Inside: The most aesthetic cake ideas you’ll find on the internet.

That is not clickbait folks; below this paragraph holds a list of some of the most aesthetically pleasing cakes you will ever see. If you love cake as much as I do, your heartbeat is definitely quickening right now. 

Cake is one of the most simultaneously loved and overlooked desserts. Sure, you have it at every birthday or celebration…but nobody appreciates it.

No one sees how many different flavors it can come in or how many different styles. On the list of favorite desserts, the cake is sometimes left off of the list entirely, and this is just unacceptable. 

Cake brings us all together. It’s something for us to gather around, sing around, and dance around (if you are really that into it). So today, we are going to spend some time appreciating it. 

Aesthetic Cake Ideas You'll Love

Look below for inspiration if you have a birthday or celebration that requires a cake. I have pulled together some of the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing cakes from around the internet.

Now they sit here, waiting to be seen. But before this, let’s briefly discuss the history of cake.

A Brief History of Birthday Cake

It is known that cakes were originally made in Egypt, but they didn’t look like what we know them as today. Back then, they were flatter, being cooked on a hot stone, and the end result didn’t even have frosting. Small beginnings!

The most important part of the Egyptians cake was that they learned how to utilize natural yeast for its rising properties in baking. This was the foundation that was built upon over time.

As time went on and technology advanced, we started adding things to our batters such as eggs, milk, sugar…basically all of the little things that make our cake today what it is. 

We got to where we are slowly over the course of many centuries. Who would have thought that cake has been for so long? 

They were thought of as a symbol of love and became the staple dessert at many weddings around the globe. And they still are today. During the 17th century, cake was something to be held in the highest honor because only the rich could afford it. This is where the famous quote by Marie Antoinette comes in, “Let them eat cake.” 

This, of course is the quote that cost her her head because she said it in regards to her starving peasants who couldn’t even afford bread. 

Cake has truly persevered throughout time, and we have landed here in the 21st century. The styles and flavors are as unique as they come. Take a look through these with a newfound appreciation for this time machine of a dessert.

Aesthetic Cake

Simple Aesthetic Cake Ideas

We are going to start off simply because right now, some of the coolest cakes are just that: simple. These cakes inspired me to order a cake decorating kit because up until now, I was under the assumption that it was ridiculously hard to decorate a cake. It still might be, but I think these are some styles that even I could achieve. Take a look and see which one would be best suited for your cake needs.

1. Blueberry Cake

2. Light Blue Birthday

3. Daisy Blue Cake

4. Euphoria Cake

5. Funfetti Cake

6. August Calendar Cake

7. Heart Cake

8. Daisy Cake

9. Night Sky

10. Happy Birthday

11. Blueberry Little Cakes

12. Ombre Green Frosting

Adorable Cake ideas

Though this title may feel a little redundant, these cakes are probably going to take your breath away and replace it with squeals. Yes, they are that cute. There are so many frogs, stars, and strawberries riddled throughout this list that you are going to rethink every cake you have ever had before.

Because they all will take a back seat to these, check out number 13 to see what I mean.

13. Cute Frog Cake

14. Simple Princess Cake

15. Magical Cake

16. Tiny Rose Cake

17. Minimalistic Sunset Cake

18. Strawberry Shortcake Cake

19. Light Blue Cake with Clouds

20. Thick Slabbed Frosting

21. Honey Cake

22. Fur Hear Cake

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Unique Aesthetic Cake Ideas

If the two lists above have proven to be unimpressive to you, then continue on. We are not done yet. Below are some of the most adorable and aesthetic cake ideas that fall on the unique spectrum.

If you don’t have a celebration coming up, these cakes may make you wish you did just so you can have something as an excuse to get one of these bad boys. I especially love number 34. Classic Beauty!

23. Flower Cake Idea

24. Pal Frogs

25. Moon Cake

26. Cheetah Print Cake

27. Crepe Cake

28. Carrot Cake

29. Artisan Floral Cake

30. Purple Layer Cake

31. Comic Book Cake

32. Heart Birthday Cake

33. Chamomile Cake

34. Classy Green Cake

35. Raspberry Cherries

Colorful Cake Ideas 

When it comes to cake, color is the way to go. Depending on your celebration, color has the power to transform any room that it’s in, even when it’s on a cake. Think about it. Baby gender reveal party literally depends on a cake’s color most of the time.

Take a look through these aesthetic cakes and just feel that extra boost of serotonin flood through your body. Who knew cake held so much power? Well…I did.

36. Thick Colored Frosting Cake

37. Simple Birthday Cake

38. Multiple Flower Cake

39. Fancy Green Cake

40. Sunflower

41. Cottage Core Cake

42. Orange Open Cake

43. Orange Flower Cake

44. White and Purple Flower Cake

45. Koi Pond

46. Sweet Cartoon Cake

47. Green Ombre Cake

48. It Will Be Okay

49. Retro Heart Cake

50. Three Tier Smudge Cake

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Trendy Aesthetic Cakes

Ah, the Piece de Resistance: The Trendy Cakes. The cakes below are some of my favorites on this list. They range in styles and occasions, from contemporary floral to Christmassy Cuteness. All of these beauties are so impressive that you will be blown away. If you find a cake that you love, then you can save it by either taking a screenshot or by bookmarking this article to return to later.

If you go with one of these ones, whatever you are celebrating must be special!

51. Happy Blue Cake

52. Yellow Cake with Flowers

53. Soft Flower Cake

54. Swatch Cake

55. Cartoon Bear

56. Cube Cake

57. Christmas Tree Cake

58. Full Blueberry Cake

59. Cactus Cake

60. Polka Dot Cake

61. Fruit Slice Cake

62. Crescent Moon Cake

63. Fluffy White Cake

Cake truly is the dessert that brings people together. Whether it is a birthday, a celebration, or even a going away party, cake is always present. I think it is about time that we give it the recognition that it deserves, don’t you think? 

We can do that by trying all the different kinds of cake that we can. Gone are the days of simple chocolate and vanilla; in are the days of berry composes and Cream Brulee topping! All jokes aside, whether the cake is simple or complex, small or large, just appreciate it in all its yumminess. It took many years for it to get here. 

I hope that you loved looking through all of these awesome examples of aesthetic cake and that some of these have even given you some inspiration. Cake can be such a fun thing to make, even more than it is fun to eat it. Find out for yourself, and you will see, cake is the best dessert that there can be! Oh gosh…that rhymed.