Inside : 17 Creative Birthday Instagram Story Ideas 

Social media is a great way to capture and share your life with your friends. Birthdays, however, are an extra special occasion that should be celebrated in a unique way.

Instagram’s Story feature is the perfect place to do just that. The ephemeral nature of Stories encourages users to be more creative and personal, which can make them a great way to celebrate a birthday. They are also not as intrusive as a full-blown post on someone’s profile, making them a good option for people who want to be a little more subtle about their birthday wishes.

Birthday Instagram Story Ideas To Use 

We’ve seen Instagram users post everything from birthday cake photos to videos of themselves opening gifts, and there are plenty of creative ideas to choose from.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these seventeen birthday Instagram Story ideas.

Just make sure to tag the birthday boy or girl in your Story so they don’t miss it!

Creative Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

Birthdays happen just once a year, so make the most out of it and frame the memories by doing these fun Instagram birthday story ideas. Be as cutesy, crazy, or cool as you want to be!

  1. Reel Life: Birthdays are a symbol of life. Celebrate life by using this reel concept. You can use up to four or more frames, depending on your preference, and make sure to use at least one Boomerang for the effect. 
  2. Make a Wish: It’s not a birthday party without cake, and the candles. Grab the greatest shot of your delicious confectionary masterpiece. Don’t forget to make a wish!
  3. Cute Frame: David Watson’s design is a must-try Instagram Birthday Story because it has several inventive features that will ensure that your post stands out. It utilizes a bright combination of colors, adorable typefaces, and emojis as well as flashing an excellent variety of colors.
  4. Water Droplet: This design may be used to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique way. The celebrator appears to be sitting on a water droplet, making it cool and fun. You may also add a personal message to make it even more personal.
  5. 9 Photo Collage: Some people believe that less is more, but in this photo collage design, multiple images are well-balanced and pleasant to look at.
  6. Photo Sandwich: In between the words Happy and Birthday is a simple method for creating a picture-perfect image. Experiment with different typefaces and colors that match the photo.

Birthday Instagram Story Ideas

Sweet Instagram Birthday Post Ideas

A birthday is a time to be sweet and sentimental. So don’t be afraid to show your love and affection with these sugary birthday posts. We’re sure the birthday boy or girl will appreciate it!

  1. For the Boys: Men enjoy having their muscles flexed on social media, even if they don’t talk about it. Use these charming ideas to make their hearts race.
  2. For Her: For all the guys out there, be proud and display your beloved partners on social media. This isn’t something that takes much effort. Choose your finest couple shot and come up with a clever caption.
  3. Groufie: Making someone feel like they belong is another approach to make them feel accepted. Make a spectacle of your crew and the birthday girl or boy in your message. You may use bright typefaces to make your photo more appealing.
  4. Bestie: Time to shine our siblings from a different mother. Use this design with a beautiful best friend photo and a heartfelt message that will bring tears to their eyes.
  5. Then and Now: Putting two pictures from different years together is one approach to demonstrate how much you care for someone. It may provide a sense of nostalgia and spark recollections of the past that are worthwhile preserving.
  6. Pinky Swear: A promise is one of the sweetest gestures to express love and happiness on someone’s birthday. This template will help you relay your message of honesty and loyalty to someone you truly care about.

Simple ways to post about a birthday

Simply Beautiful Instagram Birthday Posts

There are times when a person’s birthday falls on a hectic day, and you can’t think of anything else except for the simplest message. If that’s the case, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with these lovely designs. 

  1. Classic Instax: This Instagram birthday story idea is similar to that of a Fujifilm Instax shot. The photo idea replicates the white border of the Instax photo, giving that simple yet aesthetic vibe. 
  2. Double Ain’t Trouble: Another Instax-inspired birthday proposal is a two-photo spread. The bottom of the photo contains a timestamp, making it more memorable. You may only choose the two best photographs among all the thousands you’ve taken.
  3. Lights Borders: When used correctly, lights may improve photographs significantly. You may use the lights to create a border around the birthday person highlighting his or her event.
  4. Don’t Think, It’s Pink:  For those of you who adore pink, here is a suggestion that you will appreciate. This may also serve as an inspiration to individuals who prefer various hues. Simply alter the hue to match your own taste.
  5. 4 Pics Collage: If you’re searching for a memorable instagram birthday story, a 4-photo collage is always the way to go. Especially if you have a series of four attractive and matching images.

Fun IG story ideas

Other Instagram Birthday Story Ideas

  • Embed the birthday girl or boy’s favorite music video on your Story to show how much you care.
  • Write a heartfelt message on a handmade birthday card and post it as a Story.
  • Upload a short video of the birthday person singing “Happy Birthday” in another person’s birthday. This is a funny and unique way to surprise the birthday person.
  • If the birthday person loves to travel, post a Story of them at their favorite travel destination.
  • If the birthday person loves food, post a Story of restaurant recommendations in their city.
  • Share a story about your favorite memory with the birthday person. This can be an emotional and touching way to commemorate their day.
  • Take a picture of the birthday person with all of their friends and family and post it as a Story. This will show the birthday person how loved they are.
  • Finally, don’t forget to add the birthday person’s name and “Happy Birthday” on your Story!

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