Inside: How to pull off a Halloween murder mystery party and live to tell the tale.

Throwing a party during Halloween is an absolute must. As you get older, making this holiday special can be a challenge that gets harder and harder. You can’t go trick or treating, and what is the point of dressing up if you can’t show yourself off door to door?

The solution to this dilemma? Host yourself a murder mystery party! These parties can be such a great way to gather all of your closest friends for a night of puzzles and fun.

Murder mysteries are the best for those in-between years when you can’t trick or treat but don’t have kids to take yet!

Halloween Murder Mystery Party How to Pull It Off

If you have no idea what I am even talking about, I get it. I only recently have learned what a murder mystery party is… and I have been loving these free printable mystery games to use when hosting them. So in this article, I outline everything that you will need to know about throwing your own.

From what it is to tips on how to pull it off, I got you covered. So let’s get into it!

What is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery dinner party is a themed get-together where the aim of the night is to solve a mystery that involves a murder. This is perfect for you crime lovers out there who want to figure out ‘Who Done It’ without having to go through extensive schooling and training to figure out real murder cases legally.

This way is safer and much more fun. To begin, you will plan the day and get the setup all prepared(we talk about how to do this below), and then send out the themed invitations. Once the day comes and all your guests arrive, you will figure out who the murderer is together.

Solving this kind of puzzle can be harder than it sounds. If you feel overwhelmed with the idea of having to come up with a whole storyline and plot…let that stress go.

There are so many Murder Mystery Kits out there that have everything you will need conveniently in one place. No extra thought is needed! So if this sounds like a fun night to you, continue reading to see how to turn this idea into a reality.

How to Pull Off a Halloween Murder Mystery Party

How to Pull off a Halloween Murder Mystery Party:

Pulling off a murder mystery party is all in the little details. First off, you need to find your mystery(you can choose from the list below. This will save you time because coming up with your own mystery is a huge task that will take too much time and effort. You want to enjoy yourself too).

Once you know your mystery and the basic theme that correlates with it, you can choose your invitations.

Always make your invitations the same theme as the mystery you will be solving. For example, you can say, “You are cordially invited to investigate the murder of Benjamin Crum,” or something along those lines. This will incite intrigue and excitement in your future guests.

Next is set up for the day. Make sure you have food, snacks, and drinks at the ready for your guests. Your murder mystery kit will have specific instructions for its setup. Always make sure that you set everything up before your guests arrive. Otherwise, the illusion is ruined. There is nothing worse than that!

Setting the scene is key as well.

You can decorate according to whatever mystery you choose. Add some eerie music and sounds to add to the effects. After this, all there is left to do is play the game with your guests. 

Go through the story and figuring everything out right along with them can be tricky when you have to set everything up. So you can always have a friend who won’t be attending or who doesn’t care to play, and you can have THEM set everything up so you can also bask in the game. And that’s it! Simpler than it sounds, huh?

So now that you know how to pull off one of the most fun game parties in history, the fun part can begin. And that is choosing which mystery you will be solving! I have included a good selection of the best Murder Mystery kits out there, both physical and virtual, so there is something for everyone. Check them out!

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Kits to Buy

Creating a whole story from scratch can be a LOT of work. Especially if you already have to deal with hosting the party at your house(which involves decoration, getting food, sending the invites, etc.). So let’s save that work for another day and buy ourselves our sanity.

This list is full of some of the best in-person murder mystery kits out there. They can be a little spendy but it’ll be so worth it when you are solving the case with the people you love. Take a look!

1. Murderer Behind the Mirror

2. The Murders of Noxhelm

3. The Last Will and Testament of…

4. Bloodwork Masquerade Murder

5. The Grand Gatsby Speakeasy

6. The Nevermore Strangler

7. 7 Sins Slayer

8. The Murder of Benjamin Crum

9. The Murder of Abigail Ross

10. The Murder of Professor Hackett

Murder Mystery virtual event

Virtual Murder Mystery Kits

For those of you who are more tech-oriented, this list is for you. Whether you are planning a socially distanced party, or you want to save your money and project this onto your TV…these kits are awesome. In today’s day in age, you either have to get with the times or be forgotten.

This virtual version of a Murder Mystery is more fun because everyone gets to play. There doesn’t have to be one person who sets up…it’ll be a mystery everyone can solve together. 

11.  Cabin Murder Mystery

12. Clean Murder Mystery

13. 1980s Murder Mystery

14. An Invitation to Midnight Manor

15. A Murder Mystery

16. Horrors on the Haunted House Tour

17. A Michelin Star Murder

18. A Space Murder Mystery

19. Murder Under the Big Top: Circus Murder

20. Terror in Tinseltown

21. Greece Frightening

Halloween Murder Mystery

So, how do you feel? Are you ready to get your Sherlock Holmes on and figure out Who Done It? I think you are! Just follow the instructions in this article, and you will be set. 

These themed parties are such a great way to bond with the people in your life. I know that may sound silly, but it’s true. The more new and fun experiences people have together, the closer they become. This is science. So not only are you getting an ultra fun night, but you are getting closer to the people you love.

Halloween is one of my all-time favorite holidays for so many reasons, but the biggest one is how much room for fun there is.

When it comes to Christmas or Thanksgiving, you are basically stuck doing the same thing every year. But with Halloween, you get the freedom to get freaky with it.

This party is just the tip of the Ice Burg. There are so many other awesome parties and games to be had on Halloween night