Inside: 15 Wildly Fun Minute to Win It Games for Adults.

A  fun friendly adult game night is essential every now and then! One of my favorite game night ideas is planning a couple of super fun Minute to Win It games for everyone to play. If you don’t know what these games are, they are quick 60-second challenges that you and your friends compete against the clock to finish before the timer runs out! These games are great for breaking the ice with large groups or laughing with old friends! See some of our favorite Minute to Win It Games for Adults!

Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Wildly Fun Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Tower of Terror: See which player can build the tallest block tower in the group in one minute. If it collapses, the player has to start from scratch.

Junk in the Trunk: Strap an empty tissue box to each player’s waist and put several ping pong balls inside. Tell players they have to get as many balls out as possible using only movement. They can dance, shake, get on all fours — whatever it takes as long as they don’t use their hands. The player with the fewest ping pong balls in their tissue box at the end wins.

One-handed Penny Stacking: Give players a pile of 25 or so pennies and have them stack them using only one hand. Whoever stacks the most pennies wins.

Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Roller Rings: Set up several paper or plastic rings on the floor about 10 feet away from your players, and have them attempt to roll tennis balls into the rings. Whoever has the most balls in a ring at the end wins.

Rubber Band Shooting Range: Stack several empty soda cans into a pyramid and have players shoot rubber bands at them. Attempting to knock down the pyramid. Whoever has the fewest cans standing at the end of one-minute wins.

Wall Bounce: Have participants bounce a ping pong ball off the wall and into a bucket. Whoever has the most balls in the bucket at the end wins. To have multiple players at once, simply use different colored balls or write players’ initials on them.

Great Minute to Win It Games for Game Night

If you really want to amp up the fun on the next game night then you will love these Minute to Win It games for adults!

Egg Race: For this classic game, give players a spoon and an egg and have each of them run a short distance without dropping it. Ramp up the challenge by having players put the end of the spoon in their mouth. Run the challenge relay-style with teams or simply see who can make the trip the most times before your timer goes off.

Penny Hose: File this under “sounds easy but isn’t” — put a penny in each foot of a pair of pantyhose and then have players put a hand in each leg and try to get the pennies out in less than a minute. One ground rule: No using hands (or any other body parts) to stretch, bunch or otherwise touch the other leg of the stocking.

Game Game Night Ideas

Keep It Up: Tell players or teams they must keep a balloon afloat for one minute. Additional rules are up to you: tell them they can use only their heads, toes, etc. or just say “anything goes.” If the balloon touches the ground, they’re out. The last person or team standing wins.

Shoe Flick: Get players to take their heel out of their shoe and attempt to flick it onto a table six to 10 feet away using only their feet/legs. If they can get one, have them try to get the other. If their shoe overshoots or falls off the table, they have to start over.

Friends and Fun Game Night

Looking for some fun on your next adult game night? These Minute to Win It games for adults are full of fun and many laughs, and maybe a little friendly competition!

Bobble Head: Attach a pedometer or other fitness tracker to the head of each participant and have them move their heads back and forth quickly to achieve as many “steps” as possible before the timer runs out.

Cookie Face: Have players tilt their faces up and place a small cookie on each of their foreheads. Tell them they have one minute to get the cookie to their mouth without using their hands. Whoever does it the fastest wins (and gets a sweet snack)!

Pretzel Dive: Give each player a chopstick and a bowl of pretzels. Instruct players to hold the chopstick between their teeth and use it to collect as many pretzels as they can before the timer goes off. No touching the pretzel or chopstick with your hands allowed!

Minute to Win It Games for Adults

Tic Tac Tweezer: Grab a bowl of Tic Tacs or other tiny candy and have participants use tweezers to pick them up one at a time and carry them across the room and put them in a different bowl. If players drop their candy on the way, they have to pick it up using only the tweezers. Whoever has the most in their bowl when the timer goes off wins.

Whipped Cream Worm Search: Hide several gummy worms in a pile of whipped cream on a plate and have players retrieve the worms using only their mouths. Whoever has the most worms when the timer goes off wins.

More Minute to Win It Games You’ll Love

If you like these Minute to Win It games for adults then you will love these other great ideas!

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