Inside: 19 Awesome Minute to Win It Challenges. 

Minute to Win It Challenges are one of the easiest types of games to play at any party. They are perfect for birthdays, holiday parties, office parties or just a fun game night with some friends. These Minute to Win It Challenges are perfect for large groups, you can team up and face off in the most fun way possible!

minute to win it challenges

Minute to Win It Challenges for Everyone

Face Cookie: Place a cookie on someone’s forehead. They have to use only their face muscles (no hands) to get it into their mouth.

Defy Gravity: Give each player three balloons. They have to keep all three balloons up in the air for a minute.

Bottle to Bottle: Fill one 2-liter bottle with something like candy or marbles then tape to another 2-liter bottle. Players have to transfer all from one bottle to the other.

Minute to Win it Games

Battle of the Bands: Pick a letter and have players write down bands or musical artists that start with that letter. For example, “R” could mean the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Reba McEntire, etc. Whoever has the most on their list at the end wins. Work your way through the alphabet if you need tiebreakers.

Shake It: Tape an empty Kleenex box to a pair of pantyhose, fill with ping pong balls, then tape around someone’s waist. They have to shake until all the balls fall out.

Backward ABCs: Have participants recite the alphabet backwards one at a time. If they make any mistakes, they have to start over. Whoever does it the fastest wins.

Book Hockey: Set up an obstacle course of cones, toys, or whatever you have around the house. Player must use a broom to get a book from one side of the obstacle course to a goal at the other side of the course.

Minute to Win It Games

Wrap It Up: A two-player game where one person has to wrap the other person in streamers, toilet paper, or something else.

Breakfast Scramble: Cut the front of a cereal box up into small pieces puzzle-style and have players try to put it back together as quickly as they can.

Iron Man: Use a chopstick to stack iron nuts on top of each other.

One-handed Penny Stacking: Give players a pile of 25 or so pennies and have them stack them using only one hand. Whoever stacks the most pennies wins.

Party Games

Battle of the Bells: Fill boxes with different numbers of bells (1-5). Players must shake them and put them in order of the number of bells.

Obstacle Course: Set up a themed obstacle course of objects around the room. Players have to go from one end of the room to the other around the obstacle course on a bath mat or towel.

Water Cups: Set out like 25 cups, filling all of them partway with water. Put a sticker on the bottom of some of the cups. Players have to pick one cup at a time, trying to find a sticker.

Minute to Win it Challenges

Best Challenge Games for Parties

Slap Happy: Two players on a team have to transfer a crumpled up paper ball from one end of the room to the other by slapping the paper ball back and forth to each other using books to slap it to each other.

Roller Rings: Set up several paper or plastic rings on the floor about 10 feet away from your players, and have them attempt to roll tennis balls into the rings. Whoever has the most balls in a ring at the end wins.


Eat it Up: Before the party, make red or orange gelatin with some sort of food-safe object in the bottom of the bowl. The Player has a minute to get to the object by eating through the jello, no hands allowed.

Blindfold Bowling: The rules are simple – bowl blindfolded as many times as needed until you knock all the pins down or until the minute is up. This is definitely one where you’ll want a team to help get the ball(s) back to whoever is bowling!

Bobble Head: Attach a pedometer or other fitness tracker to the head of each participant and have them move their heads back and forth quickly to achieve as many “steps” as possible before the timer runs out.

More Minute to Win It Games You’ll Love

  • Easy Minute to Win It Games – Here we are again with the perfect round-up for Minute to Win It Games. I think it’s safe to say that Minute to Win It is one of my favorite party games to play, they are fun, simple, and perfect for a good time! These easy Minute to Win It games are full of creative fun and are perfect for your next game night with friends or family.
  • Minute to Win It Games for the Office – We can’t be all work and no play, every now and then we have to have a little fun at work. I love a good office party, there is something crazy about letting loose with the staff after a long week.
  • Minute to Win It Games for Kids – I love a good game night, obviously! But we have really been into Minute to Win it style game lately. They are fun quick-paced and usually provide LOTS of laughs! These games keep everyone on their toes, and no one gets bored! I usually love playing these games with a large group. They are all easy to play, pretty inexpensive to prep and are SO much fun!