Inside: Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games

I LOVE baby showers! I always have, ever since I was a little girl. There is something so funny about celebrating someone who isn’t even here yet! The excitement and love everyone already has for that sweet little baby that no one even knows yet. I think they are the sweetest time for parents to be.

There are two things I love most about baby showers, cake and games!

Don’t ask me why but baby shower cake is the best and of course I love games. Now we have all played the traditional games like guess what’s in the diaper and guess the birth date, but these Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games turn any traditional shower into one heck of a baby celebrating bash.

Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games

Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games

Change the Baby: This is played exactly how it sounds. You provide everyone with a stuffed animal or doll, a diaper, and an onesie and let them race to get the “baby” diapered and dressed. Whoever finishes first, wins! If you have more guests than dolls, you can play this game in shifts. It’s so quick, even in shifts it will go fast.

Wipe it Up: You will provide each player with a container of baby wipes. To play this game, each player will use only one hand to grab as many wipes as they can in one minute. The person with the most wipes out of the container wins.

Baby Shower Games

Suck it Up: You will need nose aspirators, a bottle, jar, or cup, and mini marshmallows for each player. This game is played by sucking up as many marshmallows as possible and letting them drop in the bottle. You will play for one minute, and the player with the most marshmallows in their bottle wins.

Diaper Stack: Yep, you guessed it…you are going to be stacking diapers for this game. Give each player a pile of diapers, and they have one minute to stack them as high as possible without tipping them over. The player with the most diapers stacked wins the game.

The Best Baby Shower Games

Feed the Baby: For this game, your players will need to choose a partner. One player will be blindfolded and will be trying to feed the “baby.” The other player will be fed! We used pudding but you can use applesauce or anything you might feed a baby (without grossing out your guests).

Pacify the Baby: Every good mama needs to know how to pacify her baby, and this is great training. Each player is given a Ring Pop and when you say “GO” they start to suck on their “pacifiers.” The player who finishes their Ring Pop first wins the game.

Minute to Win It games

Bottle to Bottle: Fill one baby bottle with sprinkles then put a piece of double-sided tape or paper with a medium-size hole in it over the opening of the bottle (no nipple). Take another bottle and put it upside down (so the two openings are touching) on the other bottle and tape together.

Players must transfer sprinkles from one bottle to the other bottle to win. Some of the sprinkles will likely get stuck on the tape but the majority of them should be able to make their way through to the other bottle.

Super Funny Minute to Win It Baby Shower Games

Blindfolded diaper changing: If you have a competitive group, this game would be highly entertaining for the mom-to-be. Split into groups of two (or even three or four!) and let everyone who wants to participate don a blindfold and race to change the diaper on a baby doll. Bonus points if you slather something sticky and gross on the doll beforehand.

Pass the paci: Split into teams and provide each person with a straw, which they will put in their mouth. The first person in line can thread their straw through a pacifier handle. When the timer starts, they must get it onto the next person’s straw—without using their hands!

Match baby’s socks: Purchase a few dozen baby socks and jumble the pairs in a pile. Participants have one minute to try to pair as many socks as possible!

Funny Baby Shower Games

Ice, ice baby. Freeze a few dozen small plastic babies within an ice cube tray. Pass out the frozen cubes and let people race to unfreeze as many babies as they can.

Paint your toes: Provide polish and ask everyone to sit down and take off their shoes. Hand each person a large balloon to slip under their shirt and let them get to work trying to paint their toenails. Those who participate in this hilarious non-traditional baby shower game get to take the nail polish home with them.

Make it to the toilet. This is definitely a non-traditional minute to win it baby shower game! Pass out pennies to each person in a team. The first person waddles to a pot placed a few yards away with the pennies held firmly between their legs. They must drop the coin into the pot without using their hands. Once they have gone, it’s the next person’s turn.

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You are guaranteed to have the best baby shower bash ever with these Minute to Win It Baby Shower games! Let us know in the comments you favorite!