You can also set up an entire table designated for the beer. One table for beer, one for pizza.

19. Beer Score Cards – Getting beer score cards can turn drinking into a hobby. Check these out.

20. Stackable Beer Buckets – This is a simple touch, but super cute. You can create stackable beer coolers to put on the table. Nothing is worse than warm beer.

DIY pizza party, pizza toppings and ingredients

DIY Pizza Party Ideas

21. Paper Table – Paper Table Toppers are the perfect thing to use when you are creating a DIY pizza party. You tape brown paper rolls onto your table, and then you can write on them to direct people on what to do. Take a look at this example.

22. Pizza Dough – You can either use pre-made dough or you can make the dough yourself. Whichever suits you best.

23. Toppings Galore – Of course, you just have to have toppings! Loads of them. The more the merrier.

24. Step by Step Stations – To make it simpler for your guests, you can have certain stations created to help make this an organized practice.

25. Make one Massive Pie – If you have a big oven or large grill then perhaps you would be more interested in getting the whole party together to create one massive pizza.

26. Set up the table – To make this ultra simple, you can separate and dole out the pizza ingredients in each guest’s spot for them to create.

27. Take-away boxes – Take-away boxes are a cute little touch that will leave people talking about your party for years to come.

28. Pizza Shape Contest – Have everyone partake in a little contest to see who can make the cutest pizza shape.

29. Pizza on the Grill – If you want to have your party outside, why not cook your pizza on the grill? I have found that it creates a charred crust.

30. Personal Aprons – Giving your guests an apron to help protect their clothes from the ingredients is an adorable and honorable touch.

Pizza party ideas for adults

Pizza Party Decorations

Lastly, decorations are nearly as important as the pizza itself. I have created a little list of the perfect must-have decor ideas that you can buy online. I especially love the realistic pizza ballons in number 43. Take a look and see which ones you will be adding to cart.

31. Pizza Decoration Banner

32. Hanging Pizza Twirls

33. Pizza Plates Set

34. Themed Balloons

35. Cupcake Toppers

36. Cardboard Circles

37. Pizza Party Backdrop

38. Paper Chef’s Hat

39. Mini Pizza Boxes

40. Lunch Tray

41. Pizza Party Invitation

42. Slice Slice Baby Decor

43. Realistic Pizza Balloon

Well, are you excited about throwing your very own pizza party? They aren’t just for kids after all. What is the point of growing up if the fun stops, we are not going to let it!

There are so many awesome drinking games that you can also include to take your party up a notch. It all just depends on what it is you are going for. Because it is your party, so go on and get your pizza making on.