Inside: Over 15 of the most fun and exciting trampoline games to play. 

Keeping children entertained, especially throughout the elongated days of summer, can most definitely pose a challenge!

There is so much daylight and time, it’s hard to keep coming up with games and activities to keep them busy. However, if you or someone you know has a trampoline, the possibilities for fun are endless!

Not only are trampolines a wonderful source of enjoyment, but they keep kids active and engaged which in turn, will allow them to burn off all their energy. Also, there is no written rule that says that these games can only be played by kids! Teens and adults can absolutely participate in these trampoline activities and still have a world of fun.

There are tons of trampoline games out there, so we saved you the trouble of scouring the net to find some by compiling a list of the 17 most entertaining trampoline games.

Games To Play On Trampoline

Trampoline Games To Play

These games are great to play with a group. Most of the following games are also already known games, so the rules will be easy for the players to understand. These games will guarantee a hoppin’ good time for everyone involved!

  1. Musical Bounce: Put together a playlist and have someone be the DJ. The object of the game is to bounce on beat to each song that plays for only a short amount of time! Those who can’t keep up with the different rhythms are out, and whoever is the last one standing wins! 
  2. Crack the Egg: A classic trampoline game! One player goes into the center while the others stay around the edges. The player in the center curls up into a ball and the outer players have to jump to try and get the center player (the egg) to “crack” (release their ball shape).
  3. Single Leg Stand: Standing on one leg on the ground is a piece of cake, but on a trampoline? Not so much. Take turns seeing who can balance themselves the longest and add to the difficulty by having the other players jump.
  4. Trampoline Telephone: One person starts by jumping and doing a pose or trick. The next person goes in the center and has to do the same but also perform the pose or trick the person before them did. The next player will do the previous two poses while adding their own. This continues until you can’t remember the sequence of poses.
  5. Bum Wars: The players all must jump and land in a seated position before bouncing back up to their feet in one bounce. If it takes a player more than one time to get back up, they’re eliminated. A variation of this game is to land on your knees and bounce back up.
  6. Marco Polo: This game isn’t just for the pool, it’s fun on a trampoline too! It’s best if the trampoline has a safety net or is an in-ground tramp. One player closes their eyes and has to tag the other players. However, they can only determine where the other’s are by listening to them respond “Polo” whenever they call out “Marco.”
  7. Rock, Paper, Scissors: Make this game trampoline friendly by adding jumping positions for each element. For example: paper is laying down flat, rock is curling up in a ball, and scissors are sitting with your legs out. Each player jumps on “Shoot!” and poses for whichever item they choose.

Ball Games For Trampoline

Including a ball opens up so many exciting ideas for games that will add to the fun. These activities will have everyone jumping with joy!

Trampoline games

  1. Monkey in the Middle: A classic game that can easily become trampoline friendly! Grab  a ball and have one person in the center that the outer players must keep the ball away from. If they snatch it, they go outside and the person who threw it is now in the middle. 
  2. Air Ball: A simple game of catch, but you can only catch the ball while you’re in the air from a jump!
  3. Poison Ball: Put numerous balls on the trampoline and have the players avoid them at all cost while jumping around. If you come in contact with a ball, you’re out! The last player standing at the end is the winner.
  4. Bombs Away: Have at least two players stand on the outside of the trampoline as they throw balls into it. The players on the trampoline must dodge the balls being thrown while running and jumping. If they are hit with a ball, they are eliminated.
  5. Dodgeball: Use chalk to draw a line down the center of the trampoline. Then, divide the players into two teams and have them throw soft balls at one another. If someone is hit, they’re out! If they catch the ball thrown at them, the person who threw it is out.
  6. Keep Up: Use a lighter ball for this game, like a beach ball or balloon and see how long you can keep the ball from hitting the surface. Playing this on the trampoline means more opportunities to dive and jump really high to make sure it stays up!
  7. Hot Potato: Grab a speaker and play some music. While it’s playing, toss an object in a circle, when the music stops, whoever is holding the item is out! Repeat this until there are only two players left and whoever is not holding the object when the music stops is the winner!

Water Trampoline Games

These games are the best for those hot summer days!\

Water games for the trampoline

  1. Sprinkler Jump: All you need is to place a sprinkler underneath the trampoline. A simple, yet entertaining activity! 
  2. Water Balloon Dodge: Fill up water balloons and place them on the surface of the trampoline. The players then bounce the balloons and throw them while trying to dodge the ones hurling their way.
  3. Water Jump: Have one player stand outside the trampoline and spray the hose water down the middle, the players on the trampoline have to jump over the water. Each round the water will get higher and the player holding the hose can add challenges such as wiggling the spray. The objective is to evade the water for as long as possible!

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