Inside: Awesome pool party ideas for adults to help you have fun in the sun.

The apex of every childhood party was the elusive but magical pool party. Not everyone has a pool, and if they did a pool party needed an occasion.

So when one finally rears its head you’d look forward to it for weeks.

There was just something about the hot day mixed with the refreshing feeling of the pool. Being surrounded by friends, having good times and good food… nothing compares.

Pool party ideas for adults

So why are kids the only ones who get a pool party? I refuse to believe that those feelings of summer fun are gone. So we are going to make our own…ADULT pool party. 

I put together a list of pool party ideas for adults to kick start this epic idea, and I included everything you could need.

From games to decor, to food…I got you covered. So let’s dive into it!

Pun completely intended.

Pool Party Games for Adults

1. Marco Polo – You can’t possibly throw a pool party without it! I’m like 99% sure it’s illegal. Everyone has played this classic game once or twice, but to help give you a refresher course I figure it couldn’t hurt to go over the rules:

One person is chosen as ‘it’. This person will then close their eyes and stay at one end of the swimming pool while they count to 10. This 10 seconds gives the other players time to move around the pool and hide.

Once the time is up, the person who is it will call out ‘Marco’ and all the other players HAVE to call out ‘Polo’. If they tag you, you’re out. Play this until there is only one person left.

2. Whirlpool – Whirlpool is super simple yet super fun! You essentially create your own whirlpool by having everyone in the pool start running in the same direction in a circle around the outer edges of the pool. 

Keep going until the current is strong and then let it sweep you along!

3. Rubber Ducky – This is another classic swimming pool game. Every player gets into the pool and stays on one side and gets their own rubber ducky. The object of this game is to get your ducky to the other side of the pool. But there is a twist: no hands! The first person to the other side wins.

4. SPLASH – This one requires a little basketball hoop. They have ones that are meant for pools, these just float in the water so you wont have to install anything crazy. Once you have your little hoop then you can play S.P.L.A.S.H, which is essentially HORSE but for the pool!

5.  Cannon Ball Contest – A classic, and a must-have. Some added perks it that it’s free and hilarious.

6. Creative Jumping Contest – This one is pretty funny. Have a hat full of pose challenges (aka superman or running man) and then call them out as people jump into the water. The people who are able to make the best pose mid-air win!

7. Ring Dive – Diving for rings is a right of passage, and you cannot change my mind on this. 

8. Underwater Obstacle Course – An underwater obstacle course is for the elite.

9. Tug of War – Playing tug of war in the pull is a sure-fire way to get everyone working together to have a good time!

10. Floaty Race – It’s exactly as it sounds. Everyone gets a floaty and lines up on one side, then they have to race to the other side while on their floaty!

Water games for adults

More Water Games for Adults

11. Dance Party Button – This dance party button when pushed plays music, forcing everyone to stop what they are doing and dance their hearts out for thirty seconds.

12. Floating Corn Hole – Corn hole is already tricky…but did you know they had floating boards for the pool as well? Talk about taking it up a notch!

13. Battle Logs – Get up on your partner’s shoulds and fight to the splashy death with these inflatable battle logs. 

14. Floating Beer Pong – What’s better than beer pong? FLOATING beer pong. 

15. Volleyball – Volleyball is one of the most fun games you can play in the pool. You just need a net like this and a ball…and the rest is history,

16. Soaker Ride – Who would have guessed that they are making things like this for adults now? I love it!

17. Diving Games – Diving games are a must-have at any pool party regardless of age. So you have to check these out and include them!

18. Swim Through Rings – Ever wanted to feel like a dolphin? Well now you can prove yourself.

Birthday Pool Party Ideas for Adults

This next list is full of the cutest ideas to include in your pool party. From glow sticks, to squirt guns, to a cactus ring toss…take a look and see what sparks your fancy. It is your party after all…have fun with it,

19. Glow Sticks

20. Remote Control LED Balls

21. Squirt Gun Fight

23. Uno Splash

24. Neon Plastic Cup

25. Sriracha Floaty

26. Cactus Inflatable Ring Toss

27. Cassette Tape Floatie

28. Coconut Cups

29. Reusable Water Balloons

30. Sippy Straws

Food Ideas for a Pool Party

Pool food is tricky. We all know the golden rule, that you have to wait 30 minutes until you are able to swim after you eat. Otherwise, you could get a cramp, or at least that’s how the superstition goes. So light meals tend to be the best way to go. Take a look below to get a good idea of some of the yummy foods you can include.

31. Summer Salad

32. Balsamic Steak Over Salad

33. BBQ Chicken Kabab

34. Snack Spread

35. Frozen Yogurt Bark

36. Cute Cut Fruit

37. Fruit Filled Pineapple

38. Outdoor Kababs

39. Peach and Hummus Salad

40. Fruit Plate

41. Caprese Salad Skewers

42. Simple Pinwheels

43. BLT Dip

44. Build a Burger

45. Pulled Pork Puffs

46. Fried Jalapenos

47. Caramel Banana Bites

48. 7 Layer Dip

Pool party decorations

Pool Party Decorations

The pool alone is great sure, but in order for it to be a real pool party, you are gonna need some decorations. Lucky for you, I got that covered too. Check out all of these great examples. Included are some of the cutest outdoor-themed decorations. You will not be sorry.

49. Beach Balls in Bulk

50. Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

51. Avocado Inflatable

52. Inflatable Swim Tube

53. Goofy Glasses

54. Decorative Leis

55. Floating Flamingos

56. Summer Themed Banner

57. Inflatable Ice Tray

58. Hanging Swirls

59. LED Floating Pool Lights

60. Cute Ring Toss

61. Bubbly Garland

62. Pool Sports

63. Tropical Plates

Pool Party Ideas for adults

So, are you amped with these pool party ideas for adults? Because I know I am. I am more excited than I have been about anything…ever. So yeah, it’s going to be epic. Especially if I include any of these ideas, which I am going to. And I hope you do too. 

There are so many other awesome outdoor party ideas that you can throw to help you take advantage of the beautiful time of year.

Summer is truly the most wonderful time of the year, regardless of what other seasons of the year think about themselves. Summer is where it’s at!

Think about that while you are soaking up the nostalgia rays at your very own party. I hope these ideas were helpful for you!