Inside: Bubble themed party ideas that will blow your mind. Pun Intended 😉

Sometimes, when I am thinking up party ideas I come across an idea that stops me in my tracks and leaves me searching in my calendar for the next birthday I can celebrate. A bubble theme party is one of those ideas.

Think about how magical bubbles are by themselves. Children and adults alike love the simple, flying spheres. By creating a bubble-themed party, you are basically just creating one big nostalgia party. I love that. 

Here is my favorite bubble making machine, and colored bubbles to add to it which every kid attending a bubble party will enjoy!

I know that this is the kind of party that you grow up and remember for the rest of your life. The best part about this is how truly simple it is. There aren’t any complex decorations or foods, and the games are simple too.

So if you are curious about how to go about throwing one of these for someone you love then stay tuned.

Bubble party games 

I am going to go over some of the best bubble theme party ideas that will help to create the most magical atmosphere you have ever seen at a party. I have tips about everything from theme, decor, even food. But I think my biggest must-have for this party (besides the bubbles themselves) is transparent balloons. I mention them below but they need to be talked about again.

Transparent balloons look so much like un-poppable balloons that it’s ridiculous. It can trick even the smartest baby. I would recommend getting so many that you can string them up, leaving them lying about, and just scatter them all around the entire space that you are throwing this party.

Okay, now that that is over with, let’s get into this!

Bubble Theme Ideas

1. Welcome Bubble Bash Sign – The best way to welcome your guests to a bubble party is with this adorable sign! It really does get the tone for the whole party. 

2. Cool Table Center – Table centerpieces are one of my favorite ways to fill a space and bring the whole room together. Take a look at this one. 

3. Bubble Ball Pit – Okay but how cute is this bubble ball pit? To create your own you will need: Kiddy Pool, Plastic Ball Pit balls in Blue and White, and Balloons. Simply add them all to the kiddy pool and you have yourself a DIY bubble ball pit. 

Bubble Game Ideas, Little boy capturing bubbles

Bubble Games

Bubble games don’t need to be complex to be fun, if anything they are the exact opposite. I have found that the simplest games end up being the most fun for parties, especially when it’s more geared toward young kids. Plus, bubbles are so simple there is no need to complicate them anymore, you run the risk of ruining the mystique!

4. Bubble Painting – For this game, you will need: Paper, Food Dye, Bubbles, and Plastic Cups. 

This is an adorable concept that I had to include for the first game. All you have to do is divide your bubble solution into separate cups and add a different color into each and mix. Then you get your kiddos together and let them blow the colored bubbles onto paper. The end result is a colorful, cute abstract piece.

5. Don’t Let the Bubbles Fall – For this one, you just need: Bubbles

Have all the kids stand in a circle, and have one kid go into the center, and blow as many bubbles as humanly possible. It’s up to every else to try and stop the bubbles from touching the ground by blowing them up towards the sky. Then when they are all gone, a different kid goes into the middle and starts the game over.

Bubble themed party

6.  Bubble Tag – All you need is: Bubbles

Tag is probably one of the most nostalgic games for all of us. But adding bubbles to it takes it up a notch. The rules are the same, except instead of tagging someone with their hand, they have to use bubbles instead.

7. Mega Bubble Blower – You will need: Bubble Solution, Kiddy Pool, and Hula Hoops.

This is a challenge to create the biggest bubble. Have you ever seen the size of the bubbles that come out of hula hoops? They are insanely cool

Cute Bubble Decorations

These are just some examples of the cutest bubble decoration ideas I could find but I know there are plenty more that you can come up with. With many of these, you can repeat them to fill a space, like with the string of bubbles. The more the merrier when you are creating a bubble-themed party! So take a look at these and see what kind of inspiration hits you.

8. String of Bubbles – How cool is this string of balloons? If you wanted to make a DIY, it would be pretty simple. All you would need is transparent balloons and string. Tie them periodically along the string and then hang it up. Voila!

9. Bubble Birthday Banner –  This bubble birthday banner is a beautiful addition, and will help to bring the whole party together.

10. Transparent Balloons – Transparent balloons resemble bubbles the most out of any other decor I could find here on the internet. They are simply perfect and must have a place at your party. 

11. 72 pack of Mini Bubble wands – These will double as something to do and as something to decorate with. The more you have the better.

12. Table Cloth – This bubble-themed table cloth is perfect for setting up a snack table. Check it out.

Bubble Themed Food with Boba Tea Photo

Bubble Themed Food

Perhaps the most fun part about this whole party is finding bubble-themed food. There are surprisingly quite a few options to choose from. I included my favorites below but if you come up with more yourself then absolutely add them to your party! After creating this, I am seriously craving some bubble tea…and bubble gum ice cream.

13. Trix Cereal Treat –  The circular look of Trix cereal makes for the best, trippiest looking treat. It’s definitely perfect for the bubble theme. 

14. Sugar Bubbles – I have always been fascinated by sugar bubbles. You have to melt sugar down to a specific temperature and then take a straw and blow it into a bubble. It’s food science!

15. Bubble Bread – This is a cute way to create bubble-themed food for a whole group of people. 

16. Bubble Tea – Of course, I had to include bubble tea. This is its time to truly shine. 

17. Bubble Gum Ice Cream – How could I not mention bubble gum ice cream? It was created for this purpose.

I hope you loved these ideas, and that they fueled your creative inspiration for your own bubble party. This is such a fun idea, I really hope that this becomes a popular birthday party idea! 

Honestly, I’m tempted to make my next birthday bubble themed… I may be an adult but I am still a kid at heart.