Inside: The Ultimate List of Minute to Win It Games (200+ Different Games).

Minute to Win It Games are one of the easiest types of games to play at any party. Games for every holiday, every season, and every theme you could ever think of!  Everyone will love these games because they take very little setup, they are super easy to learn and play.

Plus they’re good for small and large groups, and take the pressure off and let people just enjoy themselves.

Here is the ultimate list of Minute to Win It Games for any occasion and all our tips, tricks & supplies…

Minute to win it game ideas Ultimate List 200 ideas

What are Minute to Win It Games?

A few years back NBC had a show called Minute to Win It where contestants had to complete a task using household items in less than a minute to move on to the next challenge and ultimately win money.

People now play minute to win it games just like simple party games – sometimes actually having the minute time limit and other times just playing them as quick and easy party games.

They’re fun, simple to play, inexpensive, and typically hilarious!

Different Types of Minute to Win It Games

Man vs. Clock: In this version, one player will be trying to beat the clock for each game. So for instance, they will have to try and complete the game within a minute (hence the minute to win it name). If they do, they win a prize. If not, let someone else have a shot. For this style, I recommend choosing a different person for each game.

Group Style: In this style, you’ll pick two players for each game who will be going head to head against each other playing a game rather than trying to beat the clock. So you’ll give each person the game supplies and see who can finish first. The first person to finish wins the prize or point. Again, rotate through pairs for each game, repeating players as necessary but this works well when you have smaller groups so everyone can participate in a variety of games.

Team Style: In this style, you’ll split your group into two or three teams. For each game, teams must choose one player to compete for head to head in the game with the other teams. This works best if you have quite a few people and is a good way to get everyone involved cheering for their team.

How to be a Great Minute to Win It Host

Here are a few tips that I think make it a smoother and more fun party:

  1. Invite the right people – You want to make sure everyone who comes knows that they’ll be participating and that they’re okay with that.
  2. Have everyone participate in every competition
  3. Start with the Oreo game – It’s a great ice breaker and really sets the tone for the games.
  4. Keep score – Keeping score is a must, I mean who doesn’t love a winner. Keeping score is a simple method, my favorite way to score is a point for each won game. You don’t have to overcomplicate it. Here is an easy DIY scoring card that you can print out for your next Minute to Win It Game Night.
  5. Pause for treats – I mean can you go wrong with a good snack break? The one thing about Minute to Win It Games is of course they are only one minute long. Making each game very quick! One way to keep the flow of the night is to take snack breaks, laugh, and then go back for another round. This keeps interested and everyone excited to get back to playing.
  6. Have prizes – These don’t have to be huge grand prizes. You can do prizes in two different ways, either a prize for every won game or a prize for the team at the end. For prizes after each game, it can be as simple as candy, dollar spot trinkets, or fun DIY trophies themed for each game. Or you can do fun large prizes at the end of the game for the whole team like gift cards, matching mugs, or a quirky themed trophy that can be passed around each game night.

Types of Parties for Minute to Win It Games

If you haven’t caught on by now, Minute to Win It Games are truly one of my favorite party games. I feel like they work for any group of people in any party situation. As long as you have a group of guests that are willing to get a little silly, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

I like to plan Minute to Win it Games for:

Holiday Parties: These are always fun to have special themed games.

Baby Showers: Baby Showers can always have a little time of awkwardness, a few minute to win it games are a great ice breaker for some baby fun.

Birthday Parties: The obvious party choice, but especially for kids. We all know that kids have a tendency to have the attention span of a squirrel but these quick and fun games are perfect to keep them entertained for awhile. Planning a time of the night where you have a group of games, enough for each guest to have at least 1 or 2 turns, this helps occupy time and keep the fun going in a semi-organized fashion.

Church Events: Events like VBS, Wednesday Nights, or even Sunday School, Minute to Win It Games are a quick and fun way to start off an event with lots of laughs and breaking the ice.

Minute to Win It Supplies

This may not be all the supplies you need for every game, but here are a few great staples to have around for different games. You can come up with some variation of most any Minute to Win It game if you have a few of these supplies laying around. But just to be safe, always check your game supply list before planning.

A Few of Our Favorite Minute to Win It Game Ideas

Want to play loads of games without having to buy a list of supplies a mile long? These round-ups are specific to just a few supplies like balloons, ping pong balls, and cups. Most of which you probably already have laying around.

Balloon Games: Some of the best party games include wild and funny games. There are so many different versions to play, but some of my favorite include balloons. So we decided why not make the ultimate list of Balloon Games.

Games with Ping Pong Balls: There are so many different ideas when it comes to Minute to Win It Games, from toilet paper races to cookie face challenges. When planning the supplies list can become overwhelming quickly, since each challenge requires new items. But with these fun games with Ping Pong Balls you can play dozens of games, all with ping pongs.

Cup Games: I am sure most of us have a few extra red solo cups laying around the house. They are perfect for so many different things, from parties to everyday life they are so versatile! Solo cups have been around for year and for us are considered a staple for any party or event!

minute to win it games

Ultimate Minute to Win It Round-Ups

No matter how young or how old these Minute to Win It round-up lists are fun for all. These are great lists for family functions, easy enough for the youngest of players but still loads of fun for older players as well.

Awesome Minute Games: Minute to Win It Challenges are one of the easiest types of games to play at any party. They are perfect for birthdays, holiday parties, office parties or just a fun game night with some friends. These Challenges are perfect for large groups, you can team up and face off in the most fun way possible!

Fun Games for Every Party: I love how easy and fun they are, they are perfect for large groups and kids. They are super easy to prep and will entertain everyone for hours. They are the go-to games around this house for any kind of celebration.

Easy Games Everyone Can Play:  I think it’s safe to say that Minute to Win It is one of my favorite party games to play, they are fun, simple, and perfect for a good time! These easy games are full of creative fun and are perfect for your next game night with friends or family.

how to host a minute to win it party

Unique Themed Minute Games

Planning an adult focus party, but still want to keep it lite and fun? Throwing in a few minute to win it games lets the inner kid come out for a few good laughs. Add a few adult drinks in with these games and I guarantee you will have a hilarious time.

15 Wildly Fun Games for Adults:  A  fun friendly adult game night is essential every now and then! One of my favorite game night ideas is planning a couple of super fun Minute to Win It games for everyone to play. If you don’t know what these games are, they are quick 60-second challenges that you and your friends compete against the clock to finish before the timer runs out! These games are great for breaking the ice with large groups or laughing with old friends! See some of our favorite Minute to Win It Games for Adults!

Games for Groups: Having a big group gathering soon? Then these super fun Minute to Win It Games for Groups are the perfect games for you! Whether it is a big family gathering, Sunday school get together, work party, or someone’s birthday these games are a HIT for groups of people! They are fun to play and easy to set up. Check out our favorites!

Games for the Office: We can’t be all work and no play, every now and then we have to have a little fun at work. I love a good office party, there is something crazy about letting loose with the staff after a long week. These super fun minute to win it games for the office at the perfect office party games for your board room bash!

adult games that are easy to set up

Kids + Teens Will Love These Fun Games

Kids and teens love these quick and hilarious games. Keep them entertained and having a blast all night with dozens of Minute to Win It Game ideas. I love planning a few for any kid get together, they always liven up the party.

Games for Teens: Planning the perfect party for teens can be tough! They are in that weird stage where you can never really tell what is cool to them. Lucky for you we have come up with the best Minute to Win It Games for teens, all you need to do is pair it with some junk food and good music and you have the PERFECT party!

Kids Games: These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group, recently my kiddos had some friends over and I thought that would be the perfect time to pull of these fun Minute to Win It games for kids. They are all easy to play, pretty inexpensive to prep and are SO much fun!

Educational Games: When it comes to learning and school, sometimes our little ones can lose track quickly. I mean who can blame them, right? I know for me, I always learn something so much easier when I can make it fun. Setting the tone of the school day can be so important, which is why I love the idea of incorporating these super quick, and wildly fun Minute to Win It Classroom Games. Each is created to get those wheels turning but also teaching valuable lessons, and of course, have fun while doing so.

minute to win it ideas kids games

Holiday + Party Themed Game Ideas

The Holidays are a great time to plan festive-themed Minute to Win It Games, here are a few of our favorites.

Halloween Games: Halloween parties are one of my favorite types of parties for sure. Everyone gets dressed up, there are a lot sweets and themed goodies, and my favorite tons of great fun! I love hosting a great themed party! These fun and festive Minute to Win It Halloween Game ideas are perfect to celebrate a spooky fun time.

Festive Fall Thanksgiving Games: One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is spending quality time with the family and playing a load of fun games. We love board games, outdoor games, and most of all Minute to Win it Games. They are so much fun for everyone in the family, from the littlest of family members to the oldest. Check out this totally festive thanksgiving themed Minute to Win It Thanksgiving games!

party games minute to win it party games fun

Easter Themed Games: Easter is totally one of my favorite holidays, first because it is celebrating Jesus, of course! But, also being able to gather with family and celebrate together! As you know one of my favorite things to do is play games! So I had to find the perfect list of Minute to Win it Easter games for you and your family!

Baby Shower Games: There are two things I love most about baby showers, cake and games! Don’t ask me why but baby shower cake is the best and of course I love games. Now we have all played the traditional games like guess what’s in the diaper and guess the birth date, but these  Baby Shower Games turn any traditional shower into one heck of a baby celebrating bash.

More Game Ideas You’ll Love

The fun doesn’t have to stop after a minute, here are a few more fun game ideas we love!

  • Fun Party Games for 14 + 15-Year-Olds – There is something so fun about planning a fun party for teens, they are coming to that age where nothing and everything is cool to them. All I know for sure though is games are always fun and no matter what they will have a good time. We have put together the ultimate list of fun party games for 14 & 15-year-olds. All you need to do is pair it with some junk food and good music and you have the PERFECT party!
  • Ice Breaker Games for Parties – I love a good party, nothing is better than good food, fun music, and great people. But there is always that little bit of an awkward time when everyone is just arriving and the party has quite kicked off! Don’t let those awkward silences or uncomfortable first meetings ruin your good time. Here are 43 of the most hilarious ice breaker games for parties!
  • Bachelorette Party Games – Planning a bachelorette party can be super stressful because there are so many things to think about. But girl, I’ve got you covered with the games and activities. Here you’ll find twenty-five printable bachelorette party games. That is more than enough for an entire week in Cabo with the girls. There are games for a laid back night in or a wild girls night out, either way, they are all easy and you just need a printer!