Inside: Awesome 40th birthday party ideas for husband that will make the big 4 0 more chewable

Though none of us like to think about it, we are all going to turn 40 one day. From the lens of a 20-year-old, this is a very scary thought. But as you get older, you realize that with aging comes confidence, fun, and wisdom.

Once you get close to it, 40 doesn’t seem bad at all.

So if you have a husband in your life that is turning 40, you know how exciting this will be. You are probably on the hunt for some awesome ideas for what kind of party to throw. Lucky for you, you clicked on the right article.

Genius 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Your Husband

I have compiled some of the best 40th birthday party ideas for husbands that will blow their socks off, and if you know anything about husbands, you know their socks are pretty tight. Okay, jokes aside, these are some awesome ideas. I have covered everything from party themes to food so you have nothing to worry about.

There is something here that your husband will love. So take a look!

Turning 40 Party Ideas for Your Man

This first list is filled with some of the greatest 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Husband. Any one of these will be a smash hit of a party. So take a look through them to get some ideas, and remember: the most important part of any party is that the honored birthday person and all of the guests have fun.

With so many options, it may be hard to choose, so think about what your husband would love!

1. Pizza Party – You can never go wrong with a classic pizza party. You can either decide to make your own pizzas there and have that be the activities, or you can order one pizza from every place in your area. Make sure to get all different kinds!

2. The Theme is 40 – Have everyone dress up as their favorite 40-year-old. Put on music by bands that are 40 years old…Have food that is 40-themed. There are so many directions you can take this one in. You can get creative! The most important part is that you have a blast.

3. Host a Dinner Party – A classic dinner party is a lovely way to go if you are turning 40. You are an adult now; you have been around the block. Now you get to bask in your sophistication. The funny thing about getting older is you end up liking the things that bored you as a child.

4. Ultimate BBQ – If your husband is turning 40, you have to throw the most 40-year-old man party that you can…and that is a BBQ! BBQs are super fun because you can spend time with the people you love outdoors. So pick some of his favorite BBQ meals and add them to your shopping list!

5. 1980s Theme – If you are throwing a party for someone turning 40, chances are they were born in the 1980s. So what better kind of party to throw than a 1980s-themed party! You can play music from the 1980s, play games about the 1980s and dress like you are from the 1980s. It’ll be a blast.

6. Dress as the Decades – Obviously, your husband has to dress up in the 1980s. But the theme of this party is the decades, so have all of your guests dress up as a different decade. To make it extra fun, see if you can each guess what decade they are without them telling you!

7. Game Night – A classic game night is a super fun way to get all of your friends and family together to play games and have good laughs. You can have everyone bring their favorite game to play and then spend the night going through them all.

8. Murder Mystery Game Night – There are so many different at-home murder mystery games that are pre-made to ensure that everyone can have the best time. Plus, these games help everyone to put their minds together. They can help you feel giddy and in the moment, which is needed when you turn 40.

9. Nostalgia Night – Have everyone bring photos and stories about the birthday boy so that you can spend the evening reminiscing and be in each other company. This themed night is always a winner because it leaves the honorary birthday person feeling so loved by the people in their lives.

10. Childlike Wonder Party – Lastly, a childlike wonder party is a party that is based on the things that your husband used to enjoy when he was a kid. I am talking favorite candies, favorite movies…you get my drift. Fill the night with the things that used to fill his night when he was young. It’s a winner!

40th Birthday Decorations For Guys

Fortieth Birthday Party Decorations

You HAVE to decorate for a 40th birthday party. Well…you have to decorate for any birthday party. But you get my point. This list is full of some of the cutest 40th birthday-themed decorations that will have your space feeling like the pinnacle of the 40th birthday celebration.

Look through these to get ideas.

They all have links to where you can buy them, I just thought I would save you some time. What are you waiting for? Add to cart!

11. 40th Themed Decoration Pack

12. Plates, Cups, and Utensils

13. Holy Sh** You’re Old

14. Beer Cozies

15. Never Looked So Good Wall Banner

16. Cute 40th Dangles

17. Happy 40th Birthday, Lawn Banner

18. 40th Table Runner

19. Cute Table Runner

20. Back in 1982, Info Sheet

21. Old Lives Matter

22. Birthday Boy Hat

Food Ideas for a 40th Birthday

Food Ideas for a 40th Birthday

Here are some awesome food ideas that you can incorporate into your party. Most of these are perfect party foods that people can just load up on and eat anywhere in the house. This way, socializing doesn’t have to stop! Plus, some of the yummiest foods are hand foods.

So take a look through these and see which ones sound best to you, or better yet, your husband.

You can also cue him in on this decision so he gets the meal of his dreams!

23. Holy Crap, You’re Old Cake

24. Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

25. Cheesy Potato Skins

26. Deviled Strawberries

27. Street Tacos

28. Ham and Cheese Hawaiian Rolls

29. BLT Dip

30. Chicken and Waffle Sliders

31. Cowboy Caviar

32. Crack Chicken Pinwheels

33. Mini Bacon Cheese Burgers

40th Birthday Ideas for your Husband

Turning 40 is a much more fun affair than it sounds like. After seeing all of these party ideas, don’t you agree? There is so much more to life than your youth; I think that if we all started to glamorize growing older the same way we do being young, it wouldn’t be as scary.

I hope that you loved all of these 40th birthday party ideas for husband, and that you found them to be helpful. I know how stressful it can be to have to throw a big party for a big age, so I am happy to have been able to make it a little bit easier for you.

Remember to have fun, and enjoy yourself at the party.

After all, your husband only turns 40 once. YOFO as the kids call it; You’re Only Forty Once. Live it up!