Inside: Minute to Win It Balloon Games Busting with Fun. 

Some of the best party games include wild and funny Minute to Win It Games. There are so many different versions to play, but some of my favorite include balloons. So we decided why not make the ultimate list of Minute to Win It Balloon Games.

From popping, floating, blowing up, and collecting these games are perfect for everyone in the family. So grab the biggest pack of balloons you can find, and trust me this balloon pump is a lifesaver when it comes to blowing all these puppies up.

Now let’s have some fun!

Minute to Win It Balloon Games

Minute to Win It Balloon Games

Blow it Over: Each person blows up a balloon and uses it to blow 10 cups off of the table.  Whoever knocks all of their cups off of the table wins.

Mitten Pop: When you’re ready, players should put their mittens on and grab a balloon. They should try to pop it their mitten covered hands in under 1 minute. The first person to pop their balloon – without cheating – wins for their team!

Balloon Collector: Blow up several balloons and place them on the floor. Set a timer for one minute. Send the first player into the balloon pile to try and collect as many as they can in one trip. When time is up, count how many balloons the player was able to carry at once. Return the balloons to the pile. Give each player a turn to do the same. The player who collects the most wins.

Candy Hunt: Before the party, insert small pieces of candy into balloons before inflating them. Hid the balloons around the party space. Divide the kids into teams. Send them out to find as many balloons as they can in a set amount of time. When they find a balloon, they must pop it and collect the piece of candy from inside. Once the time is up, the team with the most candy wins.

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Pop, Stomp, Float – These Minute to Win It Games are so fun!

This Blows: To play, stand facing the table near the balloon. When the timer begins, grab the balloon and blow it up. Then turn the open end of the balloon towards the cups and expel the air so that it blows the cups straight off the edge of the table. When you run out of the air, blow the balloon up again and continue, until all 15 plastic cups are on the floor. Get them all knocked off the table in one minute or less and you’re a winner.

Balloon Word Search: Divide guests into two teams. Make two sets of six balloons. Write the letters to spell out the word W-I-N-N-E-R on each of the six balloons. Scatter the balloons around the party area. Have the players race to find the letters that spell the word. The first team to collect and arrange their balloons to spell “winner”

Color Pop: Give each team a bunch of inflated balloons (use an even amount of balloons for each team, but make each set a different color) and a chair. On “go,” the first players in line for each team must run, get one of her colored balloons, bring it to the chair and sit on it until it pops. When it pops, they can tag the next player in line, who must then grab a new balloon and sit on the chair to pop it. Play continues this way until one team has popped all of its balloons. The first team to do so wins.

Minute to Win It Balloon Games

Fun Minute to Win It Balloon Games

Sweep Relay: Give each team a bunch of balloons and a broom. Have them line up behind a starting line. Draw a finish line several feet away. Players must take turns using the broom to “sweep” the balloons over the finish line. The first team to have all of its balloons behind the finish line wins.

Balloon Bop: Players must keep an inflated balloon in the air using only their heads. They cannot touch the balloon with their hands, feet, or any other body part from the neck down. If the player’s balloon touches the ground they are out. Places are awarded by who keeps their balloon in the air the longest.

Balloon Blow: This game is super fun & works best in teams of 2 or more. Set up a stack of cups in front of each person. They must then blow up a balloon & use the air in the balloon to knock over as many of their cups as they can.

Minute to Win It Balloon Games

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