Inside: Entertaining Wedding Games for Kids to Play.

Even the cutest of flower girls and ring bearers will need some kid-friendly entertainment at the reception. While parents are sipping cocktails, giving toasts, and catching up, keep the kids busy with fun activities that make them feel included in the festivities, too.

From crazy dance off’s to outdoor party games, this list is packed full of fun for your youngest wedding guests.

Fun Games for Kids Weddings

Wedding Activities for Kids

Dance Off: Adult guests can be slow to the dance floor, but that’s where kids can come in handy. Gather everyone around for a kid’s dance-off. Have kids dance together, or pair up an adult and kid to challenge one another to the best moves. You’ll tucker the little ones out quickly all while getting the party started without a lot of pressure.

Donut Bobbing: As if we needed another excuse to eat doughnuts! This outdoor wedding game is both delicious and fun. Tie each doughnut on a string and hang from a tree. Your guests then need to keep their hands behind their backs and use their mouths to retrieve the doughnut (and eat it afterward, of course).

Wedding Activities for Kids

Hopscotch/Hula Hoop: Create a play area where kids can burn off some of their energy (in a non-disruptive way). Hopscotch, hula hoops, and jump ropes are some of the classics that can keep them occupied and active without causing any sort of disruption.

Pinata: What kid doesn’t love a piñata? Keep it on a theme by getting a piñata shaped like a giant wedding cake, heart, or other symbols of love and let them have at it after or around the time when the wedding cake (or another dessert) is being served. Of course, the newlyweds will have to come and take a swing with them, too

Outdoor Wedding Games for Children

Sack Races: Sack races are a classic children’s pastime. Plus, they’re super easy to incorporate into an outdoor big day.

Giant Connect Four: An oversized version of this classic game is sure to garner attention from adults and kids alike.

Giant Checkers: Simple and fun, get the party started by ordering a checkers mat so large it can double as a picnic blanket—or DIY your own.

Outdoor Wedding Games for Kids

Jenga: Who doesn’t love the classic block-stacking game Jenga? The traditional tabletop version adds a dose of fun and whimsy to any tented or outdoor reception area. Alternatively, upgrade to a life-size set of blocks that kids can build and destroy (and build again).
Ring Toss: A carnival classic, setting up a ring toss game is sure to bring out your little guests’ competitive spirit.

Kids Table Wedding Games

Build with Legos:  Have lego blocks on the table and you have to build with the pieces – come up and share what you made.

Chalkboard Games: Turn the games you’d find on a children’s restaurant placemat— tic tac toe, hangman, dots, and squares—into fun wedding games by creating erasable chalkboard versions so kids can play, wipe away and start again.

Kids Table Wedding Games

Mini I Spy: Create an I Spy Wedding Game just for the kiddos by creating scavenger lists filled with pictures instead of words. Pictures can include the wedding cake, a ring, shoes, a dress, balloons, and food. Supply them with disposable cameras and watch the hilarity ensue!

Couple’s Coloring Book: For the itty bitties of the kid’s group, create a wedding-inspired coloring book based on the details of your special event. Pair it up with a favors box filled with crayons, colored pencils, and stickers to help them personalize their takeaway activity book.

More Fun Wedding Game Ideas You’ll Love

  • Indoor Wedding Games – YOU’RE MARRIED! Now it’s really time to party! In addition to a delicious feast, flowing drinks, and a killer wedding playlist, some couples like to get the party started with wedding reception games. Some of our favorites include ice-breakers, to bride and groom trivia, or even an on theme pinata smash. No matter what, these totally fun indoor wedding games are perfect for your post-nuptial celebration.
  • Wedding Lawn Games – If your big day happens to include outdoor festivities, setting up a few wedding lawn games is a great way to get the party started. Guests young and old will love the chance to get up and out of their seats for a little friendly competition, and you’ll love how lawn games can work as a natural ice breaker among strangers. Plus, everyone knows outdoor games are all the more fun when cocktails, music, and a good party are involved.
  • 60 Wedding Shoe Game Questions + Printable – Wedding receptions are a great relief for everyone involved because they mean the most stressful part of the day is over and party time has begun! During this big celebration, games are often played in between cakes, refreshments, dancing, and fun. Wedding games are a fun way to celebrate the new couple and give the audience a few laughs, too! This simple and easy Wedding Shoe Game involves nothing more than the bride, the groom, and their shoes.