Inside: 15 Fun Educational Minute to Win it Classroom Games. 

When it comes to learning and school, sometimes our little ones can lose track quickly. I mean who can blame them, right? I know for me, I always learn something so much easier when I can make it fun. Setting the tone of the school day can be so important, which is why I love the idea of incorporating these super quick, and wildly fun Minute to Win It Classroom Games.

Each is created to get those wheels turning but also teaching valuable lessons, and of course, have fun while doing so.

Educational Minute to Win It Classroom Games

School House Minute to Win it Classroom Games

Marshmallow Windstorm: Use masking tape to create a line down the middle of a table. Place teams on either side with a large stack of marshmallows and one straw for each player. Students must blow as many marshmallows as they can across the line within a minute. This will make for hilarious photo ops as students discover how difficult it is to blow through a straw.

Puzzle Mania: Divide into teams and give players one minute to work together to complete a simple puzzle. Take advantage of this activity to focus on themes from current classroom lessons or the time of year. Make your own puzzles by pasting copies of select pictures on cardboard then cutting shapes.

Ring Around the Classmate: Using hula hoops or pool floats, create a human ring toss. Divide players into teams of two standing at least five feet apart. Players attempt to get the most rings (hoops or floats) around their partners as possible within one minute.

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Cup Toss: Divide the class into pairs and give one student a large plastic cup and the other a handful of mini marshmallows, popcorn, or any other small soft object. Players have one minute to toss the objects into their partner’s cup. For an additional challenge, increase the distance between team members in 10-second intervals.

Balloon Race: Teams of two have one minute to keep a balloon up in the air using only their breath while blowing it across a series of lines. The team that can either keep it up the longest or reaches the farthest distance wins.

Fun Classroom Games for Kids

Don’t Drop the Ball: Teams of two to four have one minute to keep a miniature basketball in the air while shooting it through mini hoops. The ball cannot touch the ground after it goes through the hoop. The team who makes the most baskets without dropping the ball wins.

Tissue Teamwork: Give each team member a straw and a piece of tissue paper. Have team members stand in line and pass the tissue by blowing it with the straw only. Whichever team gets the farthest without dropping it wins.

Rollin’ Away: Divide students into teams and give each team a toilet paper roll. One person holds the roll while the other carefully unroll it without tearing it. The first team to successfully unroll the entire roll in one-minute wins!

Minute to Win It Classroom Games

Build a Unicorn: Using doughnuts, cupcakes, or another stackable snack, have players stack the treats on top of their partner’s forehead while they lean back. Whoever can stack the longest unicorn horn without it falling wins.

Rhyming Hats: Use alternating red and white cardboard hat rim shapes with words that rhyme to see who can build the tallest Dr. Seuss hat in a minute. Students are challenged to sort and build hats based on rhyming words (for example cat, bat, sat on one hat and pot, not, cot on another). Perfect for Dr. Seuss birthday celebrations and Read Across America festivities.

Minute to Win It Classroom Games Everyone Will Love

M&M Matchmaking: Give each player a large pile of assorted M&Ms and corresponding colored cups. In one minute, see who can match the most M&Ms to the correct cup. The person with the smallest pile at the end wins.

Word Shout: A teacher or volunteer provides each player with a word and they must shout out as many rhyming words as they can within one minute. The player to say the most rhyming words in a minute wins!

Minute to Win It Classroom Games

Paper Word Listing: Provide whimsical paper cutout shapes for teams to write as many vocabulary study words or spelling list words as they can within a minute. Shapes may include objects such as shamrocks, Valentine’s hearts or New Year’s Day hats depending on the time of year. Consider using their shapes for a class bulletin board project afterward.

Unscramble Race: Add some fun and prizes to ordinary practice for spelling or vocabulary quizzes by making it a race against the clock. Award points for students who can unscramble the most words within a minute. The same concept can be used with math facts.

Pattern Palooza: Create a poster or card showing different line patterns (such as a straight line, a cross, three balls across and two down, etc.) that students can copy. Using decorated empty egg cartons and ping pong balls, players must replicate as many different patterns as they can in a minute.

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