Inside: Super Fun Game Show Party Games.

Game shows are household favorites for a reason. Incorporating these game shows into unique party ideas is a definite way to ensure that all your guests have an incredible time and leave happy and excited! Next time you host a big bash, give your guests an evening that they will not forget.

Create the best party game feel with these awesome and super fun game show party games!

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Super Fun Game Show Party Games

How Much?: Supermarket Sweep is game heaven. My favorite is the pricing game. Display supermarket goods on the board, and give players a list of prices. They have to match the correct retail price with the item. So SIMPLE!

Rhyming Blanks:  Another good one. The “host” reads clues to contestants. The clue was a rhyme, which one missing word.

Survey Says: Customize your Survey Says game with questions about your team and friends. The crowd will have a riot trying to guess and watching their friends do their best to win on stage. A great part about game show party games is how guests who want to be up in front of people having fun get the chance while the guests who just want to sit back and have fun watching can do that.

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Minute to Win It: Minute to win it is an easy game to duplicate with household items where contestants take part in a series of 60-second challenges. Each contestant is given ‘three lives’ and the game ends when the contestants lose all of their lives after failing to complete a challenge. Check out our favorite Minute to Win It Games!

Game Show Party Games

Trivia Night: Do you want a fun trivia contest to wrap up an education session or test the family knowledge? A challenging Trivia Night is the ticket!

Name that Tune: Use audio clips of popular songs, TV Theme songs and video clips.

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Jeopardy!: Jeopardy! is a quiz competition whereby contestants are given general knowledge clues in the form of answers. In turn, contestants need to phrase their responses in the form of questions. This can become extremely entertaining in a group of people who know each other and are comfortable to use personal references and adapt the answers to be relevant.

Battle of the Sexes: Gals answer trivia questions about tools, cars, science and mechanics while guys answer questions about movies, novels, styles, and decorating.

The Best Party Games

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Contestants on Who wants to be a Millionaire answer a series of trivia questions with multiple-choice answers to win a big financial prize. This game can be played at your event by tailoring trivia questions to certain group-relevant topics. You can include humor, local jokes, and adapt the prize to an appropriate prize.

Karaoke Bingo: Have your guests fill up their bingo cards based on either the title of each song that is either played or sung by other guests!

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What’s My Line: This game introduces a panel of celebrities that question contestants to find out what their occupation is. This game can be greatly adapted in environments where not everyone is familiar with each other as an ice-breaker.

Wheel Of Fortune: Wheel of Fortune is a classic game show where contestants solve word puzzles to win a prize. And this is determined by spinning a huge wheel. The wheel also adds great décor to an event that directly alludes to a ‘game show’ atmosphere. The random chance of spinning the wheel adds intensity and excitement to the event.

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