Inside: Outdoor Party Games Everyone Will Love

Don’t get me wrong, I love binge-watching a great Netflix show and often find myself scrolling through my phone for way too long but it’s time to turn off the electronics and have some outdoor fun! Throw the perfect outdoor party with these fun outdoor party games that everyone will love! There is something literally for everyone on this list so everyone in the family is guaranteed to have fun!

Outdoor Party games

Outdoor Party Games Everyone will Love

Capture the Flag: I have the best memories running through the neighborhood playing Capture the Flag with your friends! First, you’ll need to grab some flags, or two bandanas, or even some old cloths. After that, the fun really starts!

Hula Hoop Competition: Let’s see just how well you can move those hips! For this game, gather your close friends and some inexpensive hula hoops, and see who can hula hoop the longest. You’d be surprised just how much of a work out it really is!

Three-Legged Race: Choose your partner wisely for a three-legged race! We suggest grabbing your spouse. You two should be well in sync with each other already, don’t you think? On better thought maybe not.

Outdoor Party Games

Croquet: This old-time classic is still sure to be a hit! Not to mention, it’s another great game to teach the kiddos!

Ladder Golf: Opposing teams take turns throwing 3 bolas on the varying rungs of the ladder. The first team to 21 wins! You’ll love this one if you’re looking for something simple and unique!

Volleyball: With or without a net, you can volley a ball in the backyard with your family or friends. However, to add a little friendly competition, set up a net and create a two-team tournament! This is definitely one of our most fun outdoor games!

Tug of War: Flex those muscles! Grab a rope out of the garage and see just how strong you really are!

Outdoor Party Games to DIY

Mini-Golf Course: Who doesn’t love a round of mini-golf?! Creating your very own course will have your house the hit of the neighborhood.

Plinko: Create your own Plinko board for a unique game to have on hand for your next BBQ! For this game, you’ll take turns dropping chips, aiming for the higher valued points along the bottom. The first player to 21 WINS!

Ring Toss: As simple as this game is to play, it’s equally as simple to make. Therefore, this can be “tossed” together quickly for a last-minute party!

Backyard Bowling: All you have to do for this game is to grab your recyclables and up-cycle them! That being said, this backyard bowling game is perfect for making and playing outdoors as a family!

DIY Outdoor Games

Balloon Dart Board: This is one of our more simple and fun outdoor games! All you have to do is adhere balloons to a board and throw darts at them. You can make it interesting by giving point values to different color balloons! Of all of our fun outdoor games, this one might be our favorite!

Kubb Game Set: Have you heard of this game?! It’s described as a cross between bowling and chess…interesting huh? Introduce it to friends and family and start a new tradition!

Corn Hole: The new backyard FAVORITE, corn hole, is hit as we move into the tail-gating season! You can make your own, or buy a set here. If you haven’t gotten on board with this game yet, you’re missing out on some competitive fun!

Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Crab Soccer: How fun does this look? When it comes to fun games for kids, crab soccer is where it’s at! In the crab walk position, use an over-sized ball to score against your opposing team.

Backyard Obstacle Course: This is a great backyard game because you can use any items you have laying around the house to create the ULTIMATE obstacle course for your kiddos. When they get bored, switch up the course and it will keep them busy for HOURS! Hands down, this is one of our favorite fun games for kids!

Party Games

Chalk Obstacle Course: Kids LOVE chalk. Have them help you create an obstacle course on the sidewalk. Heck, join them for a round or two!

Freeze Tag: Nothing says “fun games for kids” like freeze tag! Additionally, this oldie but goodie is a great way to get the kids some exercise! Let them burn off steam while playing a round of freeze tag!

Potato Sack Races: This classic and fun outdoor game is easy to organize. Even if you don’t have a potato sack, a pillowcase will do the trick!

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