Inside: Learn how to play who knows the birthday boy best for a funny & sweet birthday game. 

Everyone knows that one of the best parts are birthday parties is the games. Sure the cake is nice, and the presents, of course! But the memories made and the laughs had while playing games with your closest friends is better than anything.

There are so many different games you can play at birthday parties, but one of my all-time favorites is the Who Knows the Birthday Boy Best Game.

Not only is it fun for everyone, but it is also the perfect way to make the birthday person feel extra special. After all, birthdays are the celebration of one’s existence.

What better way to show someone that you love them than with a game to show them just how well you know them. 

Funny Knows The Birthday Boy Best

Just sitting around asking questions can be kind of boring, so I thought I’d do you one better. Here is a list of 5 of the funniest WKTBBB Games out there.

My personal favorite is number 5!

Take a look and see which one you’re going to want to include at your next birthday party. Oh, and I also made sure to include a few of the best questions to ask during these games, to save you some time.

This is the one-stop shop for everything you could need. 

Who Knows The Birthday Boy Best Games

1. Point System – This is the simplest one, so I figured I’d start out with it. For this game, each correct question is worth a point, the first person to get to 10 is the winner and pronounced the best friend of the birthday boy. That’s some pretty high stakes. To make this extra fun, get a sash/pin/crown made for the winner that says, “I’m the birthday boy’s best friend”. The winner gets to wear it for the remainder of the party.

2. Shaving Cream Slap – This one is hilarious. For this, you will need shaving cream. For starters, find a place that you won’t mind getting messy, outside is preferable. If you have to play indoors then lay down some plastic to help protect surfaces. Have each player sit down in a row, and have the birthday boy walk around to each of them with a palm-full of shaving cream. He will ask them the questions and if they get them right, they’re safe. If they get it wrong, they get a slap!

3. Answer or Die – Birthday Boy will need a squirt gun. This one should also take place outside if you can help it. Everyone will take turns getting asked questions about the man of the day, and when they get them wrong, they get sprayed with the squirt gun. The driest person at the end is the winner! This one will result in laughs and giggles for days, so it’s a wonderful game to play on a birthday. 

4. The Amazing Race – For this one, you’ll need to make a finish line with a party streamer. Since it’s a birthday party, you should have some on hand. Next, have everyone line up at the starting line. When the Birthday Boy asks a question and you get it right, you take a step forward, if you get it wrong then you have to stay exactly where you are. The first person to reach the finish line is awarded the winner!

5. Jeopardy – I Saved the best for last. One of the funniest ways to play the Who Knows The Birthday Boy Best game is to make it a literal game show. This one will take some preparation, but it’s well worth it. You’ll need Paper, Tape, Buzzer/Bell, and Scoreboard. 

  • On the wall, create your categories and tape them up across the top, then put the point system going across the side. You’re basically making your own version of the game board from the TV Show.
  • Next, to make the questions, you’re going to write them down on the lower half of a piece of paper. Fold it hamburger style and draw a question mark on the front. Tape it to the wall in the correct category. 
  • Have everyone line up and give them a buzzer or bell. 
  • Then play as if you are playing Jeopardy but with the theme of the birthday boy!

Questions for birthday games

Who Knows Me Best Questions

Obviously in order to play any of the games up above you are going to need some questions. I figured I’d make it easier on you and give you a list of great ones to ask.

I put them in order from easiest to hardest. I figure it’s best to start off simple and then weed out the novices as you go along. Take a look!

1. What is my full name?

2. What year was I born?

3. What are my parents’ names?

4. How tall am I?

5. Where was I born?

6. What is my favorite TV Show?

7. What is my go-to drink order?

8. What is my favorite genre of food?

9. What is my all-time favorite movie?

10. What is my favorite kind of animal? 

11. What is my favorite color?

12. Where is my dream vacation?

13. What is my favorite song? 

14. What is my guilty pleasure?

15. Who is my celebrity crush?

16. What am I afraid of?

17. Who was my first crush?

18. Who was my first kiss?

19. When did I have my first kiss?

Who knows the birthday boy best game

20. Who was my kindergarten teacher?

21. What did I want to be when I grew up as a kid?

22. What is my zodiac sign?

23. What is my favorite brand of clothes?

24. Who is my oldest friend?

25. What was the last show I binged watched?

26. What makes me the happiest?

27. What is my biggest pet peeve?

28. What is something that makes me laugh every time?

29. What do I want to do with my life?

30. What is my favorite thing about myself?

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