Inside: The Best Trivia Games Based On The 80’s.

Ah, the 80’s. Big hair, animal print clothing, bold makeup, and of course, the decade of some of the most iconic movies, music, and other pop culture moments ever.

Whether you actually lived through it, or simply are a sucker for the nostalgia of those times, people still have a ton of appreciation for that crazy decade.

Even now, over 40 years later, you can find parties being thrown with the theme being the 1980s and plenty of Halloween costumes every year based on the 80’s.

Are you ready for blast-from-the past 80’s quizzes? 80’s trivia games are a great way to show off your knowledge!

1980's Iconic Trivia Games and Quizzes

So if you’re looking to reminisce on old times with some friends, or you just want to show your kids that you actually were cool at one point, these trivia games are a great way to do either! Take a walk down memory lane by playing these 1980s trivia games (make sure to grab your Walkman!).

1980s Trivia Games

Test your 80’s knowledge with these trivia card games and booklets! Do you remember the names of all four Ninja Turtles? Or how about the colors of the ghosts from the original Pacman? These games make for not only bodacious game nights with your family and friends but also an awesome gift for that one person in your life who still seems to be stuck in this decade.

1980's trivia games for parties

  1. That’s So 80’s Trivia Card Game: With over 200 cards each complete with a unique 1980s trivia question, this game can be fun for the whole family! Simply roll the die, pick up the card that correlates, and try to answer the question correctly. 
  2. You Gotta Know 1980s: An easy race to 21 points game with each card having a designated number of points if you get it correct. Topics range from sports, movies, politics, and more! Or you can disregard the points and play casually to pass the time while drinking, munching on some snacks, or traveling!
  3. 1980s Music Trivia Card Game: Music lovers, this one’s for you! Divided into two teams, a player on team one draws a card with a trivia question on it that a player on team two must answer correctly. However, there is also a chance for your team to earn an extra point with a “complete the lyric” segment! Team one sings the first part of the lyric and team two must reply with the following line. How fun does this sound?
  4. 1980s Quiz Book: This book comes complete with 1000 questions about what some refer to as the “best decade ever!” Covering a range of topics, this makes for a wonderful gift for that 80s baby in your life, and it’s easy to carry making it the perfect car ride game.
  5. 80s TV Trivia Quiz Book: Test your 1980s TV knowledge with this quiz book that has over 300 multiple choice trivia questions inside! Think you know your 80’s television? See for yourself by answering these questions and comparing them to the answer key!

Totally Tubular 80’s Trivia Games

80's party music trivia games

These games will send you right back in time like you’re hanging out with Marty McFly! They are awesome to play on the go or just casually around the dinner table. They can also definitely spice up any adult game night, allowing you all to reminisce on the good ‘ol days. To make these games even more fun, put an adult twist on it and turn them into drinking games! I’m sure by the end of the night you’ll have ditched the games and go straight to karaoking your favorite tunes from your youth.

  1. Like Totally 80’s: With an accompanying soundtrack to listen to on Spotify as you play, this might be the most radical game on our list! Fun from start to finish, especially because the first team to properly recite the opening lyrics of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ gets to go first. You’ll be able to relive fashion trends, your favorite John Hughes films, and songs that you probably had blasting on your Walkman on your way home from school everyday. 
  2. 1980s Rock Lyrics & Titles Trivia Quiz Book: 1980s were paramount for rock music. So many classic bands were formed and produced music that is still well known and loved to this day. How well do you know these tunes? Test your knowledge and see if you can consider yourself the 80’s music wiz!
  3. The Ultimate 80’s Quiz: How well do you really know the decade of big hair, leg warmers, and Pacman? This 1980s card game will let you know! Packaged with bright, vivid colors that recreate that classic 80’s look, this is an awesome game to whip out and play at any event.
  4. Totally 80’s Trivial Pursuit: The most famous trivia game, but with over 2,000 questions about all things 80’s! With game tokens that replicate iconic 1980s items and a retro game board, you’ll be transported back in time as soon as you open the box. Play with up to four players or divide yourselves up into teams depending how many 80’s fanatics you’re going to be playing with!
  5. This Is Totally 80’s Pop Quiz Booklet: This pocket sized quiz booklet is perfect for on the go! Quiz yourself, your friends, or anyone else that claims to know about everything from the 80’s. From easy questions to ones that may pose a bit more of a challenge, no matter who you play with, it is bound to spark some awesome conversation and allow you to look back on some great times.
  6. I Love The 80’s Board Game: This game will have you singing, drawing, acting out, and answering trivia about every aspect of the 80’s. Can your teammate guess that your drawing is of parachute pants? Or that you’re impersonating a certain famous singer? Play and find out how well you know your 80’s trivia!

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