Inside: Adorable cat themed birthday party ideas that are PURFECT.

Cats are some of the coolest animals on this planet. They get to sleep 16 hours a day, clean themselves, and can go potty on their own…they are just the best. They deserve parties in their honor!

If you have a birthday girl or boy in your life that LOVES cats… then it is only right that you throw them a cat-themed birthday party.

There are so many ways that you can go about this, and it may be overwhelming to think of all at one time with no sense of direction. 

Cutest Cat Themed Birthday Party Ideas

But take a deep breath because I am here for you! I spent some time pulling together all of the must-have ingredients that create the best cat-themed birthday party you could ever imagine. I cover everything from decorations to food to party favors and games.

So you have nothing to worry about. Just sit back, relax, and go through this list.

Cat Themed Birthday Party Decorations

We are kicking it off with decoration ideas, because what is a party without decorations? Just a big awkward get-together. I have pulled some of the cutest cat-themed items I could find. I think you will absolutely love these, so take a look and see which ones match the vibe that you are going for.

Cat birthday parties can vary based on the birthday person’s favorite cat…so find that out before ordering to make sure it’s the right one!

1. Cat Plate Set – This set includes all the plates and napkins you’ll need, plus a cute matching table runner. I love this!

2. Cute Cat with Glasses – This cat is absolutely adorable, and it would be perfect for a cat-themed party.

3. Perfect Kitty Birthday Banner

4. Epic Cat Party Supply Set

5. Cat Garland – This cat garland is hilarious and was made for birthday celebrations.

6. Pink and Blue Paper Plates – If kittens are your favorite animal, then these are the plates for you. 

7. Happy Kitty Birthday – Photo banners are a must for birthday parties because they give you the perfect backdrop for photo ops.

8. Cat Swirl Decorations – These cute decorations hang from the ceiling and really set the scene.

9. Lets Pawty

10. Funny Cat Themed Cat Centerpieces – These centerpieces will make your party stand out. 

11. Cute Birthday Banner

12. Cat Party Supplies – This one will knock your socks off if you like party sets. It will save you time, and money, and you’ll get all the credit. Love it.

13. Meow Milon Balloons

14. Cat Balloons

15. Birthday Cat-Shaped Balloons – These are some of the cutest balloons on this list. Seriously, I would use these at any party…not just a birthday. If the cat can be there…then they will be.

16. Golden Banner

17. Rectangle Birthday Banner – This one can double as a photo backdrop as well. 

18. Silver Cat Balloons

19. Cat Direction Signs – These are perfect if you are throwing an outdoor birthday party. Check them out. 

20. Gold Meow Lets Pawty

21. Light Pink Balloons – These light pink balloons have little hearts all over them, making them such a soft and sweet-looking decoration. 

22. Cat Table Banner

Cutest Cat Themed Treats

Cat-Themed Food Ideas

Next up, we have food. Food is half of the fun at parties, especially on birthdays. To make this party extra special, you must make the food cat themed. If you have no idea how to do that, do not worry.

Below is a list of cat food ideas ranging from adorable to hilarious (I am talking about the Kitty Litter Cake), so I know there is something on here that you will love.

23. Cat-Shaped Fruit Plate

24. Kitty Dip

25. Cute Cat Cookies

26. Kitty Litter Cake

27. Strawberry Mice

28. Chocolate Covered Yarn Balls

29. Kitty Bread

30. Cat Cupcakes

31. Cat Watermelon

32. Cat in the Hat Skewers

33. Cat-Shaped Sandwiches

34. Dessert Sushi

35. Cute Donut Cat Cakes

36. Grumpy Themed Cat Cake

37. Cat Merengue

38. Cat Pizza

39. Cute Ice Cream Sandwiches

40. Cat Ice Cream

41. Rice-Shaped Cat

42. Mouse on a Cracker

43. Sweet Kitty Cupcakes

44. DIY Cat Cake

cat themed birthday party

Cute Cat Party Favor Ideas

Party favors are a key staple at any good party. If the guests leave empty-handed, you have done your job wrong. So I have gathered the cutest party favor ideas that you can add to make your party a hit. I made sure to include full kits; these will help you to save on time and sanity.

I also added some solo items if you would like to add them. Take a look!

45. Temporary Cat Tattoo

46. Cute Cat Party Favor Set

47. Party Favor Set

48. Cat Stamps

49. Full Cat Set

50. Sequin Cat Key Chain

51. Cute Cat Photo Bags

52. Squish Mochi Toys

53. Galaxy Slime

54. Cat Face Masks

55. 84 Pack for Party Favors

56. Little Cat Notebooks

57. Plastic Cat Party Favors

58. Cute Cat Pens

59. Cat Pop It Keychain

60. Cat Treat Boxes

61. Meow-Mazing Figures

62. Cute Animal Set

63. Cute Paw Set

64. Cat Party Supplies

Fun Cat Theme Games

Cat Themed Games for a Birthday Party

Games are the ultimate must for a party. Otherwise, people just mingle for a while before inevitably getting bored. The whole point of a party is NOT to be bored! So down below are some of the cutest and most fun cat-themed games you can incorporate into your party to bump up the fun and make a lasting impression on your guests.

Who knew there were so many cat-themed activities?

65. Pin the Hat on the Cat – A classic game revamped for a niche idea. Pin the hat on a cat will be a fan favorite for kids and adults alike.

66. Cat Bingo

67. Bean Bag Game – This super affordable game makes the board cat themed, so it works perfectly for a cat-themed party and is adorable.

68. Cat Face Card Game

69. Carnival Cat Toss

70. Cat Tic Tac Toe – Though tic tac toe is a very simple game, you can spice it up by adding prizes and different challenges for the guests as they play. Brainstorm here.

71. Pete the Cat Game

72. Animal Face Craft – If you are throwing a party for little kids, then this cute cat face craft kit will be a perfect addition. 

73. A Game of Cat and Mouse

74. Cat Matching Game

75. Pin the Smile on the Chester Cat – Another variation of the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. How cute!

76. Cat-tatstrophe! – I love this because it reminds me of a cat-themed Jenga.

77. The Missing Cupcakes

78. Exploding Kittens – This may be for older kids because the instructions are a little more complicated. But this game is so much fun.

79. Name That Kitty – I hope you know your famous cats because that information is put to the test here.

80. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

81. Big Dot of Happiness

82. Stack with the Cat – Cat in the Hat-themed stacking game for the win!

83. Hello Kitty

So, do you feel prepared to throw your very own cat-themed birthday party? You should, because we have everything you need here. The most important part is that the birthday person has fun. So whether that’s you, your daughter, your son…it doesn’t matter.

Try some of the things on this list, and it will be a success.

I have found that following the fab 4 (that’s what I call it), Decorations, Food, Favors, and Games; you will always end up with one of the coolest parties the guests will have the honor of attending. 

And this cat themed one is just the beginning. It’s PUR-fection.