Inside: Viral & hilarious bachelor party games for a night to remember!

So… you’re getting hitched this year. How amazing, a big congratulations to you and your person! Weddings are amazing, but I may be a little biased. When it comes to weddings, there isn’t just one single party; there are LOADS of them. I am talking engagement parties, bridal showers, and of course, the infamous bachelor and bachelorette parties. 

I obviously love parties, so naturally, weddings make me happy. Today I am going to go over our favorite fun bachelor party games that you can include on your big night. Normally, bachelor party games are by nature funny games for adults normally played as drinking games, so I made sure to include tons of those, but also some that can be easily turned INTO a drinking game if you like. 

Whether you need ideas for drinking games, scavenger hunts, bingo games, or games that test the groom-to-be on his future bride, we’ve got you covered. Make it a night that goes down in history with these unique and hilarious bachelor party games!

Stag night ideas

So take a look at these to find out which ones you want to include. There are tons here to choose from, so a good rule of thumb is to pick at least 5 of them for your party. Take a look!

Popular Bachelor Party Games

First up, I had to cover some of the basics. By basics, I don’t mean hitting up the strip club. That activity has been overplayed, and many partners don’t appreciate it, so let’s just avoid that. These games are partner-approved and super fun, so there are no downsides to them as long as you remember to drink water, that is. 

1. Alcohol Roulette

2. Paper Red Solo Cup Tower

3. Beer Olympics – This is essentially the theme of your party. Where you play classic drinking games with your friends, all the while you keep score. 

4. Hidden Shot Or Not

5. Glowing Beer Pong

6. Drunk Uno – Yep, the greatest card game just got a little greater.

7. Drunk Jenga

8. Drinking Checkers

9. Text or Drink – Though this game from our list of funny bachelor party ideas might feel a little silly, at least the people in your life that you’d text know that you are at your bachelor party and having a great time! 

10. Truth or Shot drinking game with questions

Viral Bachelor party Games

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt Games

11. Scavenger Hunt Planning Guide: This checklist includes fun ideas like serenading the groom in public and photobombing! Even better if you can attempt a scavenger hunt in dune buggies or golf carts for the fun of it! 🙂 

12. Bachelor Hunt Ideas: This scavenger hunt uses a points system to determine the winner. Make things even more interesting by having the loser buy a round of drinks for everyone else!

13. Stag Do or Dare: Truth or dare, bachelor party edition! Use this list for a unique take on a scavenger hunt.

14. Photo Scavenger Hunt Game: Whoever captures all of the photos on the list, wins! 

15. Fun Ideas: There’s no shortage of inspiration on this fun bachelor party games list of ideas. Scavenger hunt included!

16. Stag Night Dare Cards: Print out these dare cards and use them as a jumping-off point for a hilarious and fun scavenger hunt with your best buds!

17. Bachelor Hunt: This scavenger hunt is catered to bachelor parties! It works with a points system and the winner gets free shots from everyone!Bachelor party drinking games

Bachelor Party Drinking Games

  • Bachelor Drink If Game:  Print off this list of statements. If you’ve done something on the list, get ready to drink! 
  • Spin the Bottle- Bachelor Party Edition: Don’t worry, this game doesn’t involve kissing your friends. Place various alcohols in a large circle. Spin the bottle and whichever alcohol it lands on the player must drink.
  • Beer Olympics: Combine several drinking games into one massive Beer Olympics tournament! Find some ideas for games to include here.
  • Drinking Dice Games: This one’s a boozy take on a few of your favorite dice games, like Yahtzee!
  • Beer Pong: Does it get any more classic than a good old-fashioned game of beer pong? Nope! If you don’t know the rules, here’s a refresher.
  • Flip Cup: This one’s another classic that you probably played in your college days. Break out into two teams and gather around a table. The first team to finish their drinks win! Here are all of the rules.
  • King’s Cup: One of the most popular drinking games with cards out there. Otherwise known as Ring of Fire or Circle of Death, you’ll find the rules here!
  • Battle Shots Drinking Game: Now, this is a fun take on the game Battleship! You’ll have to make your own game board, so this one takes a bit more prep than some of the other games on this list. Find your DIY directions here.
  • Bachelor Party Survival Kit: Give your guys a survival kit so that they can enjoy your bachelor party to the max! Include shot glasses, directions to any of the games you’ll play, and (of course) some pain relievers for the next day.
  • Brewery Crawl: Make a list of your favorite local bars, pubs, and breweries, and crawl through them all!
  • Drunk Jenga: Your favorite game just got more fun. Here are the rules – feel free to make things interesting by making the loser drink.
  • Who Said It: Make a list of quotes that have been said by the bride or groom and have everyone guess who said it! If you are wrong, take a shot!

Bachelor Party Games for Groom

30. Vintage Video Game Night: Gather your favorite videos games from yesteryear and your favorite friends. Break out into teams and make it a competition! Some games that come to mind are Mario Kart and Zelda. 

31. Finish the Bachelor’s Sentence: Print out this list of sentences. See how well you know the groom!

32. What’s on Your Phone?: Print out some scoreboards and break out your phones. Whoever gets the most points wins! Loser has to buy a round of drinks (or snacks) for everyone at the bachelor party. 

33. Stag Night Dare Cards: This pack of cards features special bachelor party dares. 

34. Bachelor Party Checklist T-Shirt: Get one of these hilarious t-shirts for everyone coming to your party. Check things off as you go!

35. Funny Hat: This one’s simple. Find the funniest hat you can and order the groom to wear it all night. If he takes it off, he has to buy the whole party a round of drinks!

Bachelor Party Games for Bride

  • How Well Do You Know Your Bride?: Quiz the future groom on his sweetie with these fun questions!
  • He Said She Said: Who did (and said) what? See how well you know the future bride with this list of he said she said questions.
  • Who Knows the Couple Best?: Do your friends really know all there is to know about you and your future Mrs? Find out! 
  • Wedding Olympics: Similar to Beer Olympics, Wedding Olympics really takes the cake. This game is perfect for a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.
  • Do You Know Your Bride?: Find out the truth with these funny questions!
  • Never Again: Each player writes down one thing that the groom won’t be able to do after he marries his bride. The groom has to guess who wrote what!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Quiz Questions: These questions will put the groom to the test. Pick the white cards or the black cards and take your guesses. 
  • Would She Rather?: A bachelor party take on the hysterical Would You Rather? game! Quiz the groom (and the other party-goers!) about the wife-to-be.

Hilarious Guys Night Games to Play

Bachelor Party Bingo Games

44. Bachelor Bingo: Every time you hear one of these phrases, take a sip and mark your spot. 

45. Bachelor Bingo Printable: This handy printable bingo board is made especially for bachelor party shenanigans!

46. Customizable Bachelor Bingo: Make your own custom-made bachelor party bingo board. A fun idea is to include inside jokes that only the groom would understand!

47. Bingo: Bachelor Party Edition: Print out this bingo board and mark your spot whenever you hear one of the phrases. There are other bonus squares too, like spotting the nearest drunk person! 

48. LGBTQ-Friendly Bachelor Bingo: This one goes out to our two-groom couples! All of the questions on this bingo board are LGBTQ-friendly.

49. Bachelor Party Bingo T-Shirt: Get matching t-shirts for everyone at the party, and then use them to play bingo!

50. Pub Crawl Bingo: Turn your boys’ night out into a pub crawl. Print out this bingo board and have fun with it.

bingo games for men

Hilarious Games to Play

Now, these are some serious fun. Each one of these funny bachelor party ideas is geared towards different categories. There are ones for people who like horror movies, Harry Potter, Wine, sports, whatever your thing is, there is a game below that reflects it. So take a look at these.

I am especially fond of number 17, The Quiet Place Game. This one is so funny, and it gives you an opportunity to use your shooting skills.

51. Candle Blowing Challenge

52. Spin the Bottle: Red Solo Cup edition – Under the solo cups, there is a shot or a dare, and you have to do either of them. So spin carefully!

53. Spin the Drunk Game

54. Toilet Paper Pull

55. Ping Pong Ball Maze – This one looks so fun. Plus, you get to make the age-old bachelor party joke about whether or not you are good at blowing. Bachelor Parties are supposed to be FILLED with dirty jokes!

56. Cheese Ball Race

57. A Quiet Place

58. Quidditch Pong – If you are a Harry Potter Fan, this is the game for you. Yep, quidditch pong is a thing.

59.  Basketball Pong

Viral Bachelor Party Games

Now, these games are ones that have gone viral at some point during this year. I think that the internet knows what it is doing in terms of games, so I fully trust it with my life when choosing activities for parties. Though some of the games on this list aren’t themed for bachelors, they are perfect for playing AT a bachelor party. Check these out.

60. If You Sink It, You Drink It

61. Huge Jello Shot Jenga – You have to either specially make this set or order it on Etsy. But either way, it is so worth it in the end. What a fun game!

62. Pee Challenge(Boys are Gross)

63. Hockey Finger Sling Game

64. Battlefield Beer Pong – If you are a fan of the classic game Battlefield, then you need to play this one at your bachelor’s. Also, try the roulette wheel version of beer pong for another take on the fun.

65. Drinking Race Car

66. Cornhole Drinking Game – This corn hole set has designated holes for different actions. It’s pretty fun and will get you drunk quickly, so be careful.

67. Giant Beer Pong

68. BattleShots

69. Drinking Plinko

Bachelor Party Games

Perfect Games for the Bros

Next up, I thought I would add a section for the bros. I am guessing that is who will be at the bachelor party, though sometimes people like to mix it up and have a party with their significant other as well. So the games below are more geared toward the men in the room. Check these out to see which ones you like and which you don’t.

70. Shot Race

71. Tic Tac Toe Pong – Yes, this is a thing, and yes, it is super fun. This whole list will bring out your competitive side. How fun is this!

72. Flip Cup Drink Race

73. Ping Pong Twerk Game

74. Slip n Slide Kickball – If you are more on the athletic side, then why not add something that involves using your skills? Take a look at this game to see if you want to add it.

75. 30 Gallon Water Bucket Challenge

76. Red Solo Cup Balance Challenge – This one cracks me up. Good luck to you.

77. Balloon Popping Race

78. Drink Challenge

79. Smack Bowl Game – Try not to laugh with this one. Whoever laughs is deepened the loser…well, and the person who gets smacked in the face.

80. Cup Lay Down Challenge

Bachelor Party Games to Buy

Bachelor Party Games to Buy

If you don’t feel like putting together a game on your own, then the next best thing that you can do is to buy one that is meant for your bachelor party. That is where amazon comes in handy! I took my time going through what they had so I could present the best options to you… games like cards against humanity, but even better. So take a look! These are all affordable and super fun!

81. Tell Me Without Telling Me

82. Boob Themed Ping Pong Balls – These aren’t a game per se, but you will need them for most of the games on this list, and they are on theme. 

83. Brutal Hangover the Game

84. Hoop Ring Shot Game

85. Shot Squirt Gun – You can walk around and try and shoot shots into people’s open mouths, like shot roulette! Hopefully, you are a good shot because this might burn your eyes if you miss.

86. Drinking Dice Game

87. Incoherent – A hilarious game; the drunker you are, the harder it gets.

88. King’s Cup Game

89. Under the Influence

90. You Lie You Drink

91. Buzzed Tower

So there you have it…are you ready? Not for the wedding, because I am pretty sure you know the answer to that, considering you popped the questions or said yes. I am so excited for you to go on this wedding planning journey! I hope that you feel excited with these funny bachelor party ideas and prepared for your Bachelor party.

This is a somewhat extended version of another article we have about some more bachelor party games that you could look through if none of these suffice. Though I doubt this(because these are epic), I thought I should add it here just in case. So take a look and see if you find more that you like.

The wedding season is a time of many parties. I know it can feel overwhelming at times, but your Bachelor party gives you a moment to let off some steam. Enjoy it! Kick back with the people you love and just get excited about your wedding.

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