Inside: 40 hilarious bachelor party games for a night to remember!

It’s almost your wedding day, buddy! You’ve got your tux, the venue and DJ are booked, and your bride has a handle on the rest. The only thing left to do is enjoy an epic bachelor party with your closest friends.

Whether you need ideas for drinking games, scavenger hunts, bingo games, or games that test the groom-to-be on his future bride, we’ve got you covered.

Make it a night that goes down in history with these unique and hilarious bachelor party games!

Easy bachelor party games

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt Games

  1. Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt Planning Guide: This checklist includes fun ideas like serenading the groom in public and photobombing! 
  2. Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt Ideas: This scavenger hunt uses a points system to determine the winner. Make things even more interesting by having the loser buy a round of drinks for everyone else!
  3. Stag Do or Dare: Truth or dare, bachelor party edition! Use this list for a unique take on a scavenger hunt.
  4. Photo Scavenger Hunt Game: Whoever captures all of the photos on the list, wins! 
  5. The Best Bachelor Party Ideas: There’s no shortage of inspiration on this list of bachelor party ideas. Scavenger hunt included!
  6. Stag Night Dare Cards: Print out these dare cards and use them as a jumping-off point for a hilarious and fun scavenger hunt with your best buds!
  7. Bachelor Scavenger Hunt: This scavenger hunt is catered to bachelor parties! It works with a points system and the winner gets free shots from everyone!Bachelor party drinking games

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

  1. Bachelor Drink If Game:  Print off this list of statements. If you’ve done something on the list, get ready to drink! 
  2. Spin the Bottle- Bachelor Party Edition: Don’t worry, this game doesn’t involve kissing your friends. Place various alcohols in a large circle. Spin the bottle and whichever alcohol it lands on the player must drink.
  3. Beer Olympics: Combine several drinking games into one massive Beer Olympics tournament! Find some ideas for games to include here.
  4. Drinking Dice Games: This one’s a boozy take on a few of your favorite dice games, like Yahtzee! Directions on how to DIY this one are here.
  5. Beer Pong: Does it get any more classic than a good old-fashioned game of beer pong? Nope! If you don’t know the rules, here’s a refresher.
  6. Flip Cup: This one’s another classic that you probably played in your college days. Break out into two teams and gather around a table. The first team to finish their drinks win! Here are all of the rules.
  7. King’s Cup: One of the most popular drinking games with cards out there. Otherwise known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death, you’ll find the rules here!
  8. Battle Shots Drinking Game: Now, this is a fun take on the game Battleship! You’ll have to make your own game board, so this one takes a bit more prep than some of the other games on this list. Find your DIY directions here.
  9. Bachelor Party Survival Kit: Give your guys a survival kit so that they can enjoy your bachelor party to the max! Include shot glasses, directions to any of the games you’ll play, and (of course) some pain relievers for the next day.
  10. Brewery Crawl: Make a list of your favorite local bars, pubs, and breweries, and crawl through them all!
  11. Drunk Jenga: Your favorite game just got more fun. Here are the rules – feel free to make things interesting by making the loser drink.
  12. Who Said It: Make a list of quotes that have been said by the bride or groom and have everyone guess who said it! If you are wrong, take a shot!

Bachelor Party Games for Groom

  1. Vintage Video Game Night: Gather your favorite videos games from yesteryear and your favorite friends. Break out into teams and make it a competition! Some games that come to mind are Mario Kart and Zelda. 
  2. Finish the Bachelor’s Sentence: Print out this list of sentences. See how well you know the groom!
  3. What’s on Your Phone?: Print out some scoreboards and break out your phones. Whoever gets the most points wins! Loser has to buy a round of drinks (or snacks) for everyone at the bachelor party.
  4. Stag Night Dare Cards: This pack of cards features special bachelor party dares. 
  5. Bachelor Party Checklist T-Shirt: Get one of these hilarious t-shirts for everyone coming to your party. Check things off as you go!
  6. Funny Hat: This one’s simple. Find the funniest hat you can and order the groom to wear it all night. If he takes it off, he has to buy the whole party a round of drinks!

Bachelor Party Games for Bride

  1. How Well Do You Know Your Bride?: Quiz the future groom on his sweetie with these fun questions!
  2. He Said She Said: Who did (and said) what? See how well you know the future bride with this list of he said she said questions.
  3. Who Knows the Couple Best?: Do your friends really know all there is to know about you and your future Mrs? Find out! 
  4. Wedding Olympics: Similar to Beer Olympics, Wedding Olympics really takes the cake. This game is perfect for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.
  5. Do You Know Your Bride?: Find out the truth with these funny questions!
  6. Never Again: Each player writes down one thing that the groom won’t be able to do after he marries his bride. The groom has to guess who wrote what!
  7. Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Questions: These questions will put the groom to the test.
  8. Would She Rather?: A bachelor party take on the hysterical Would You Rather? game! Quiz the groom (and the other party-goers!) about the wife-to-be.

Bachelor Party Bingo Games

  1. Bachelor Party Bingo: Every time you hear one of these phrases, take a sip and mark your spot. 
  2. Bachelor Bingo Printable: This handy printable bingo board is made especially for bachelor party shenanigans!
  3. Customizable Bachelor Bingo: Make your own custom-made bachelor party bingo board. A fun idea is to include inside jokes that only the groom would understand!
  4. Bingo: Bachelor Party Edition: Print out this bingo board and mark your spot whenever you hear one of the phrases. There are other bonus squares too, like spotting the nearest drunk person! 
  5. LGBTQ-Friendly Bachelor Bingo: This one goes out to our two-groom couples! All of the questions on this bingo board are LGBTQ-friendly.
  6. Bachelor Party Bingo T-Shirt: Get matching t-shirts for everyone at the party, and then use them to play bingo!
  7. Pub Crawl Bingo: Turn your boys’ night out into a pub crawl. Print out this bingo board and have fun with it.

Bachelor party bingo games

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