Inside: Coachella themed party ideas & tips on how to throw one.

If you love yourself a good festival and are looking for a fun theme for your next party…then consider throwing a Coachella-themed party.

Coachella is the biggest music festival in the world, with all of the biggest names playing. There are so many fun things you can draw from that a party is basically begging to be had! 

How to throw a Coachella Party

To help you get a good idea of how to throw a Coachella-themed party, I created a list of the most epic ideas that are a surefire way to create the best bash ever! So keep on reading for ideas, tips, and tricks.

Next thing you know, you’ll be having your own Coachella in your backyard. Let’s get started!

Coachella Themed Party Ideas

1. Customized Coachella Sign – This adorable sign is a must-have! It’s customizable and adds more personality to the party! 

2. Boho Table Set Up – One of the biggest themes with Coachella is the bohemian-themed decor and style. So take a look at this awesome table set up that will set the scene for this party!

3. Bohemian Decor – As I said above, you can never go wrong with boho decor when decorating for a Coachella party. You can go in any direction with this that you want, but the photo example here is super cute!

4. Small Stage – Okay…how can you have Coachella without a stage? You have to recreate a small one! Then your friends or a DJ can play up there and it can feel similar to the real deal.

5. Confetti Confetti is another way to make this occasion extra special. It gets the party started!

6. Wristbands – In order to get into Coachella, you have to have a wristband. So keep some themed wrist bands by your front door and when guests arrive it will add such a nice touch.

7. Tree Ribbons  – It’s all about that ethereal feel. It takes the mundane and creates a new, cool feeling. It’s important to use what you have to your advantage. So if you have a tree in your backyard or wherever you will be throwing this…string up some ribbons! It’s simple, affordable, and has a great end result.

8. Color Bombs – It’s not a party without some color. Consider adding some color bombs to amp up the fun!

9. Moss Photo Prop – This one is TOO CUTE! In this day in age, you are gonna need some photo props to help people get some extra cute pics for the gram. This moss photo prop is perfect, and simple too. All you need is a thrifted frame, hot glue, and moss(you can pick this up at any craft store.) Glue the moss to the frame and Voila!

10. Confetti Balloons – These balloons can double as cute props AND confetti bombs for when the time is right. 

11. Cute Signs – You can create your own version of this sign to point to the different sections of your party.

Coachella Party Decorations, Lights, Tapestry, Glow Sticks

Coachella Themed Decorations

12. Summer Seaside Ferris Wheel Backdrop – A Ferris wheel is a notorious part of the Coachella experience. I’m guessing no one wants to put up a Ferris Wheel in their backyard, so this backdrop is a cute head nod to this essential part of the Coachella circuit!

13. Disco Beach Ball – Okay…how cute is this? A disco beach ball will add sparkle and pizzaz to any dance party.

14. Iridescent Party Garlands – I feel like reflective decor is a very important part of this. So check out these iridescent party garlands. 

15. Glow Sticks – Glow sticks are a MUST. They are affordable, fun, and make for decor all on their own! Add these to the same tray the wrist bands are on for the guest to put on when they first arrive. 

16. Let’s Party Balloons – Word balloons never miss. 

17. Burlap Triangles – A good mix of boho and classic party, these are too cute. 

18. Boho Mandala Tapestry – This will double as decor and a photo wall!

19. Sound Activated Party Lights – These party lights are sound activated. Considering that this is a music-themed party, I feel like these should be the first thing you buy! 

20. Cacti Lights – Normally Coachella is held in a desert area, so these cacti lights are a cute nod to that.

21. Artificial Palm Leaves – These will make for great photo props!

22. Laundry Pin Lights – You can pin up photos of the guest of honor while also adding some more light to the party. I absolutely love these.

Coachella Themed Party Food

23. Watermelon on Pop cycle Sticks – These food options should be easy to eat and portable(on sticks or in cute carriers). These watermelon sticks are perfect!

24. Fancy Hot Dogs – Coachella is known for having some awesome food options, like these fancy hot dogs. These would be simple to add, and delicious. 

25. Cactus Cake Pop – Cake pops are a forever yes for me. How cute are these cactus ones?

26. Flavored Popcorn – Popcorn is simple, snackable, and portable. 

27. Ice Cream with Cool Toppings – Ice cream is a classic, how can you not add them?

28. Tacos – Tacos are a great hand food and crowd pleaser. 

29. Veggie and Fruit Spears – These are a cute way to keep it light, gotta save that energy for the dance floor!

30. Rainbow Pretzels – These are just chocolate-dipped pretzels in a rainbow of colors. They are simple and a wonderful addition to add some color to any food table.

Coachella outfit idea, orange long dress with white boots

Coachella Outfit Ideas

The outfits are half of the fun! For years I’ve seen all of the cute things people wear to Coachella all over my Instagram and I just sigh with jealousy. But now you get the opportunity to dress up, and who doesn’t love that! You can go with any theme you like but some of the most popular is Cowgirl, Flower Child, and Rave outfits. I’ve included some of the cutest ones below to help you get your creative juices flowing. 

31. Crochet Flower Shorts with Matching Top

32. Cool Halter Tops

33. Awesome Coachella Outfit

34. Cute Flowey Dress

35. Dangly Skirt

36. Cute Cowgirl Outfit


For the last idea, if you want to truly recreate the Coachella atmosphere you just have to include the right music. Lucky for you, YouTube exists.

There are playlists for many of the previous years of Coachella songs, but I’ve included the most recent one. 

37. Coachella 2022 Music Playlist

Coachella Themed Party

Alright, there you have it. Do you think you have what it takes to create an epic Coachella-themed party? I think you do!

Though it can be overwhelming at times, It will be so worth it in the end, when you are making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Remember that the Coachella playlist is just a suggestion. You can use this party as a way to create a Coachella music lineup that is strictly your favorite. You hold all the power here, how cool is that? 

You are going to want some fun games to include to give people something to do other than jam out, so keep that in mind. Other than that, you are all set. Happy partying!