Inside: Camping scavenger hunt ideas that will give the kids something to do.

We all know how much fun camping can be, but there is always that lull period where the kids are aching to get back to their phones and give their brains something to do.

We are living in a very fast-paced world today, and perhaps one of the main goals of camping is to step out of that and slow down.

So how can we make that transition easier for our kids, most of which are addicted to their screens? Simple.

We give them fun tasks to do.

A meditation session isn’t going to cut it; we need to get their brains working. 

camping scavenger hunt ideas with printable

This is where scavenger hunts come in. Scavenger hunts are some of the best ways to get kids out of their electronics and be present in the real world. It’s fun, effective, and can be super beneficial to the kids who play it. So I have put together a list of some of the best camping scavenger hunt ideas to help you turn this concept into a reality. What are you waiting for? Take a look!

Cute Ideas to Incorporate into a Camping Scavenger Hunt

This first list is mainly to get your creative juices flowing. If you aren’t planning on printing a hunt out before you go, then you will find some of the best ideas here. If you keep scrolling, I have even included a list of things that you can include on your list. So you really have all your basis covered. Take a look through these ideas and see which ones you like.

1. Pen and Paper – If you don’t want to print out your list, then you can just create your own with pen and paper. This is a simple solution for those of you who don’t 100% know what your campsite will hold.

2. Hide a few Extras – Though most scavenger hunts have the kids looking for naturally occurring things that are naturally occurring, you can hide a few things yourself to help get them started. 

3. Have little Prizes for the Winner – The winners will most likely be expecting some sort of prize. So you incorporate a little gift into your packing plans, or you can simply declare that the winner gets an extra s’more.

4. Letter of the Alphabet – The letter of the alphabet hunts are a classic. You just have to find one thing that starts with each letter of the alphabet. This will have 26 items, so it’ll keep them busy for a while.

5. Night Scavenger Hunt – I think this one is for the brave kids out there or for the older ones. Why not have a nighttime scavenger hunt to take this idea up a notch?

6. Themed Hunt – If you are throwing a birthday or a holiday while camping, you can make the hunt whatever theme matches your reason for going.

7. Animal Scavenger Hunt – Animals will be all over your campsite. Whether it’s the deer, the birds, the squirrels, or even the little butterflies, your kids will have tons of subjects to check off their list.

8. Water Scavenger Hunt – If your campsite is near a body of water, then you can include water-themed items on your list. Think fish, water skeeter, etc.

9. Camp Themed Hunt – This one is simple; you can put things on there like tents, grills, and water bottles. You name it.

10. Collectable Hunt – Have all the children collect their items for it to count towards their scavenger hunts. This is super fun and gives them the opportunity to get really hands-on with their studies.

free camping scavenger hunt

Free Camping Scavenger Hunt

Before we get into the list of words for your DIY list, look at these free printable scavenger hunts already made. These are cute, well thought out, and can give you great inspiration for your own. I understand that camping by itself can be a pretty spendy activity. You have so many little tools to buy, tents, grills…you name it. So save a little money with these activities.

11. Photo Included Hunt for Kids – I have found that if you add little photos, the younger kids are more likely to get involved and stay intrigued by the game until the very end. 

12. Adorable Decorated Printable – The cuter the decorations, the more likely the kids are to enjoy themselves while playing this game. I know that sounds silly, but it makes the game feel more put together and more serious. Try and see.

13. Cute Colorful Hunt – I think that this is an adorable and colorful option for those of you with a bunch of little kids out there. They have photos, and cute decorations and are just perfect for this occasion.

14. Kids Scavenger Hunt – I have found lists like these to be such a hit among the kids that you will be so happy to have found this before you took your trip. It really brings people together.

15. Light Blue List – This simple blue list doesn’t have any photo references, so it may be better suited for some older kids.

16. Pine Cone List – The best part of this list is the cute pinecone photo at the very top. What better way to get the kids excited about this game? 

Things to Add to Your Scavenger List

Now that we have covered the cute free printable lists, let’s take a look at some item ideas that you can include in your own. If you decide that you can simply make your own list, remember that by adding little doodles or decorations to the page, the whole game can feel more put together and serious. So take that into consideration while you are picking what to add. 

17. Heart-Shaped Rock

18. Blue Bird

19. Tent 

20. Butterfly

21. Yellow Flower

22. Pine cone

23. Camp Fire

24. Hiking Boots

25. Clovers

26. Lizards

27. Mushroom

28. Stacked Rocks

printable camping scavenger hunt

Printable Camping Scavenger Hunts

And lastly, these are some of the cutest printable camping scavenger hunt lists that Etsy has to offer. I have found that Etsy is just full of adorable printables like these if you know how to look. This way, you not only get a unique and high-quality pdf to work with, but you’ll be supporting a small business while you do so. Don’t you just love that?

29. Adventure Birthday Hunt

30. Camping Hunt Set

31. Nature Hunt Printable

32. Outdoor Hunt Printable

33. Cartoon Photo Hunt

34. Spring-Themed Hunt

35. Pastel Scavenger Hunt

36. Color Scavenger Theme

37. Dinosaur Hunt

38. Children’s Hunt for Camping

39. Camping Bingo

40. Nature Hunt for Outside

41. Bubble Checklist

42. Camping Printable Outdoor List

43. Cute Simple Scavenger Hunt

camping scavenger hunt

Are you ready to start packing your bags and hitting the road to the great outdoors? Because after seeing these, I sure am! This made me so excited to go camping that I literally booked my space right after finding number 43.

Remember, adults, you can always play right alongside your kids. It may seem simple, but it’ll be a great bonding experience and loads of fun.

They aren’t the only ones who are screen-obsessed, and playing this game will pull you right out of that fog and into the present.

So unplug, gear up, and have fun. See who gets to win an extra s’more