Inside: Ring in the New Year with these New Years Eve Printable Games. 

I think we can all agree that 2020 just wasn’t the year for most of us. Although it may have had some good moments, I think we would all appreciate it if 2021 was a little more chill. Because this year was kind of a drag doesn’t mean we can’t go out with a little fun.

So gather up some great friends, virtually or in-person and create your own great memories like we did with our printable mystery games, with these fun New Years Eve Printable Games.

New Years Eve Printable Games

Ring in the New Year with these New Years Eve Printable Games

Loaded Questions: Loaded Questions is a hilarious New Year’s Eve party game that works best for adult couples. This is based on the popular board game Adult Loaded Questions but you’ll find a bunch of free questions here that you can write down on slips of paper that are aimed at seeing just how much the men know about their partners.

New Years Resolution Guessing Game: This game involves matching a resolution with the person who made it. As your guests arrive, have them jot down a New Year’s resolution and their name on a slip of paper. At some time during the party, give your guests a piece of paper, have them number it with a number for each guest. As you read the resolutions, write the number on the back of the slip of paper starting with number one. Your guests attempt to guess who wrote the resolution. Read the correct answers and the guest with the most correct answers wins this game.

New Years Eve Printable Games

Drink If: This hilarious printable is one our my favorite adult new year’s eve printable games

New Year Collection: This collection of printable New Years Eve Kids game are perfect for a classroom or as a fun activity for the kids on NYE night.

Guess the Resolution: Here’s another great New Year’s Eve game from The Idea Room, called New Year’s Resolution and it’s a play on Mad Libs. Print off the free New Year’s Resolutions Mad Libs Story along with the answer sheet and your guests can create some hilarious stories that they can share with all the other guests.

NYE Printable Game Ideas

New Years’ Scattegories: Scattegories is one of my favorite games, and this New Years’ themed version looks like so much fun.

NYE Bingo: This whimsical New Years’ Eve BINGO game set is a perfect activity for a New Year’s Eve party, community party, classroom activity, or family gathering!

NYE Game Ideas

Friendly Feud: This trivia new year’s eve printable game is perfect for your NYE party. Separate into teams and challenge one another to a friendly face-off.

What’s on Your Phone NYE Edition: Here is one time that having loads of apps on your phone can benefit you! This what’s on your phone NYE game is perfect to break the ice at a big NYE bash.

NYE Emoji Pictionary: Guess what these sequence of emojis mean for a fun themed NYE game idea.

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