Inside: Have a Blast with 27 of the Best Engagement Party Games.

Engagement parties are a romantic and fun way to celebrate a recent engagement, bring everyone together, and kick off wedding planning. Why not make the event as memorable as the wedding itself with some great party games?

Engagement party games are easy to throw together and so much fun for everyone involved… even more so for the guests.

We’ve created a list of the best engagement party games to make your celebration a night to remember.

Think you have to spend a fortune to help all of your guests have a great time? Think again!

Most of these games can be thrown together with average household items, or can be simply printed out and handed out to all of your guests. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Check out our favorite engagement party games and don’t forget these funny bachelor party ideas for the next event to start planning. 

Best engagement party games

Engagement Party Games Printable

Printable games are easy to arrange, play, and clean up. Here are some awesome printable engagement party games. 

  1. Who Knows The Couple Best?:  Couple trivia games are great printable engagement party games! This is one of them. Guests will answer questions about the bride and groom, such as, “Where did the couple meet?” See who has the highest final score!
  2. The Engagement Shoe Game:  The bride and groom each have one of their shoes and one of their partner’s. Guests fill out their sheets first, and then the bride and groom answer by holding up either their or their partner’s shoe. The funny part is that they can’t see their partner’s answer, but everyone else can!
  3. Famous Wedding Movie Quotes:  Match the quote to the correct famous wedding movie.
  4. Guess Who Bride or Groom:  Who is the best cook? Who is the better dancer? See what the bride, groom, and guests think in this fun engagement party game!
  5. Fallin’ in Love Song Trivia:  Match the sweet love song with its artist.
  6. Guess The Famous Couple:  In this game, one half of a famous couple is provided and you have to guess their partner. From Barbie to Marge, have fun completing these famous pairs!
  7. How Well Do You Know The Bride And Groom?:  What is the bride’s favorite movie? What is the groom’s middle name? See how well the guests know the couple in this game!
  8. Wedding Traditions: Why Do We Do That?:  Have you ever wondered why some wedding traditions exist? This wedding trivia game will tell you!

Ice Breaker Games at Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ice breakers

The best thing about engagement parties is that the bride and groom’s friends all get to meet! These engagement party games are a great way to have everyone get to know each other.

  1. Picture Match:  Ask the invited couples for pictures of the two of them, or print them from social media. Cut the photos in half, put the halves in envelopes, and hand them out as guests arrive. Leave it to guests to find their missing halves!
  2. Who’s Who?:  Create a list of facts about the guests- one for each guest. Then, create a sheet for guests to take around and match the fact to the right attendee.
  3. Let’s Mingle!:  Similar to Who’s Who?, Let’s Mingle! has guests find another party attendee that fits the simple description, such as “shares your birthday month.” Here is a printable version you can purchase, or you can create your own.
  4. Memory Cards:  Have stacks of index cards at the entrance for guests to pick up and have them write their favorite (or funniest) memory with the couple. Have the couple read the cards aloud to all guests for added fun! 
  5. Find The Guest Bingo:  In this game, guests find another attendee that matches the description. 5 in a row wins!
  6. Battle of the Sexes:  This classic game will have everyone split into two groups, meaning everyone gets to participate and interact with one another! 
  7. Wedding Advice:  Just like with the Memory Cards activity, have guests write their best wedding advice for the happy couple on an index card to be read aloud at some point in the evening.

Great Outdoor Games for Engagement Parties

outdoor games for engagement parties

These engagement party games are great to be played outside!

  1. Ring Hunt:  Hide rings around the event space for guests to find, like an Easter Egg hunt! You can use rings like these found on Amazon, and even hide them in plastic eggs to make them easier to spot.
  2. Cornhole:  Almost every engagement party I’ve attended has had cornhole! Cornhole is fun for all ages and great for a competitive crowd.
  3. Wedding Relay Race:  This game is especially fun with wedding-themed props, such as a bouquet or basket of flower petals. Make teams and send them off to the races!
  4. Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe:  Easy to set up, easy to play, and easy to put away- it doesn’t get simpler than an old-fashioned game of Tic-Tac-Toe!
  5. Ring Toss:  Aren’t rings perfectly on theme? This ring toss game is perfect for all ages.
  6. Giant Connect Four:  Jumbo versions of regular games make for great engagement party games, particularly if you have children attending and are entertaining outdoors. Try out this game of Giant Connect Four!

More Fun Games to Play at Engagement Parties

Fun games to play at engagement party

Here are more hilarious and fun engagement party games!

  1. Couple’s Names Boggle:  Create a game sheet with the couple’s names at the top. Have guests create as many words as they can with the letters found in the couple’s names!
  2. Know That Couple:  This fun card game has guests answer as though they were either the bride or groom. How well do the guests know the happy couple? It’s time to find out!
  3. Wedding Vows Mad Libs:  This hilarious game has guests create vows Mad Libs-style. Gut-busting results guaranteed!
  4. Who Has The Ring Scratch Off Game:  This is a cute, fun party favor that can be set at each seat. Have small prizes available for the winners, even just a toy ring to show off. 
  5. Charades:  Create slips of paper with wedding-related words for guests to act out in a classic game of charades.
  6. Wedding Song Request Cards:  Have guests fill out cards with their requests for songs to have on the wedding playlist! This will help the couple plan the playlist, and give guests something to look forward to!

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