Inside: Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games.

Have you jumped on the Minute to Win It craze yet? If not, you are definitely missing out. They are such fun and simple games to put together and a blast to play. We thought it would be so much fun to create themed party games for an upcoming bridal shower, and boy are they fun.

From tossing bouquets to saying yes to the dress these Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games are a blast!

Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games

Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games

Toss the Bouquet: Every bride needs to know how to toss the bouquet, so let’s make sure we help her practice. To play this game you will have a line for the player to stand to toss the bouquet. Place the basket behind the player at a distance you think will be challenging but possible to toss the flowers into. When the player is ready, give her the flowers and start the clock. She will have 60 seconds to toss the bouquet as many times as possible, gaining one point for every time she tosses the bouquet in the basket.

Guess the Love Quote: This printable bachelorette party game has a list of famous movie love quotes in which players have to try to guess what movies they are from.

Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games

Here Comes the Bride – Minute to WIn it Bridal Shower Games

Groom the Balloon: We definitely want the groom looking his best for the wedding, so let’s practice our shaving skills. This game will make sure we are skilled barbers. To play this game, each player will need to shave a balloon without popping it and within the one-minute time limit. When the clock starts, the player will need to spread shaving cream all over the balloon and proceed to shave the balloon. The player that accomplishes this within one minute gains a point to add to their tally. Make sure to fully blow the balloons up so they are tight. This will make shaving them easier.

Put a Ring on It: You can’t have a wedding without the perfect ring. Let’s give the ring some attention with this fun minute to win it game. To play this game, each player will be given a ring pop that they will need to try to eat within one minute. This game can be played all at once. You can either score this by giving points to the first player finished or give points to any player that finishes in one minute. Your choice.

Take the Cake: When the cake is cut we see the bride and groom’s real nature come out. Whether they will kindly offer a bite to one another or smash it in each other’s faces? So let’s give it a whirl. And if we get to eat cake to practice, even better. To play this game you will have each player paired off. Both players will be blindfolded and they will need to each feed their partner a cupcake within the one-minute timeframe.

Minute to Win It Bridal Shower Games

Let’s Get Dressed Up

Say Yes to the Dress: Finding the perfect gown is usually number one on any bride’s list. Let’s see if we can make the perfect wedding dress for her. Each player will have one minute to wrap someone up in 2 rolls of toilet paper. The goal is to create the perfect wedding dress. This game will be done in pairs, so each team will have 2 rolls of toilet paper they must get though within one minute.

Guess The Dress Game: If you don’t have enough room to play the classic toilet paper wedding dress game, this game is a great substitution. Have guests bring their best artist skills to the game by drawing what they think the bride’s dress will look like.

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