Inside: Totally Fun Party Games Everyone Will Love.

The family that plays together stays together. Whether your planning a fun family game night or preparing for a huge house party, each of these games are perfect for your next celebration. Most all of these games require no supplies, or very little prepping!

Which in my opinion are the best types of games! These fun party games are full of laughs and SO. MUCH. FUN.

Fun Party Games

Party Games Everyone Will Love

React and Act: For a group of partygoers who enjoy getting theatrical. Everyone brainstorms a ton of different events to react to (seeing your favorite celebrity on the street, discovering a viper under your bed, biting into a sandwich only to find a finger) then writes them down and pops them into a hat.

Participants will draw one of the events from the hat and react to it while everyone else attempts to guess what on Earth they’re screaming or fainting about.

Freeze Dance: Pick out some tunes and dance away until it’s time to FREEZE. If you don’t freeze you’re eliminated and if you’re the last person on the dance floor? You WIN!

Party Game Ideas

Laughing Game: Who can keep a straight face for the longest period of time when everyone is saying, “Ha,” “Ho,” and “Hee”?

Mummy: Grab some toilet paper and start making a mummy — fast! Faster than the other teams! Ready? Go!

Draw & Write: Known as “The Best Game To Play With Your Family Over The Holidays,” this one is kind of like Telephone (only with drawing and writing instead of whispering).

The Best Party Game Ideas

Sticker Stalker: A sneaky game that you can play over the course of an entire party. Everyone has some stickers — the challenge is to stick them on people without their noticing. Get stealthy and use up all of your stickers first to win.

Things: One person makes a “things” statement (for instance, “Things That Make You Smile”) and everyone else writes down an example on a piece of paper. The answers are collected and read aloud and everyone tries to guess who wrote what.

Musical Chairs: You probably haven’t played since you were a child and that is tragic. It’s still fun! Especially if you amend the rules to allow sitting on top of other people (as long as your feet are off the floor).

Best Party Games

Likes, Dislikes: Each person at the party writes down their likes and dislikes. Can you figure out who wrote what?

Dancing Chair: Person One wiggles their hips. Person Two does the hip wiggle and adds some jazz hands. Then Person Three hip wiggles, goes jazz hands crazy, and flaps their arms like a chicken. Person Four, well… you get the picture.

Two Truths & A Lie: Each person at the party takes turns telling two truths and a lie while everyone else tries to surmise which one is which.

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Catch Phrase: This electronic game involves splitting up into two teams and trying to get your teammates to guess the word on the screen by describing it in any way possible. Keep guessing new words until the buzzer goes off!

Game of Phones: Perfect for people who can’t stay off their phones, this game involves both physical cards and an app. The premise is simple: Everyone grabs their smartphones. One player picks a card and gets to judge that round. The rest of the players have 60 seconds to respond to the card’s prompt with the funniest/weirdest thing they can come up with on their phones.

Fun Party Games to Buy

Werewolf: If you have enough people and the time to play, Werewolf will quickly become a favorite amongst your friends—especially if you have a charismatic and animated moderator to keep things original and move things along.

What do you Meme: You’ll want to keep the kids away from this one—it’s strictly adults-only, and gets hilariously inappropriate fast.

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