Inside: Hilarious & sweet father’s day decoration ideas that he will love.

Father’s Day is coming up, and if there is one thing I know about my Dad, it’s that he never expects us to do a lot for him. But every single time when we do, he is the happiest man on earth. So naturally, every single year, my siblings and I put a bunch of effort into planning the perfect father’s day for him. After all, he did help bring us into this world!

This year we are planning on surprising him with a huge party to celebrate the wonderful job he’s done as our dads. Of course, that means that we are in need of some pretty epic decorations! 

Funniest Father's Day decoration ideas. Photo of silly dad and daughter wearing costumes under Father's Day balloons.

So I have compiled a list of some of the funniest Father’s Day Decoration ideas that the Dads out there are going to love. Don’t worry; these are funny AND sweet, so you get the best of both worlds. Before we get into that, though, I want to answer some of the most asked questions surrounding this topic.

How can I make my father’s Day special?

This is a very personal question that will look different for every single Dad out there. But I do have some tips that are sure to help. Take a moment and think about your dad. What are his hobbies? What makes him the happiest? Now think about all of the things that you love about him. Think about everything he has done for you. 

Use these ideas as fuel for his special Day. You can take him to his favorite place, get some delicious food and tell him about how grateful you are for him. You can throw him an epic surprise party that will knock his socks off. We through my dad a nerf gun party!

You can even make him breakfast in bed if you want. That one is a winner, no matter how old you get. You could even do all three of these things if you feel called to do so. To make his father’s day special, plan your day surrounding the great man that is your dad, and you will succeed.

What is the best surprise for father’s Day?

I think the best surprise for father’s day is an entire day that center’s around them. Do not talk about it in the weeks heading up to the day. Don’t even bring up Father’s Day at all. Let him think that you might have forgotten about it. Then surprise him with your fully planned out day. 

You can give him gifts early in the morning to kick off your time together. This will be a great place to start because it tells him that you planned this well in advance. Father’s Day can be fun for you as well, so enjoy yourself as you spend time with your old man. 

I know it’s sad, but they aren’t going to be around forever. So really be in the moment and just be grateful that you have today with them.

What is the most popular father’s Day gift?

Mugs are the most popular father’s day gift. After that, tools are next. But you don’t have to base your gift off of what is popular. To pick out the perfect gift for your Dad, you have to first really think about what it is he likes. Is he a guy who likes sentimental things, or does he have a project that he is working on that you can help him with by getting him tools or supplies?

It can sometimes be hard to find a present for your Dad, but if you first ask yourself what it is he likes, and what would mean the most to him, I think you will be surprised by how much direction you will have. 

Okay, now that we have covered that, let’s jump into these Father’s Day Decoration ideas!

Father's Day Decoration Ideas. Photo of Kid giving dad a gift under a banner.

Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

First up, I have some of the basics that you are going to want to include on your Father’s Day. I am talking balloons, banners, Party Curtains…you name it. Check out the list below.

1. Tie Themed Banner Idea

2. Funny Dad Themed Balloons

3. Simple Father’s Day Banner

4. Cute Rustic Banner Idea

5. Bright Blue Party Curtains

6. Happy Father’s Day Backdrop

7. Door Banner Ideas

8. Happy F Day Balloons

9. Super Hero Dad Cake Toppers

10. Table Center Pieces

More Ideas He’ll Love

Here are some more decoration ideas that your dad is going to love absolutely. All of them surround the man of the hour, whether they are beer balloons, funny props, or nice banners. There is something for every type of dad. They are perfect for a Dad Themed Party.

11. Happy Father’s Day Front Yard Banner

12. We Love Dad Banner

13. Cute Abstract Dad Themed Banner

14. Black and Gold Balloon Arch with Beer

15. Happy Daddies Day

16. Cute Photo Prop Ideas

17. Cute Gold Decorations

18. Funny Dad Tattoo Ideas

19. Big Daddy Energy idea

20. King Of Dads

Must Have Father's Day Decoration Ideas. Photo of table spread with father's day banner.

Must Have Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

Here are some wonderful ideas that you just have to include during your Father’s Day party. Some of DIY, and some you can buy from the list above and below this one. Take a look to see which ones you like the most. 

21. Photos Of Him As A Kid

22. Photos of Him With His Kids

23. Handmade Thank You, Banner – Have everyone sign this with their own personalized thank you to your dad.

24. Balloon Portraits – Have everyone draw your dad’s face on a balloon and instead of a string, have a tie tied around the balloon. This is super cute. 

25. Cute Dad-Themed Mug – Getting him a mug to drink out of on his special day is a call to the classic gift that every father gets.

26. Handmade Signs

27. Homemade Decorated Cake

28. Cute Banner Made From Home

29. Rustic Twine Balloon Strings – This one is just cute and looks a little ‘manlier’ then regular balloon strings.

Funniest Father’s Day Decoration Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some of the best decorations for father’s day. These will range from funny to sweet, so I would recommend getting a mix of all of them. 

30. Cute Blue Decoration Bundle

31. Twirly Dad Themed Decor

32. Happy Father’s Day Banner

33. Hanging Decor Bundle

34. Father’s Day Banner and Balloons

35. Balloons Shaped Like Tie

36. 11 Piece Decoration Ideas

37. Alcohol Balloons

38. Backdrop for Photos with Banner and Balloons

39. Blue and White Balloons & Decorations

40. 48 Decor Piece

41. Cake Topper, Balloons, and Decorations

Father's Day Decoration Ideas

There you have it, the funniest father’s day decoration ideas that will show him just how appreciated he is. This is such a special day for parents, and you making the most of it will be the world to them. 

Father’s are the men who we look up to as we grow older. They teach us how to be strong, and caring, and show us that we are loved and cared for every single day. The world would not be the same without them. So decorating for them is the least you could do. 

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